Dissatisfied with her current job, Kara dreamed about another career, one in which she was her own boss. When Kara embarked on this new challenge, she was so overwhelmed with the big picture, she froze. Kara decided that she would document her action steps by writing down what she did every day on Post-It’s. This entry was posted in Positive Thinking, Self Confidence and tagged building confidence, challanges, confidence building, goal setting, how to achieve goals, motivation, post-it, post-its, self esteem.
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Whether it’s making a small change or life-altering move, we tend to over-analyze the process and get hung up on the future, before we even step foot into the process.
Of course not, but she made more of an effort to make her dream a reality.  On the weekends and time away from her 9-5, she worked on pieces, started investing in the business, and eventually started selling some of her jewelry pieces.
Try the Post-It Challenge with a goal you have.  Whether it be signing up for a new class, losing a few pounds, or moving to a new job.
This made her aware of the changes she was making and accountable for continuing the process. It took quite awhile before she was able to focus full-time on her business, but she did.  By taking small steps, building her confidence, and tracking her progress to get her to a place where she truly felt this was obtainable, she was able to achieve her goal.

Track your progress in the small steps you are doing to reach this goal every day, and make it visible.
When this happens, we become angry with ourselves and lose the drive; our confidence is often minimized.

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