The study found that after six months of playing online brain training games ten minutes at a time, five times a week study participants showed better overall cognitive skills than those who didn’t. But to do something so regularly, it helps if you enjoy it, so here is are our pick of the best brain training apps.
Millions of people worldwide use this app and it’s at least partly down to the fact that it offers such a variety of brain training games. The opinions expressed are those of the author and are not held by Saga unless specifically stated. The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice. Prompt access for the over-50s to diagnosis and treatment at our extensive list of private hospitals.
Many people spend a great deal of time in the gym working on our bodies, but can we say the same about our minds? Elevate (Android, iOS) is a freemium brain training app that allows users to train a variety of brain faculties, such as listening, memory and comprehension. Lumosity (Android, iOS) combines proven cognitive science techniques from the Human Cognition Project with a gamified approach to provide users with brain-training mini-games that are fun and effective at exercising your mental muscles. Peak (Android, iOS) combines brain science and gamification to give users a full-spectrum brain workout, testing users' focus, memory, mental agility, problem solving and language skills with a variety of daily minigames and goals. NeuroNation (Android, iOS) is another science-based brain training app that takes the gamified approach to exercising and improving your brain's faculties. Rosetta Stone's own entry into the brain training field is Fit Brains, an all-in-one brain training program. Rather than deliver an all-in-one brain training package, Eidetic focuses on one specific faculty: memory.
Like other programs, CogniFit Brain Fitness combines neuroscience and gamification to make mental exercises into a fun pastime. Not every brain training app focuses on sharpening your mental faculties to a razor's edge.
While primarily intended as a suicide prevention and awareness app, ReliefLink also functions as a great mental health awareness tool. De-stress, cope with anxiety and get the negativity out of your life with Pacifica (Android, iOS).
Your Windows 8, Windows 10 tablet or Windows 8, Windows 10 device can be used to train your brain’s activity if you know what are the right apps to be used for this. And good news for Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows RT users who are interesting in gaining some extra brain power – the Windows app stores features some interesting apps that might help them in that endeavor.
Aptly named after one of the most brilliant scientists of the modern era, this app allows users to exercise most parts of their brains. Each game under any of these categories will feature a comprehensive and scientific description of the exercise.
This app features a collection of 12 games that will help the user challenge his memory resorts. A brain training app that offers the possibility of playing the games at three different difficulty levels: Easy, Advanced and Genius. This app is built on the assumption that the children’s right hemisphere is used mostly for learning and that simple games might help improve that process.
July 23, 2014 By Billa Leave a Comment As the saying goes, all fun and no brain made Johnny a lame lad. Elevate Brain Training is an app which offers 16 individual brain training games and complies them into a neat package. Adaptive difficulty progression is there to make sure your experience is always challenging. The app is clearly one of the best brain training apps for Android when it comes to flexibility, attention and problem solving games. The randomly generated lists make sure you are never bored with the game and every instance of the game is unique. The sandbox and free build modes are amazing at allowing you full creative freedom and relaxation at the same time. There are a lot of games in Fit Brains Trainer which focus multiple genres of mental development and up keeping. TED is not strictly among the brain training apps for Android list but it allows you to think. Listening to some of the best minds in the business allows you to gain better perspective of the world you live in.
The 10 best brain training apps for Android work extremely effectively when two or more are combined.
About BillaBilla shares knowledge about Android apps and technology in exchange for the right to play video games whenever he wants to.
It helps you remember important information through prompting you at certain points to re-memorise the details and gives you ways in which you can retain the information. All of these apps are free, but incur a fee if you want to upgrade to a premium version or in some cases may be free for a set time only. Just like a healthy physical form, a healthy mind also needs to flex its mental muscles and get some exercise. Part of Elevate's appeal is its focus on practical language and math skills, such as estimation, comparing values, name recall as well as reading and listening comprehension. Users create a Lumosity account and then select particular mental faculties they want to exercise. As you exercise regularly, Peak provides users with a variety of performance metrics to rate your improvement over time. Users sign up for a free NeuroNation account and then do a quick checklist and testing in order to set their testing goals and measure their aptitudes. Fit Brains Trainer (Android, iOS) serves as the core of the program, featuring more than 360 games and training sessions designed to sharpen memory, concentration and other mental faculties. Eidetic uses a flash card-style approach to help its users memorize everything from notes, lists, phone numbers, quotes and other useful real-life applications. The CogniFit Brain Fitness app allows users to sign up and run through a series of exercises to assess their mental abilities and train further in fields such as memory, focus and attention. Such apps as Happify focus on building your emotional intelligence to build a positive outlook on life.

