Pyramid color cube toy 360 brain trainingThis pyramid-shaped colortoy is a novel design of the cube.
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The Snake Cube puzzle is an incredible brainteaser that will provide hours of entertainment each and every time you pick it up.
This brainteaser takes a classic cube puzzle to another level with interlocking wooden nails.
At first glance, this cube looks deceptively easy to scramble and solve, with the incorrect assumption that it turns like a regular 2x2x2. The unpredictable shape changes are produced by a concept called a€™bandaginga€™, combined with a shape transformation technique often referred to as a€™moddinga€™.

There are several different solved states that are all indistinguishable from one another, meaning there is more than one solution. Its games are played similar to traditional cube, as long as the same color blocks of color concentrate to the same sharp corners on the can. Now come in a key chain, so you can take the puzzle everywhere with you and surprise your friends. This beautiful Snake Cube, now come in a key chain, so you can take the puzzle everywhere with you and surprise your friends The string of bi-color wooden cubes form a Hamiltonian path through a 3?3?3 grid.
The true challenge is quickly revealed after a few simple twists radically alter the cubic shape.
The puzzle is actually a 3x3x3 cube with pieces fused (a€™bandageda€™) together and extended to produce a simpler looking puzzle.

Build your skill and patience as you twist the snake of 27 cubes back into its’ original 3x3x3 cube.
The Snake Cube is perfect for all ages as it has no loose pieces and provides a wonderful educational experience that hones your problem-solving skills.

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