So if you're a beginner and you're reading this you probably think this won't be the game for you.
Players can select from several difficulty settings as well as getting a breakdown on how each difficulty setting will affect how the game is played. Graphics and sound are not what draw people to chess but they have their place in any chess game and to be fair this one has it pretty much on the money.
Perhaps the coolest features of this game for certifiable chess nerds is the classic games section. Cue Mechanics Pool School - Some league players and students ask me this question: How do you aim?
A few difficulty settings, some annoying background music and a very limited selection of playing options.
When playing any computer chess game, players often want to take advantage of many of the features that are unavailable in a traditional game of chess and "hints" are a big part of this. You can choose, for example, where your pieces drop in to place when they move or whether they slide.
Most chess games like this exist just to be played in those moments when we're bored and looking for something to keep us occupied for an hour.
In a game with so many possible moves how do you breakdown the difficulty into a few abstract choices? They can often be annoying and users have to select between putting up with every ?hint" or turning them off entirely. This means that if you give the computer the maximum amount of time to recommend a move you'll be easing yourself to victory in a beginner game but be aware: putting the hint setting to the max means the computer will take an incredibly long time to produce a hint. Also, instead of just have to choose between annoying background music or silence you can now choose between five different musical choices or nothing at all.
You can play sixty years worth of classic chess games and play as heroes such as Spassky, Fischer and Mikhail.

It's packed full of variety that allows you to customise your chess experience as well as letting you enjoy hundreds of games from the rich history of chess. This game allows you to breakdown computer "hints" into five categories: last move, auto hint, legal moves, attacks and captures.
This allows the game to run for a predetermined amount of time but with three seconds being added for each move. These may seem like small touches but they all go to making the game that bit more playable than most other chess games out there. It's there for you to choose if the sound of pieces dropping into place breaks your all important concentration. This might look like a game for the connoisseur (and it is) but it's got a lot to offer beginners too.
It's full of options to enhance your game, start a game from hundreds of classic openings and even play hundreds of games from the past sixty years of chess history.
Therefore Brain Games have given you twelve difficulty settings to really give players the chance to set the game at a level to suit them.
This allows you to avoid having to put up with automatic hints that show you where you can legally move a pawn (very tedious) and instead allows you to use a function like "captures" that allows you to see squares that will soon be vulnerable to attack. This puts an imperative on playing both quickly and aggressively if you want to bring about a victory. Terms like "Dutch Defence" and "Anti-Grunfeld System" will mean nothing to novices but to us, it's an awesome addition to a chess game.
Sitting down to play as Bobby Fischer as he takes on Boris Spassky in 1972 is a pretty unique feature for a chess game and one that ensures that chess devotees will have something new and exciting to try their hand at. Being able to select these hints individually allows the game to be adjusted specifically to each players ability.
For the beginners, this is definitely something to steer clear of but who knows, maybe one day.

A I didn't put this together using a CAD or ray-tracing software package (the fractional aiming diagrams at the end ARE very accurate but again, weren't done with a CAD program). Once you've selected your difficulty setting you can see how this will effect how the computer responds in the game.
Each difficulty setting is broken down into several sub categories such as experience, randomness and aggressiveness.
This allows you to know whether or not the computer is going to gun it for victory right from the off or where it'll be content with a draw. A Your experiences might vary, especially if the balls you use look like they've been rolling around in the street.If you gain anything by reading this and applying the concepts, great. This allows you, in essence, to not just choose the type of difficulty you want to play against but the type of player you want to play against. A It's why I put the time and effort into it.A  At my risk, I might add, of making some of the people I play against EVEN better. This is a really novel way of approaching a problem that has plagued many chess games and Brain Games have found a pretty decent solution. A In this case, the two lines are one, through the center of both cue and object balls.A Do we need a ghost ball visualization to help aim this shot? A If you really want to torture yourself,A  look up Jack Dunbar (last seen in Seattle, I think) and ask him to teach you the 37-or-so aiming systems he knows.
A If you do, you will likely become very good at aiming shots.A  Even if you don't, knowing about it will still help you gauge your thick or thin hits.

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