In addition to safety planning, reminders and emergency contacts, ReliefLink comes with a handy mood logging journal for easily recording how happy or down you feel as well as a selection of guided meditation, mindfulness training, relaxation techniques and relaxing music. Think of practicing an arpeggio with your guitar over and over again, after a while you will be able to do it in the dark. There are four categories offered from which to choose from: Logic, Memory, Calculation and Vision. Each day the app will prepare a special set of games that constitutes the player’s daily workout. Games include: Speed Math, Balloon Burst, Card Count – each tapping into different sectors of brain activity. Therefore it brings a selection of 15 animated stories which unravel into 56 sets of quiz games. Elevate is among the best brain training apps for Android because of its extremely user friendly interface and actual brain teasing exercises. This is especially recommended for those who lack advanced cognitive skills and fail to make simple connections in daily life. The paid version allows you to enjoy more challenge levels, controllable vehicles and mini games. To keep things interesting and disabling you from simple opening the door and waltzing out, the game introduces complex puzzles. The app combines the easiest and most enjoyable brain training apps which are scientifically designed to provide a brain stimulating experience. It is a healthy practice to learn from the best and gain knowledge, expanding your mental horizons in the process.
Premium versions usually include a far wider variety of games as well as more detailed scoring and personal recommendations tailored to your skill set, for example. In fact, there are studies that show playing puzzle games can help increase mental agility. Like many other brain training apps, Elevate takes a freemium route, providing free users with a variety of daily exercises, while premium subscribers gain access to a larger variety of exercises over the daily offerings. Lumosity then creates customized daily exercise routines with mini-games built around those particular skills. Free users get a selection of daily exercises, while premium subscribers gain access to the full range of exercises available on demand, as well as improved metrics and personalized training plans.
NeuroNation users can practice with a variety of exercises that challenge your numeracy, memory, perception and reasoning. A scoring system allows users to track their performance in each mental skill relative to other users of the same age or gender. The app includes a simple system for users to write down their own content in easy to use categories, allowing users to store and then memorize whatever is relevant to them. Through short mini-games, quizzes, guided meditations and other activities, Happify aims to reinforce "happiness skills" such as thankfulness, empathy, giving and serenity.
Less about IQ and more about EQ and building a positive, mindful outlook, ReliefLink is a different way to train your brain.
A daily mood tracker is designed to help you log your emotional state, with text notes to help you review the things that set you off, make you happy or help you cope.
Brain training specialists argue that if you engage daily in games that are especially designed to enhance certain abilities (like spatial visualization) , you are bound to perfect them. Preschoolers will have no trouble playing this game, since the game play only involves choosing pictures.
I used to be sharp and quick-witted but the tedious nature of the daily grind tends to make your brain a little rusty. That’s not all though, unlike other apps, Elevate allows you to customize your daily brain exercise experience.
I personally rank Lumosity a clear equal to the number one app on our list as it provides similar results via different experiences. The app basically allows you to make simple mechanical structures to move around and play with. The premise of this brain teasing game is simple; you add numbers up until you get a tile with 2048 on it. Alchemy is one of the unique brain training apps for Android, since it isn’t strictly a brain straining app. The app allows you to keep your brain sharp with just minutes of daily activity and it works.
Brain training apps combine the latest in brain science with puzzles and mind games in order to exercise your faculties. The app tracks your scores, with difficulty adjusting to your performance, ensuring that you're always challenged.
There are additional focused courses that zero in to exercise your memory, general intelligence and focus as premium content.
The app uses this performance data to dynamically assess and adjust the difficulty of its games relative to your progress.
Users simply set the intensity of memory training, from one day cramfests to a more sedate weekly period, and Eidetic automatically notifies you when it's a good time to practice.
A neat feature is the ability to challenge your contacts to beat your performance, with Neurons (credits earned in-game or purchased) at stake for a bit of a competitive dimension.
Free users gain access to a series of guided tracks aimed at a particular objective, such as coping with stress and self-confidence. Daily tasks such as guided meditations, thought analysis and other mini-activities use a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation techniques help break the anxiety cycle and relax. Multiple players can simultaneously engage in gaming on the same computer while the levels’ difficulty mode can be altered. The graphics are simple yet colorful and attractive, attracting and keeping your attention. The app boldly claims that it is designed by neuroscientists who incorporated a unique brain training approach. The free play mode eases the tension a bit, but if you want a real challenge, I recommend the Time Trial modes.
That’s not all though, you will also need to find hidden objects like keys and tools. The personalized training sessions combines with virtual tools help you increase your brain’s output.

