While life will always have its stressors, these are the few ways that I handle life's stress from overwhelm. I have developed these practices to help me be more mindful, less stressed and better able to remain the peaceful parent I strive to be. To avoid the burn of acting out during an emotional upsurge, take a few simple steps to calm your heightened spirit and quiet your uneasy mind.
December 24, 2014 By Heather 25 Comments If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed, or subscribe by email so you don't miss a thing!. Great techniques, my daughter just had a baby a few months ago, these will come in handy for her.
Far Infrared rays + negative ions + calming energy of Amethyst crystals of the Bio Amethyst Mat are all that it takes to calm a cracker. Sure, he loves the Biomat, but nothing melts away a cracker’s stress like the Tingler, from his head all the way to his toseies. Every year there are reports linking a healthy diet and exercise to overall wellness and health. Meditation is the thousands’ of years old practice of focusing your mental energy on the wellness of your mind and body.
A major outcome of meditation is a reduction in stress, which can help relieve anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia.
If you have issues with pain, you might try scanning your body to focus your senses on different areas. Reading sacred texts or poems, or listening to calming music is a great way to bring external sensory experiences into a meditative practice. Amanda Beck writes for American Medical ID on a variety of topics relating to health care and healthy living, especially for those whose medical conditions warrant an emergency ID. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest StumbleUpon YummlyIf you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my e-mail updates or follow me on Pinterest. The most important factor in creating a kit for your child is customizing it to what works for your child. What you want to do in essence is create a toolbox of tools that they can pull out when they need them.
Before introducing your child to their kit and its contents, sit down with them and discuss the signs that they are beginning to feel anxious. Next, empower them by telling them that you believe in them and think that they can learn strategies to help them cope with their own stress.
All of the items and ideas in the kit should be practised with you a number of times before the child is expected to try them on their own.
Go to a quiet place – sometimes removing themselves from a situation or from the noise and distractions can help minimize stress responses and help a trauma response or time of anxiety to be over faster. Listen to music – listening to music or a special relaxation CD with soothing sounds on it is very calming for many children.
Tapping – Explaining tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) would require a post all of its own.

Draw a picture – Art therapy is an incredible tool and by expressing themselves through art during a time of high emotion, your child may be able to release some of their stress and perhaps even be better able to get to the root of and communicate their feelings. Relax your face – Have your child practise tightening and relaxing their muscles at a time when they are not in crisis to better understand what relaxed looks and feels like. Put your feelings in a bucket – this is a tool that our daughter learned in therapy and it works very well for her when her feelings are overwhelming her.
I also highly recommend When My Worries Get Too Big (a relaxation book for children who live with anxiety).
EMDR – EMDR is a therapy (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) that has proven highly effective in dealing with trauma.
This open approach will make you far more receptive to new and novel strategies to make lemonade from lemons.
When the moment has passed, you'll be grateful you were able to be the master of your emotions.
I remember doing this for both Emma and Ryan and I think it helped a good deal in so many ways. If you’re living with a chronic condition like diabetes, heart disease, or even Alzheimer’s, doctors often recommend doses of plain exercise mixed in with medication. When you walk to meditate, make the purpose about the actions of walking rather than the destination.
Maybe you have a favorite #MotivationMonday quote you like that you can say over and over to really internalize the words.
Talk with your spiritual or religious leader about selecting a prayer that can help you focus your intentions.
Think about how you feel when you listen to or read and write down or share your reflections. This can be challenging if you’re already stressed or feeling down, but it can also put things into perspective.
Thanks for stopping by!Our daughter Dancing Queen suffers from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and anxiety disorder.
If you have seen that there are certain activities or toys that seem to soothe your child, those may be great additions to their kit.
You want to give them the strategies and confidence to be able to manage their stress and anxiety on their own. Please read the explanations at the bottom of this post that go into more detail about each of the suggested tools for reducing stress and anxiety. Let them know that there may be times when they try one thing in the kit and it doesn’t seem to help but that there are other things they can try. Until a child feels confident about their ability to reduce their anxiety themselves, you should stay nearby while they use their kit. Your child will be better able to handle stressful situations using their breathing techniques if they have practised them at times when they were not feeling under duress. To make this easier, I am keeping her kit in a large bowl with a lid so that the bowl is readily accessible.

This morning I woke up, realized what I didn't do and then intentionally didn't turn my phone back on.
Your body heat and touch is comforting and soothing, and laying on the stomach helps pop those nasty tummy bubbles. It could be as simple as a simple formula change or bottle switch, if not a formula fed baby.
He literally believes that this mat, that my doctor suggested I get for pain relief, is his new bed.
Meditation does not require any tools or equipment, it can be done anywhere, and it’s free.
Focus your attention on an object or item while incorporating feelings of love and gratitude.
She has been in therapy for a few years now, including a specialized treatment program for trauma and attachment. Ask them questions about their heart rate, their breathing, their senses, their temperature (many children describe feeling hot or cold), and any other changes they notice in their bodies as they begin to become anxious. Offer encouragement and praise but avoid the temptation to suggest which coping strategy they should use unless you see an escalation in their anxiety and it is obvious that they need direction. One way to practise is to have them lay on their back and place a stuffed animal on their stomach or chest and demonstrate how the stuffed animal rises and falls with their breathing and see if they can create higher rises. I would recommend that you get some instruction on EMDR from a trained therapist because I don’t feel that I am qualified to teach you how, nor do I know your child and the particular circumstances, but EMDR has been the single most effective therapy that we have used with our daughter. She takes Rescue Remedy currently because we’re out of her usual Flower Essences for bipolar disorder. Here are some of our favorite tips from the Mayo Clinic on how to incorporate meditation into your life. We work a lot with her at home, but I have recently been wanting to work more on teaching her to manage some of her anxiety on her own so that she can slowly work towards independence by the time she is an adult.
The child grabs their feelings (from near their stomach or chest or wherever they feel they are) and puts them into a bowl. I have also used it on myself in the past in dealing with trauma and on some of our other kids. Actually, when her sister arrives for the weekend will be our first test with Rescue Remedy for this particular disorder. It may be mostly for myself (including the playdough…I love it) though the kids will definitely benefit too. When they feel like all their scary feelings are in the bowl, they can put the lid on it and put them away for when they are feeling strong enough to face them.

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