This bestselling book put the field of interpersonal neurobiology on the map for many tens of thousands of readers.
Using a wealth of illustrative examples from clinical practice and everyday life, Siegel traces the interplay of human and neural connections in early childhood and beyond. Illuminating how and why interpersonal neurobiology matters, this book is essential reading for clinicians, educators, researchers, and students interested in promoting healthy development and resilience. In addition I have a notepad and a pen that I carry with me wherever I go to jot down those thoughts that fly into my head at any time. But it wasn’t until I hit his hot button and found out that he had a keen interest in reading autobiographies and biographies, that overnight he was transformed from a non-reader into a reader. As a motivational writer I can tell you this, that at times the last book I want to read is a motivational book. I tend to find myself wanting to know the author behind the book, or the artist behind the art, the musician behind the music or rather the architect behind the architecture. In fact, there is one famous author, who I personally don’t like his style of writing, but when it came to his autobiography, I loved that. If you still have difficulty reading books – whether ebooks or hard copy – there are so many audio programs available where you can listen to books being read to you. Search the Internet for these services, and whatever you do, you owe it to yourself, and to your ongoing education, to make reading a daily habit as you build your successful life.

It has been widely adopted as a text in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in developmental psychology, child development, and clinical practice. I read books on gardening, others on artists, particularly the Impressionist breed, but even of late have branched out into more modern areas. I still haven’t read any of his books, but I learnt an immense amount from reading about his interesting life. I personally found that motivational books inspired me just over 10 years ago, but since then my tastes have further developed. It’s amazing that from those non-motivational books I always seem to find motivational material that is of benefit to others and me. When I have an appointment, I always take a book with me.  Some people like to read before they sleep of a night while others like the morning vigil. Siegel goes beyond the nature and nurture divisions that traditionally have constrained much of our thinking about development, exploring the role of interpersonal experiences in forging key connections in the brain.
Implications for adult states of mind, emotional competence, and the ability to cope with stress are considered, as are links to such clinical problems as dissociation and depression. And if you had taken a look at his previous reading track record, all of us, including his teachers, would have agreed that he was not a reader. Develop the success habit of reading daily, and the quantity of what you read will gradually increase.

I have of late started to purchase investment books once a month, but always at a discounted price. He presents a groundbreaking integrative framework for understanding the emergence of the growing, feeling, communicating mind. Siegel offers compelling insights into how therapeutic and personal relationships can promote healing and integration as the mind continues to develop throughout the lifespan. Reflecting significant scientific and technical advances, the second edition incorporates new discussions of cutting-edge topics, plus an epilogue describing specific pathways to well-being and therapeutic change.
The second edition provides expanded discussions of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, mindfulness, the neural correlates of consciousness, and more.
It also includes useful pedagogical features: pull-outs, diagrams, and an extensive glossary.

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