There’s an amazing bit in the second issue where Clark is ambushed by government agents and taken to a lab to be analyzed. But even with all that, the next page shows Clark pulling his would-be vivisectionists out of the flames, saving their lives.
Beyond that, though, Busiek’s strength in this story lies in the relationships he creates.
The gag about setting up a Clark Kent with a Lois is a solid bit of comedy, but the way Busiek and Immonen play the relationship that builds from it is really incredible, and economical too. It’s a great book, and easily one of the most underrated Superman stories ever written, by two of the best that comic books have to offer. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. - Das Entertaiment Magazin - News, Reviews, Filmkritiken und Infos rund um DVD, Blu-Ray und Kino.

Während der Film hierzulande zwar schon auf DVD und Blu-ray vorbestellt werden kann, gibt es bis dato keine Informationen zu einer potentiellen Sonderedition. Weitere Diskussionen zu diesem und vielen anderen Themen findest du im Forum von Unsurprisingly, Busiek and Immonen go with a version that’s a little more optimistic.
On that front, Secret Identity reads like one of the best issues of Astro City, occasionally shifting the focus away from the superpowers to show the lives behind them. Man benötigt demnach einen Kontakt vor Ort oder eine Sammelbestellung, um an das Steelbook heran zu kommen. This, I think, is something most comics fans can relate to — surely I can’t be the only one who got stacks of random cheap back issues for my birthday, right?
It just extrapolates that to showing us someone who has those same powers, and then makes doing the right thing with them a foregone conclusion, even when there are potentially awful consequences for those actions.

Even the government, initially played as something that Clark needs to fear and the closest thing the story gets to introducing a supervillain, isn’t portrayed as something entirely one-dimensional and uniformly evil.
Anyway, as you might expect, things pick up when Clark suddenly (and, for a while, inexplicably) wakes up in mid-air with powers far beyond those of mortal men. Instead, there’s a great, Spider-Man-ish message there about power and responsibility, about what it means to have that power and to decide to use it to help people.
Im Gegensatz zum stählernen Pendant aus Italien gibt es zur kanadischen Sonderedition schon jetzt ein erstes Bild (siehe unten).

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