I wanted to share my blog post in its entirety as well, as it is based on a lot of the foundation of my work with Sound Healing. Removing NegativityA new recording featuring Leigh Ann Phillips (Adire) and Thomas Barquee. However, new study by Yale University researchers says the brain responds to taste and calorie counts in fundamentally different ways. Humans have a sweet tooth as one way to ensure we eat enough to give our large brains enough calories to operate at peak efficiency.

However, the Yale team studying the brains of mice showed that signals for taste and nutrients are processed in two separate areas of the striatum, the ventral and dorsal, respectively. Signals about the value of taste are processed in the ventral striatum while nutritional value was processed in the dorsal striatum.
The dorsal striatum remained responsive to energy even when calories fed to mice were paired with a very aversive taste.The researchers then asked which signal had more control over eating behavior. Mice fed both sugar with sweet taste but no calories or sugar that contained calories but was altered to taste horribly preferred the sugar with energy.

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