Relaxation helps decrease the affects of stress which can cause a rise in blood pressure and heart rate. Meditation Meditation is also a good relaxation exercise, sit in a floor and close your eyes. Yoga Yoga is a common exercise that requires a combination of physical and mental practices to help attain total relaxation. Listeners often say they like the voice of the narrator, Stuart McCalley, M.D, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine. A Day Away From Stress CDOur best selling relaxation-CDMore Information >Relaxing Through The Seasons CDA relaxation CD narrated by Dr.
The fast moving lifestyle, the multitude of activities, the many responsibilities at work prevent us from finding a balance between personal and professional life. Relaxation techniques can be used with other ailments as well or simply to prevent future difficulties, they are not just about fighting stress. You can even carry out relaxation exercises at work, sitting in the office, without in any way to attracting attention of others.
To perform relaxation exercises at work it is only required for you to sit on a chair in a more comfortable position, get involved in an activity that is less demanding or, if possible, to interrupt work for a few minutes and focus on breathing.
Inhale counting from 101 to 103 in your head, then exhale counting from 101 to 103 in your head. Then inhale counting from 101-103 and release the air quickly (counting to one in your head).
Then breathe rapidly (counting to one in your head) and long exhale silently counting from 101 to 103, doing this ten times.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth regularly, setting your own pace that is comfortable and relaxing. By keeping inner attention on the tension area, think that that area gets looser with each breath.
After you feel that the body part where you experienced tension is more relaxed, do the same with a different area of the body (if it exists). Start by inhaling through your nose and exhale through your mouth regularly, finding the rhythm that is soothing and relaxing for you.
Focus your inner attention on each side of the body to relax (start with the feet and continue with: legs , upper legs, abdomen, back, hands, forearms, arms, neck, chin, lips, nose, ears, cheeks, eyes, forehead and crown). If stress is present in your life for longer periods of time and if the above-mentioned relaxation techniques to fight stress don’t seem to work, it is recommended to ask the advice of a psychologist, so that together you can establish a relaxation method suitable you’re your lifestyle. Focused breathing is used in both the pelvic floor rehabilitation and for diastisis recti recovery. We can’t always control our situations or where we find ourselves in life but we can work to control our responses.
Relaxation also helps encourage oxygen flow through the entire body, which heals damaged muscles. Yoga teaches you to control your breathing while you focus on stretching and relaxing your bodys major muscle groups. But besides the frequent use of the word, specialists worry about the effects that it has on the quality of life and health. It starts with adjusting your own breathing pace and gradually you evolve to muscle relaxation, to focusing attention on specific areas of the body where stress is felt more deeply and relaxing those areas, as well as visualizing oneself in happy situations.

Though the techniques used differ, both have a standalone feature which involves visualization and breathing mechanisms designed to help calm and relax us as well as work as a constant support to help us to remain focused and stay grounded no matter how stressful our everyday life is. Relaxation therapy helps a person achieve emotional, spiritual and physical relaxation and reduce depression and anxiety. Yoga is the best relaxation medicine all the above exercises are good relaxation which decreases our tension and relaxed our body. This, however, is a brief description which contains three of the most common elements of relaxation techniques, while there are many more possibilities in terms of relaxation to be determined according to individual issues and availability. In just minutes you can unwind, you can recharge your batteries and you can feel a lot better. Over the past decade and more, my clients have reported back feeling stronger in themselves, both physically and emotionally as a result of performing these exercises. McCalley, who worked for a radio station while in college, a€?has a way of making his voice sound very relaxing without sounding phony,a€? commented Darlene Menzies, a Family counselor at the Marine Base at Camp Pendleton, CA.
Today, we are saying no to prescription drugs and we are inviting relaxation into our lives.
They found that not only were they able to rely on their bodies and defuse the physical stress that they would have experienced in the past, they were also left with a much clearer head so that they were more optimally able to face their personal challenges as they would arise. Here are some of the best relaxation techniques to fight stress in the comfort of your home.

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