Now those of us who are not lifelong and dedicated Yogis may find this idea a little intimidating.  It’s hard for some, being honest and realistic with themselves, to imagine being in a state where they are completely breathless for an extended amount of time.  I know when I first learned about this state, it seemed completely impossible to me, and I had no idea how one would even practice to make it to Samadhi! I will be posting more articles in the future that pertain to the breath, and the pranic techniques necessary to further master the meditative state.  Stay tuned!
About Brainwave LoveSince it’s humble beginnings, the science of brainwave entrainment has evolved to be one of the most potent and powerful ways to unlock the full potential of the human mind. This is an ancient Taoist Qigong practice that helps to restore health and strength to the bones. Join Phoenix for a Special $30 off 5-Pointed Star Breathing Meditation(tm) and Hemi-Sync Music class. STOP AND MIND BROWSEThis is a peaceful place where all are welcome and encouraged to experience life on their terms, full of health and vigor, stepping out into the flow of the Universe, where our decisions are taken consciously, with intent. Before even considering taking depression medication it’s best to look at ways of curing depression naturally, of which one of the best are Buddhist meditations for depression.
This simple guide will help you to get started in using Buddhist meditation for depression.
It’s always best to start with breathing techniques because they are the simplest place to begin. To do a Buddhist breathing meditation, go somewhere quiet where you wont be disturbed, sit comfortably and with good posture.
You may notice that when you are focussing on your breathing certain thoughts come to mind. This guide for breathing meditation techniques has some very simple techniques to get you started quickly. Alternate nostril breathing Also known as nadi shodhan (purifying the channel) or anulom vilom, it forms an integral part of most yoga and pranayama routines.
The practice of Qigong Through the Seasons is designed to harmonize the health of your internal organs with the seasonal energetic changes of nature. Breathing stands out as our quintessential rhythmic interaction with the world; lungs function as a permeable interface between each of us and everything else. The correct practice of qigong creates mental tranquility and thus will profoundly enhance healthy breathing by relaxing the lungs and allowing them to freely function. This graceful neigong (internal qigong) exercise fills the lungs with fresh qi while cleansing them of turbid qi.

Exhale, step back to center with the left foot, straighten knees, the hands return to the chest, cross them so that the right hand is touching over the left lung. The complete set of Autumn Qigong exercises, along with suggested foods and herbs for seasonal health, are fully described and illustrated in chapter 8 of Qigong Through The Seasons. Our audios have been created by brainwave entrainment engineer, Ashton Aiden, and his years of research, expertise, personal experience, and creativity. No more stumbling and sabotaging is the goal, healing and the life you want will be the result. Consult a doctor before practicing these techniques and be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Now close your eyes and focus on your breath as it enters and leaves through your nose and mouth. Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life.
Breathing is the most important thing you do from moment to moment and yet most of us are unaware of how we breathe and have lost our innate connection to the breath cycle. The lungs are yin organs that receive air from the outside world, extract its healthy components and send them downward to the lower dan tian, the primary energy center of the abdomen, to be combined with the nutrients of food. The following exercise, White Healing Mist, is the most important qigong exercise to do during the autumn season. At the same time, open the arms and slowly, swing the hands forward and then laterally out until the arms are extended to the side with fingers up and the palms facing away from the body. Although both hands are touching your chest, your focused intention goes to the left lung only.
We are confident that the audios we offer on this site are of the best quality you will ever find, anywhere. Some people hear voices in their head, some see negative images, others have a general feeling of depression. For instance, you may recite “I am feeling calm and relaxed.” You then recite this mantra repeatedly while focussing on the words. We must completely exhale so that the respiratory system can flush out toxins and debris; only then can we receive a full complement of fresh air on the next inhalation. It uses mental intention, body movement, and regulated breathing to purify and strengthen the lungs.

He has been practicing Qigong since 1986 and is the founder of The Health Movement, a group of classes and educational materials designed to improve a person’s wellbeing through the use of traditional and complementary healthcare methods. This helps you to create the reality of the words, such that, for instance, saying “ I am calm and relaxed” will make you calm and relaxed. First, breath is a convenient 'tool' for practicing meditation for everyone (as no one has difficulty finding it).
In ancient times, the word ‘qi’ primarily had the meaning of ‘vital breath’ emphasizing that our indispensable energy comes from breathing. Stress, fear, anger, and doubt are the main emotional states that interfere with a healthy exhalation.
The ‘white healing mist’ can be any personal image that conveys a sense of purity, freshness, tranquility and healing. Ronald offers classes in Qigong, Taiji and spinal healthcare and lives in Bozeman, Montana, USA.
Second, it comes strongly recommended for beginners, as breath is a completely natural process that keeps things simple in the beginning.
Many people subconsciously don’t let go of the breath—they feel like they must hold on to that last bit of air, otherwise they may expire. The ability to completely let go of the breath often relates to issues of trust and relaxation. As the interface between internal and external worlds, the lungs command our self-defense system. When doing this practice, you may want to identify those healthy and unhealthy aspects of your life. Then you can nurture the good with the white mist, and purge the bad along with the toxins.
The unilateral emphasis is unusual since most qigong exercises are done for both lungs simultaneously, but that special concentration on one lung at a time increases the concentration of qi, which makes this a very powerful healing exercise.

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