More than 3,000 Buddhist monks in 100 monasteries throughout Southeast Asia have learned the Transcendental Meditation technique, as a result of the work by a revered Japanese Buddhist monk, Reverend Koji Oshima, who is a longtime TM practitioner and certified TM teacher. During Maharishi’s many tours of Asian countries, he often visited monasteries and spoke personally to many Buddhist leaders. Young students practicing the TM technique as part of their daily routine at a Buddhist monastery in ThailandReverend Oshima said the younger monks are especially inspired by Maharishi’s integration of modern and ancient knowledge. Reverend Oshima has been awarded an honorary doctoral degree by Maharishi University for the significant contributions he has made to society by promoting the experience of Nirvana—the spiritual foundation for the achievement of the goals of Buddhism.
The Transcendental Meditation technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.

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Oshima, the Buddhist monks appreciate the simplicity, effortlessness, and profound experience of transcendence, which is gained almost immediately after starting the TM practice. One prominent monk in Sri Lanka, who is now the leader, or “Shan Kara,” of one of the three streams of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, has been instrumental in encouraging monks throughout the country to take TM instruction from Reverend Oshima. Through Reverend Oshima’s travels and teaching of the Transcendental Meditation technique he has helped enliven the knowledge and direct experience of Absolute Being in the lives of thousands of Buddhist monks—an influence that helps heighten the peace, happiness and sustainable progress of these monasteries and the world around them. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider regarding any medical condition.

Oshima adds that transcendence provides the natural basis for the monk’s subsequent prayers and practices.

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