We have listed physical training apps before and now it’s time we make you a much smarter person, both mentally and physically. Free users can access a set of daily exercises, while subscribers gain access to a wider variety of exercises and more features.
Subscribers gain access to more activities, additional guided meditations and other features. Signing up to a premium subscription unlocks unlimited use of Pacifica's activities, as well as private messaging features. The brain as an organ operates by making use of its synaptic connections (connections between two or more neurons). The graphics are really endearing and remind me of Japanese manga, so the app is very suitable for children of all ages. The app allows you to select from three fundamental brain activities: focus, memory and brevity, making it the most versatile app in the list.
With deep seated foundations in the study of neuroplasticity, the brain games in the app improve core cognitive and forcing abilities. You can attach electrical batteries to cables and then attach them to a motor to make a functioning car. Clean and vibrantly colored graphics may put you off from trying the game, but believe me, it is a hardcore puzzle game. All you need to do is combine stuff to make new amazing stuff and then combine some more to make even more stuff. The app also utilizes an adaptive learning system that automatically increases the difficulty according to your own personal level. The app shows colorful patchworks which are built from hundreds of little things and you have to find one among them.
While the app does get a little frustrating when you are stuck (I recommend changing perspective), it is immensely rewarding to find that one pesky spoon.
Because of technology, ironically, many people are no longer exercising their mental skills and, instead, are making their gadgets do things like computations and analyses for them. One way to find out if you are either of the two is by trying the puzzle-filled game called The Moron Test. As the name of the game suggests, it tests your mind through different obstacles and challenges which are seemingly easy yet tricky.
Every time you solve a problem or finish a challenge, you’re closer to being a genius. You need to finish all the obstacles for you to be hailed as a genius.The game has a fun and animated interface, featuring different animated characters adding to the fun factor of the game. The Moron Test lets you exercise your brain through various challenges while being user friendly. Take the test to know whether or not you are a moron.Brain Age Test Free What do you think the age of your brain is? The numbers will eventually disappear and you have to tap the bubbles in the numbers’ descending order. You have up to 3 chances before the app will start to analyze your brain age.Play the game 10 minutes a day and it will help exercise your brain, particularly your short-term memory, making you more alert and most importantly, making your brain younger. The game is very user friendly, perfect for everyone no matter what age or brain age.Brain Age Game We have already mentioned one brain-age determining app and another app of this sort is Brain Age Game. Playing this game lets you determine what your brain age is, but what makes the Brain Age Game unique from The Brain Age Test is that it also measures your memory age and arithmetic abilities.It has different kinds of brain tests that will help you workout your brain reflexes and concentration.
It explains to you more about memory training, allowing you to have an in-depth understanding of how it can improve your brain.The app allows you to track your progress and continuing your last session is also supported.
You need to have imaginative thinking to be good at math and you can get a daily dose of that with Math Genius Brain Trainer.This app provides you math puzzles to solve. The app puts your brain to the test with infinite levels, and playing it regularly improves your skill in doing quick and accurate calculations. You can also tweak some of the app’s settings via the Preference button found on the homescreen. You can also continue your unfinished games anytime you want via the Continue button.Brain Genius Deluxe Brain Genius Deluxe is another app that is filled with brain training exercises, dedicated to help your brain think better. In this app, you have to prove that there is a genius within you by passing all of its 23 brain training games. You may think that those may not be much, but these games are challenging since they are timed. Playing it also allows the app to analyze your brain skills such as observation, memory, calculation, and reasoning.You can also track your performance when you use this app. And, if ever you need a break from the challenges, you can check out the bonus games included.Interface-wise, the app is very easy to use and each challenge is easy to understand. It includes various games and brain exercises that you can play to improve your memory, speed, flexibility, accuracy, and reaction. You can brag about your high scores to your friends by sharing your results via Facebook.Move the Block If you are looking for a mind-enriching game that you can play with your siblings or your parents, then try Move the Block. The app has 100 exciting levels that you can play, so it will be long before you run out of puzzles to solve.
Tracking your scores every time you play is also supported in the app, allowing you to see how much you have improved. Your scores could also be shared on Facebook so that you can let your friends know that you are exercising your brain.Reversi Free Reversi Free is another game that can give you a mind-boggling exercise. You have to be very clever and careful in flipping those chips, or else a game that you thought you were going to win will turn into a shocking loss.The app has a very user friendly and intuitive interface. It has 10 levels of difficulty including some hints that can guide you in playing the game.
The app tests your arithmetic skills by giving you math questions such as basic subtraction or addition.

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