A twisted young medical student kidnaps the girl of his dreams and embarks on a road trip across Brazil in the English-language debut of one of Brazil’s most celebrated young crime writer. Both tense and lurid, and brimming with suspense from the very first page, Perfect Days is a psychological thriller in the vein of The Talented Mr.
At the beginning of the story, the main character, Teo, is in class thinking lovingly about his friend Gertrude.
It becomes clear very early in the book that Teo has a personality disorder (sociopathic?) and that he lacks the ability to empathize or understand another individual’s point of view. Throughout the book, I was initially rooting for Clarice to escape the web that Teo had drawn around her. I look forward to reading more stories from this author in future and would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers with a twist. From the depths of DeSpare (a bar around the corner from her house) and a massive tequila binge, we bring you the Queen of Snark, the Empress of Wit … CITIZENERASED!
WARNING, MEGA SPOILERS AHEAD, since I’m mostly writing for an audience that needs a hell of a lot of convincing as to whether the book is worth forking out cash for. Constantly torn between wanting to be as normal as possible and getting her ass dragged into the exciting, bloody, and troublesome, I really thought this book got us back to the Sookie we all know and admire.
The main theme of the book is the assassination of Victor, which ends up being due to our gal’s devious idea of using Vampire Elvis Bubba as a diversion. The best scene in the book is where Sookie is running away from some bad dudes during a rainstorm, and ends up at Bill’s house. The book contains very little smut compared to others, a point which is sure to annoy fans of the Blonde One, but the hidey hole scene was sexy and suggestive enough to make my toes curl. The blood bond is broken with a silly witchy spell, and apparently Eric knew how it could be broken all along. The Shreveport vamps all assemble to take out Victor at Fangtasia in a colourful, gory scene. Sookie’s grandad Fintan, who shagged her Grandma, has left her a magic fairy box that looks a bit like a Clinique makeup compact. The disappearance of Judith felt like Charlaine had decided she was a dead end and ditched her hurriedly, in similar fashion to Quinn.
This non-bookie just read the intro and all the Bill inclusive sentences ; ) but is nonetheless thrilled to see you back with another wonderful witty contribution CE!!!
I only have up to book 3, but will perhaps read this one when it becomes available at the library, as it sounds like a good read. Now CE, if we could only talk you into writing more stories, that would be the icing on the cake. Superb review CE, I am still laughing at the hidey hole scene that my roommate is asking me what the hell is going on?
I am so glad you are back, your reviews and articles are wonderful and have been sorely missed. After reading DAG I decided to leave the Sookieverse before turning insane as I clearly couldn’t understand Sookie any longer and I MISSED BILL!!!.
Damn CE, I swore I wouldn’t buy another one of these books after the last ones indescribable disappointment.
Thanks for the review, it has been too long since we have had your lovely wit and wisdom out on display for all to love.
It does sound like a good read, I had already decided not to read it but perhaps I will after all.

