It’s no secret that artists and writers have been using music to induce creativity for centuries. A binaural beats recording specifically engineered to induce creativity sends a frequency signal directly to the brain, which stimulates the creative mind.
Many artists and writers already use traditional meditation as a way of cultivating higher spiritual awareness, and as a way of bringing the mind home, away from the interference of frivolous daily thoughts and emotions that thwart the creative process. The Business Edition, Online Magazine I can’t tell you how much I have been enjoying my experiences with Binaural Beats.
Brian, North Carolina, USA I’ve tried a few stores in the last year and your music really shines above the rest. Using a naturally occurring science called binaural beats, our meditations entrain your brain to specific states of health & wellbeing, with regular use resulting in increased wellbeing, happiness, prosperity, and spirituality. Whether you want to improve your focus and productivity, relieve stress, improve the quality of your sleep or simply meditate deeper and achieve a higher spiritual connection, we have a meditation to help you achieve your goals, fast. Listening to our special music promotes mental, physical and spiritual balance, enabling you to manifest all the benefits of meditation at the touch of a button.
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The Morning Meditation Ambient Binaural Beats session begins in a comfortable theta range and slowly takes you through alpha and finally ends at an alert focus beta frequency. Each artist has a particular genre they turn to to get them in the zone: A writer writing a dark novel might opt for some experimental down-tempo music to induce imagery and encourage characters to come to life, and a painter might opt for organic, melodic instrumental soundscapes to help the creative mind take over the brush.
Music stimulates the brain because it is full of frequencies that heighten awareness and cause the brain to respond in varying ways. The majority of artists are unable to produce work to demand, which is problematic when trying to earn a living from music, design or writing.
Check out our Creativity Boost meditation, which is specifically designed to unlock stress and anxiety and kick-start the creative area of the brain. It has only been a few days but I already feel happier, calmer and in control of my emotions.
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In addition to the binaural frequency response process, a sound design is  often layered over the top which contributes to the process: for example spacious, dreamy synths will encourage the imagination to to come alive.

That’s why some music makes us want to party all night long, giving us seemingly endless energy, and other music makes us want to kick back and chill on the sofa with a glass of wine. But by using binaural beats for creativity, the artist is able to quickly access the creative realm in a natural way. I say natural because in previous times musicians and painters have turned to LSD and marijuana to kick-start the creative mind. Musicians and sound engineers tweak instrumentation with the purpose of creating a specific response from the brain; relaxation, energy, excitement, tensity, etc. Listening to the sound tracks not just calms your mind but the natural beats used in it makes listening a pleasure rather than a chore. Recordings build and drop, taking the brain on a roller coaster that invokes different thoughts and emotions.

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