Mike Faiola, Nikki Deloach, Barret Swatek, Desi Lydic and Kelly Sry, Awkward Cast Members Photo by Scott Downie Aeropostale, Inc. The main case here revolves around a deceased professor, who may have been having an affair with a scholarship recipient. Another secret that has been kept under wraps for a while is the special connection shared between Officer Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and his partner, Officer Edit Jenko (Vanessa Ray). Both wish to forget it the following day, but the spark is there and has changed the couple’s (I meant partners’) dynamic toward one another.
Of course, as an ethically minded commissioner, Frank isn’t allowed to tell his son about the investigation. As the episode comes to a close, Danny realizes that his father didn’t launch the investigation. When an injured woman recants her claim of domestic violence, Danny and Jackie look into it further, only to find that the woman is involved in a secret relationship with a high-powered councilman – who also happens to be a friend of Frank’s. Danny believes a serial killer is on the loose when two separate murder victims are identified as members of a group charged with a gang rape.
Danny and Jackie set out to investigate the murder of a bride on her wedding day in a drive-by gang shooting. Shortly after Frank awards a detective with the Medal of Valor for his undercover work for the NYPD in Malaysia, the detective is taken hostage by a Malaysian drug lord whose brother he helped put in prison. When Erin’s key witness, an infamous photographer, is nearly killed in a hit and run, she arranges for Danny to work protection detail to safeguard him.
When a knife-wielding attacker dressed as Baron Samedi, the Spirit of Death, stabs a man in costume on Halloween, Danny enters the world of voodoo. Danny arrives at a college campus to find a murdered student, who was thought to be dealing drugs. When Danny and Kate come up empty-handed with leads for a shooting, Linda helps make a break in the case when she overhears the victim telling his priest who is responsible. When two motorists driving gas-guzzling cars die at the hands of a sniper, Danny and Kate are put on the case of what the city believes is the work of a radical environmental serial killer.
When Danny’s car matches an NYPD description of a vehicle involved in a drug deal, he is stopped and taken into custody when a bag of cocaine is found in his trunk. When a man with multiple rat bites is thrown from a moving car, Danny works the case to find out why and who was trying to send a message. When a 10-year-old boy is the victim of an incident in the projects, Danny’s heated approach to the case lands him in anger management class.
Erin and Danny investigate a cold case of a girl who was attacked by her rich and powerful boyfriend, who was never convicted. When an off-duty cop tries to stop a bank robbery, he is disarmed by the “Bonnie and Clyde” robbers who take his gun and wound an innocent bystander.

When the same tragedy occurs to people who don’t appear connected, Danny must find what they have in common and who is responsible.
When a devoutly religious young woman is found murdered in a cemetery, Danny questions her family who is shocked to learn that she had a secret relationship.
When two Wall Street brokers are killed in drug deals, Danny looks to question a wounded accomplice at the hospital but he is stopped by Linda, who won’t let Danny see him until after surgery. When Danny finds a disoriented man in a park covered in his girlfriend’s blood, he finds it hard to believe that the man has no recollection of the night’s events until they find a strong narcotic in his bloodstream. When a young woman commits suicide, Danny is emotional since he promised to help her when her parents were taken from her. Fifteen-year-old Schuyler Van Alen and her friends Oliver and Dylan are outcasts at their exclusive private school, which is ruled by beautiful Mimi Force and her twin brother Jack.
This book is a combination of a glimpse into the lives of the ultra-rich and a gothic vampire story. Secret life — you’re on your own.” So states Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) in the latest episode of Blue Bloods. Danny and his partner Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) track down the creator of a  supposed “scholarship” website that also served as an escort service for their victim.
Jenko was introduced at the beginning of this season, and these officers have faced a lot of cases together.
Nor is his daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan) — a lawyer working for the district attorney — supposed to inform Frank about it.
The commissioner may be following the rules of his office, but his son feels betrayed, leading to this uncharacteristic screaming match. Meanwhile, Jamie meets his new partner, while a young officer is shaken after he accidentally shoots an innocent man, on the third season premiere. Meanwhile, Erin’s ex-husband, attorney Jack Boyle, resurfaces in her life as they face off in court. However, they are pulled off the case and assigned to the protection detail of a Central American president, who they believe is a target for assassination. Meanwhile, Henry goes on a ride-along with Jamie and has a different method of getting the job done.
Meanwhile, DCPI Garrett opens up to Frank about a dark secret, and Erin and Nicky take Jack and Sean trick-or-treating.
Meanwhile, Jamie has a life crisis when he reconnects with a former law school classmate and Erin must learn to give Nicky some freedom. Meanwhile, Henry is mugged at an ATM, which sends Jamie into a rage as he tries to track down the assailant.
Meanwhile, a bicycle accident sends Danny’s son Sean to the hospital with a life-threatening injury.

Meanwhile, Frank must be diplomatic when dealing with a bigoted radio host who will be broadcasting from New York City. But when the new appointee dies suddenly, Danny investigates the oldest son and others within the Hasidic community. Meanwhile, Frank navigates the politics of the State Department and the Turkish Government in order to help a young Turkish woman avoid persecution.
Meanwhile, Jamie’s friend brings a lawsuit against Danny’s friend after an injury at a pick-up basketball game.
Meanwhile, Frank considers getting romantically involved with a woman from the ACLU who happens to be Erin’s acquaintance. But when the accomplice dies during the procedure, Danny and Linda battle over the judgment call. Meanwhile, Jamie gets into trouble when he helps an off-duty officer cover up his intoxication after he apprehended an armed robber. This week’s drama revolves around the secrets kept between husbands and wives, partners on the force, and children and parents.
The professor was keeping secrets from his wife (including a second cell phone, a la Breaking Bad), leading the detectives down a path that shows the dead man’s secretive lifestyle.
News travels quickly, though,  and a suspect leaks details of the investigation to Danny, setting up one of the show’s most powerful conflicts between father and son. During the show’s closing moments, the duo settles down to watch old home movies with Erin. Meanwhile, Jamie questions his partner Vinny’s methods when he performs an unjustified stop. When Jamie’s Harvard roommate visits New York for a couple of days, that friend points out the partners’ obvious connection to one another. The family dinner that occurs shortly thereafter shows the tensions rising in the Irish-Catholic family. Do you believe that Danny is only the “grunt” he says he is, or will his star rise to rival that of his father or grandfather? After a game of beer pong and a male discussion of the “bro code” (Jamie’s friend knows that he can’t flirt with a woman his former roommate is obviously interested in), Jamie and Jenko kiss. Who knows, but at least for the night, the feud quiets down as Louis Armstrong’s classic song “What a Wonderful World” plays on. Box 1560 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-1560 TEL 310 786-7700 FAX 310 777-5455 AARON FRESH AND DOG CHIEF Celebrity Photo Syndication of Hollywood Celebrity Photos since 1970!

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