Teo is a brilliant medical student but has no friends except for the aforementioned Gertrude. I wanted the usual revenge story where the protagonist suffers in punishment and understands why he is being punished. An essentially sweet, strong, down-home girl who always wants to help folks, even when they’re nastyass, rude, or totally exploiting her good nature. Another big theme besides the usual fairy blah blah is Sookie and Eric’s slowly disintegrating relationship.
Ditching her clothes so she doesn’t leave a trail of wet footprints, she finds his hidey hole and climbs in there to hide.
She finally decides she dislikes him as much as I do and tells him to take his overly-muscled ass out her door forever. I will buy the book, I have them all, but not because I think they are good, but just so I can see how AB has improved them. I will definitely read this book, after all, I have read all the previous ones, and damn, I am still TEAM BILL, and those who don’t like it, can FUCK OFF (I recently bought the very same tee, another great quote from you, chica)! You never fail to make me smile and LMAO but yet you also get your point across in your incomparable CE style.
I am looking forward to this book with gusto most especailly after this wonderful review of yours. Anywhoos, I actually liked the fairies because I thought they were powerful and compared to the boring crap that I read in the post TB books, the fairies were a huge relief. I am NO WAY a ‘bookie,’ but if CH is starting to give us MORE Bill, and after your excellent review CE, I think I may take a peek and read the damn book! I have bought all the books, but was hesitant about buying this or not, as like others have said, the last one was crap. After tosing it out of the window, I stopped reading the books but a friend always sent me the reviews.
I never really gave up on him, despite feeling massively discouraged by the crapness of Books 7-10, and by all the bonkers vitriol and one sided commentary of the books I’ve read on the interwebs in the last 2 years. The story was a great psychological thriller from start to finish, and although it may not give the reader the satisfaction that your normal everyday thriller does, it does give the reader some very interesting characters and an unusual story. When I discovered who Gertrude was, I began to see that Teo was a very lonely young man, and I wondered how disturbed Teo might be.
From his dealings with his mother, to his feelings about both her dog and her close friend, Teo only thinks of them in how they impact him. Why this book was so interesting for me is that it made me realize that every time Teo is challenged or thwarted, he cannot see it as the consequence of his own actions.
But here I am, as fair and balanced as Faux News, wearing my slatternly petticoats of partisanship, ready and willing to tear Dead Reckoning to bits for the delectation of other pissed off Bill fanciers. She has the blood bond broken (fuck YEAH, thanks Amelia) without telling him first, he’s going to marry the Queen of Oklahoma at the behest of his creepy Roman paedo maker Appius (erm, at this point, non-book readers are getting REALLY confused), and towards the end of the book she walks away from him thoroughly fed up with his high handed, bloodthirsty, devious vamp bullshit, going home with uh, Bill. But aside from frivolous Team nonsense, I would love the series to end on a high, with Sookie getting her happy ever after, finally accepting that her life has changed forever and that killing baddies and hanging out with weirdos doesn’t make you less of a Good Christian Gal, and getting some peace, and maybe real, uncomplicated love. I of course have it pre-ordered in both audio and hard back form and now I am more excited than i have been for the last several books. Had a great laugh and it seems the viking will finally get his due for being a manipulative drug inducing liar.
I should know after all, I have been jumping from one Eprick site to the other for a review of DR.

A couple of these spoilers I had already figured out with some bookies on the Red, but your dropping of said sweet trail of bon bons has me salivating for this book.
I’m a show fan but I finally read the books to know first-hand what happens in them for better understanding all the show vs books discussions. She’s working on a screenplay called Perfect Days about three friends who go on a road trip across Brazil in search of romance.
This book will challenge the reader to go beyond their comfort zone and is a great psychological thriller from start to finish.
When things don’t go Teo’s way, he can only see blame in others and isn’t capable of seeing that his own actions are reasons why people are behaving the way they do. And I liked to be reminded that we’re meant to like Sookie for herself, not see her as a wretched Mary Sue or, less politely, a brainless fuck-toy as an accessory to whatever vampire we see as the hero. Our beloved William, long neglected by the author and scorned by many book readers as some kind of vile pantomime villain, makes a very, VERY welcome comeback in this book. Besides, most of Bill’s people have long ago start looked at his chances to realize his love with skepticism and even cynicism. Now that we know Eric is kicked to the curb by Sookie we also know that Bill has a better than even chance of being her HEA. Teo begins to stalk her, first following to her university, then to her home, and when she ultimately rejects him, Teo kidnaps her, and they embark upon their very own twisted odyssey across Brazil, tracing the same route outlined in her screenplay.
Teo is very egotistical and does not think other people are as smart as he is and therefore don’t understand what he is doing is only for their best interests. Dry and snarky, dignified yet devoted, and sexy, sexy, sexy, Bill gets shot of Judith in an uber awkward scene halfway through the book and spends the rest of the time being useful, protective, providing sage advice, and being very flirty. The dialogue snaps and crackles, the chemistry’s great, and I felt like Sook was enjoying herself as much as moi. Through it all, Teo is certain that time is all he needs to prove to Clarice that they are made for each other, that time is all he needs to make her fall in love with him. It doesn’t matter to Teo that Clarice does not want to stay with him and he doesn’t understand why her feelings matter more than his own.
He’s a vamp in love, hopeless though it might be, and the usually ungrateful minx Sook does appreciate it. But as the journey progresses, he keeps digging himself deeper, stopping at nothing to ensure that no one gets in the way of their life together. The slow understanding for myself that Teo would never gain any understanding of how his actions affect other people made me realize that revenge would never affect Teo in any satisfactory way.
Until the very end, which was delicious in its simplicity and left me wondering if Teo would finally feel the same horror he had inflicted on others throughout the story. Cured from being chomped by a silver toothed fairy, Bill is in the awkward position of wanting to ditch the besotted lady that saved his fine ass, his vamp sister Judith. In the midst of all this grouchiness, our feisty narrator Sookie is working, being nice to people, dealing with her fairy flatmates and revelations from Grandma Stackhouse’s past, flirting up a storm with Bill (gasp) and Sam, and inexplicably continuing to see Eric on and off.

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