LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 23: Sarah Harding seen leaving a gym in Primrose Hill on March 23, 2012 in London, England. Yoga pants no longer are just “yoga” pants – they have gone public and made their debut out and about while shopping, at school, bars and well…just about anywhere else. Well here’s the other side to that story: After discussing yoga pants with a few guys I was surprised to hear that they didn’t love them as much as I had thought.
Lastly ladies be aware: While you’re sitting in your yoga pants thinking to yourself how wonderfully comfortable and stretchy yoga pants are your waist is growing without you even knowing. This hot brunette girl bending over in tight yoga pants is officially up for a Squirty per the Best Hot Girls Pics Ministry Of Nominations. Yoga increases blood flow to your sweet spots and that in turn increases body heat and sexual desire. So hold on to your horses, or not and practice these simple yet sensual yoga asanas to achieve the best orgasm you’ve ever had! The asana: The Supta Baddha Konasana is also known as the bound angle pose and is performed to inculcate a greater sense of intimacy and flexibility in one’s body. How does it help: This pose is extremely beneficial for low libido and it strengthens of inner thighs. Now, exhale and bend your back towards the ceiling while keeping your wrist and knees in the same position as before.
The asana: Also known as the eagle pose, it is performed to increase flexibility and poise. How to perform: To perform this pose, begin with a squat position by slightly bending your knees.

How does it help: This pose brings the blood flow to the cervix and energises your sweet spot. Leveraging her experience as a senior print and digital content creator and editor, she is currently working as the Associate Content Director for India region. Most women love yoga pants because they are comfortable, look decent enough to be paired with sneakers and a cute shirt, and on top of it all are kinda sexy, no?
Men told me that they were sick of seeing the same style of black yoga pants on women, and miss seeing us in cute outfits.
They often expose too much of the female anatomy – and that’s just disturbing because you’ve got to look if she’s hot or not”, says Patrick – a 32 year old single serial dater. Yep, it’s true – they might be called active wear but if you’re not using them for exercise than all that’s active is your expanding waist and thighs. If you even slightly care about fashion keep the yoga pants where they belong – the gym or in the privacy of our homes.
Or perhaps rummaging through lifestyle magazines all-day long looking for ways to increase your libido?
It helps you feel alive, sensual and gives you the boost you need to push yourself further. Instead of touching the toes with your hands, simply let the toes touch each other and keep your knees pointing at either side touching the floor.
This pose should be done slowly and smoothly without any jerk in order to avoid any back injuries.
Now, cross your left leg over to the other knee and wrap your foot behind the right leg around its calf.

When you hold this position, it will give you strength and poise and also help you relieve stress. Or did us ladies just get lazy, crawl out of bed, and put on the same pair of stretch pants instead of wearing something cute and different?
It is proven to improve your libido as it stimulates your reproductive system and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles (muscles which contracts during sexual act ),” says Neeraj Mehta, an international fitness expert and director, GFFI Fitness Academy, Delhi. Make sure that your knees are directly below your hips, as are your wrists and elbows to the shoulder.
Annoyed because yoga pants don’t leave anything to the imagination – and do I really want to look at every man’s crotch before I meet their eyes? According to him, an intense practice to strengthen these muscles with breathing pattern (Pranayam) may lead to orgasmic effect while still on yoga mat.
Just the thought of taking public transportation during rush hour face to face with a sea of crotches and nowhere to turn would be horrific!
Practicing yoga will make your body more flexible, thereby letting you experiment on and off the bed!
Like everybody else I like myself some visual variety, and good fashion sense on men is super sexy.

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