From breathing techniques to soothing sounds and music, these are the best meditation apps for iPhone! Looking for the best iPhone apps to help you relax, track, and make the most out of your meditation time?
Most people listen to music or soothing sounds while meditating and Omvana was made for this purpose. If music or ambient noise is important to you while meditating, you won't find anything better than Omvana.
Headspace is a fun way to not only track meditation sessions but to motivate you to make time for them. If you need some motivation or want the ability to communicate with other meditators, check out Headspace.
If you enjoy short meditation sessions but want a way to track distractions too, Breathful is what you want.
Enso is a simple to use meditation timer and bell that you can customize by choosing how much preparation time you'd like and how long you'd like to meditate. For a distraction free meditation experience that lets you customize intervals and timers, you want Enso. The Mindfulness App is full of guided meditations that vary from 3 minutes to 30 minutes in length. If you enjoy meditating, do you rely on any of the above apps to make the most of your time? Actor Neil Patrick Harris is the star of Apple's latest TV ad, which shows the actor using the hands-free features of Siri on the iPhone 6s to help him with his "Thank you" speech. The FCC and FTC have launched a fact-finding mission of sorts to learn more about how carriers and device manufacturers issue security updates to phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Simply Being is one of the most popular meditation apps that cater to both beginners and advanced practitioners alike.
The people behind the app have over 30 years of meditation practice and teaching guided meditation. Equanimity is one of the most full-fledged, all-encompassing meditation apps you can get your hands on.
Based on the Silva Method of meditation, Omvana is one of the largest collection of meditation sessions and tracks available on any app in the store.
1000’s of high-quality audio tracks, ambient sounds, binaural beats and narrated guides. Listen to narrated lessons and guides by inspiring thought leaders, like Bob Proctor and Martin Luther King, Jr. We just launched PINE: Your daily check-in, a mobile app that enables you to check-in with yourself on a daily basis. It's not a regular thing when we desperately need to find the IP address of our router in home or office.
There's almost no place or time in most of our lives that's beyond the reach of digital distractions, which can make it incredibly difficult to focus and get things done -- and to carve out quiet time for ourselves.
At work, we can go for hours without stepping away from the computer, instead grazing on work, email and social media or cyber-loafing throughout the day. Neuroscientist-approved Lumosity brain games can help improve your memory, attention and other mental skills through a personalized training program tailored to fit your goals. Stress is one of the biggest productivity-zappers, and controlling your stress levels is step one in increasing attention and efficiency.

Research on productivity has found that the brain is easily distracted -- a typical office worker is interrupted every 11 minutes, and then takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task. Touted as a "scientifically proven technique to help manage your energy levels," the Pomodoro method breaks work down into 25-minute chunks ("pomodoros"), for which you set a timer. Headspace's 10-day starter program is like meditation for dummies, and it's the perfect way to start a mindfulness practice.
The Mental Workout programs can help you learn meditation, sleep better, banish stress and increase your focus.
If you work in an office, chances are you sit in front of a computer all day and rarely pry yourself out of your chair for long enough to get up and take a break (no, scrolling through Twitter doesn't count as a break). Electronic Arts' Yogify is a well-designed, thorough yoga guide -- and one of the best free health apps out there.
Sometimes the stresses of our everyday lives can make mental health more important than ever. Not only can you browse thousands of tracks in Omvana's library, you can mix and edit them to suit your own mood and preference. Since the main goal of meditation is mindfulness that is distraction free, Breathful can also keep track of any distractions you may encounter. You can track statistics about your meditation sessions so you can see how you're doing and what you need to spend more time on.
I've been using it since the end of last December, and am having fun experimenting with the latest version of the app. It is aimed to calm your mind via guided relaxation sessions, meditation music tracks, and a bunch of premium programs aimed at specific things like focus, sleep, confidence etc. Omvana is designed to be a repository from which you can pick and customize your own meditation sessions.
The latest update hasn’t really been an exciting one if user reviews are to go by, but try this free app nevertheless. Despite New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's belief that success hinges on taking as few bathroom breaks as possible, working in this way not only drains our energy, but also affects our ability to focus and keeps us from being our most productive.
Using the principles of neuroplasticity -- the brain's ability to reorganize and change its wiring based on experience -- the games have been demonstrated to enhance various aspects of cognition. To find a little stress relief on your smartphone, try HuffPost's very own GPS for the Soul app (free), which uses HeartMath technology to detect your stress levels and help you get back on track when you're feeling overwhelmed.
After each 25-minute chunk, a three to five minute break is taken, followed by another pomodoro. The app's short animated videos break down the basic principles of meditation, and recordings take beginners through brief mindfulness practices and guided meditations each day.
It can help you start a daily meditation practice, either in silence, accompanied by bells, or with the use of a recorded guide. Designed by meditation teacher and psychotherapist Stephan Bodian, Mental Workout's Mindfulness Meditation app ($1.99) provides guided meditations for both beginners and more experienced mindfulness practitioners. You could get more done (and boost your creativity) through mind mapping, which creates a visual representation of your thoughts and illustrates an idea in a way that feels intuitive. Time Out, a free Mac and PC app from Dejal Systems, reminds you to take both regular breaks (which last for around 10 minutes, after 50 minutes of work) and "micro" breaks (10-second pauses every 10 minutes) -- away from your computer -- to keep you attentive and energized, and help you come back to work with optimum focus.
Even if it's only for 30 minutes, being able to disconnect from our devices and the outside world can help eliminate stress and clear your mind. Omvana has tons of collections that focus on different areas such as sleep meditation, productivity, and lots more.

Enso comes complete with professionally recorded bell and bowl sounds to enhance the meditation experience. There are also many guided meditation programs you can buy via in-app purchase that focus on specific areas such as breathing, standing, and many more.
Andy Puddicombe is truly wonderful, and, in conjunction with other tools I've been using, this app has changed my life. Simply Being addresses every individual feature that a practitioner needs ranging from just sounds and music to guided sessions with configurable time-limits.
Meditation Timer comes with features like Prepare Time, Cool Down time, Intervals, with customizable sounds for initiating, interval switching and ending your meditation sessions. As is common with most meditation apps, Headspace comes with trackers, reminders and a timer. You’re able to add friends on PINE, where you can send gentle nudges to one another as reminders to check-in with yourselves daily, helping to make it a habit.
There are a number of apps, in particular, that can help you stay calm, mentally focused and productive.
The app lets you create personalized "GPS Guides," filled with calming quotes, images and music to instantly soothe the mind and body. But it's more than just a timer: Users can track their progress by recording the date and length of each meditation, and even set reminders ("Do you want to meditate right now?") to pop up at selected times and locations -- like when you get home at the end of the day. For a little extra de-stressing, select calming music from your iTunes library to alert you to the start of each break. Users can customize music while they practice and then connect with a Yogify community on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The App Store is full of apps to help you make the most of every meditation session, but which meditation apps for iPhone are the absolute best? You can also add your friends and check out meditation sessions that are meant for different types of stress relief. This data is then saved in Breathful so you can compare sessions and see how you're progressing.
I highly recommend Take 10 to my students and colleagues, and suggest that anyone who's interested in meditation give this a try!
The app is free, and access to hundreds of videos and audio recordings through subscription costs less than $10 per month.
Use the app to play around with not just meditation, but also inspirational talks, body scans and relaxation instructions. The app helps you to generate ideas by organizing projects and concepts in a colorful graphic design.
This is just an audio-app basically with different sessions helping you through relaxation at different points of the day. If you struggle with time management, this app is a great way to start reorganizing your day to optimize productivity.

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