Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of providing seating that serves both bus riders and local pedestrians. The bus stops is on the brightest corner of the intersection, giving it opportunity to become a warm and comfortable outdoor space. Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of using lighting to improve the safety at remote bus stops. Very few pedestrians travel on this block except for those waiting for the bus and local residents walking to the park. This site receives most of its solar exposure in the afternoon due to large trees to the east. Visibility is extremely high at all parts of the bus stop because the site is not bound by any developments. Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of providing cover that is visually integrated with the surroundings.
3 Cover provided by shelter and trees that also enhance the surrounding landscape (see 5.12).
Two main groups of pedestrians using this area are people waiting for the bus and people walking through to get to Metrotown. The bus stop is on the brightest corner of the intersection, giving it opportunity to become a warm and comfortable outdoor space.
Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of providing amenities that serve both bus riders and the surrounding community.
Pedestrian paths between bus stop, SkyTrain stop, and mall entrance all cross at the existing triangular sign in the northeast corner of the plaza. The brightest part the site can be found in the middle, conveniently not in a pedestrian pathway and on a south facing slope.
Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of providing transit and community information at a bus stop. Pedestrian flow is highly constricted on this block of Oak street as the sidewalks are narrow and extremely close to high speed traffic.
This stop is relatively dark compared to the other stops with large trees shading both sun and streetlights. Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of using vegetation strategically at a bus stop. Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of managing traffic adjacent to bus stops and civic buildings. Pedestrians follow paths typical of an intersection, with the exception of the extra foot traffic in front of the library, which may require extra space. Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of improving the bus stop while increasing the general walkability of the block. Pedestrians on this block are usually local residents and children on the way to and from school. Design Intent: This design demonstrates the BSUD technique of providing bicycle amenities that add to the overall cycling infrastructure of the neighbourhood.

Thisprefab design for bus shelters allows the shelter to adapt to the unique constraints of each and the desired amount of investment. Roofs can be made of a variety of materials, ensuring there is sufficient light penetration without over heating the area below.
Tactile surfaces should placed on the perimeter of the bus stop to ensure cane detection and audible detection by those with visual impairments. With a single post and chair, this basic design is meant to be placed at stops that currently have nothing except a bus pole. Triple post designs can be configured in many ways, tailored to the specific needs of the intersection. So youa€™ve heard a lot about meditation, and want to try something out for yourself?Now meditation seems to be that boring activity where youa€™ve got to sit still and switch off lights and have terrific self control. But what the heck is meditation essentially?Wea€™re all caught up in thoughts and emotions a€“ tense about what to do in class tomorrow or what the boss in office will say or if X loves me enough .
So I think meditations is just forgetting all this too-much-thinking-and-worrying crap, relaxing, and feeling peaceful.But feeling peaceful does not have to be boring! When I persisted at it, for like 15 minutes a€¦.I suddenly felt a beautiful sense of peace and calm.
The point is a€“ when we eat, generally we talk or think of things like what to do after lunch, or what happened in the morning. This stop is located in the Green Timbers neighbourhood in Surrey, adjacent to Bear Creek Park. This stop is located in the Maywood neighbourhood of Burnaby, on a pedestrian corridor that connects the residential area to the south with the Metrotown core to the north.
This plaza outside the Oakridge Shopping Centre is a major transfer node between the Canada Line Skytrain and the 41, 43, and 15 buses. This stop is located in the Cariboo neighbourhood of Coquitlam, which is mainly single family residential. This bus stop serves the #8 bus along Fraser Street in the heart of the Sunset neighbourhood in Vancouver.
This stop is along Locarno Beach, situated between single family residential houses and a park. However, most of the pedestrians are travelling for recreational purposes and often in groups. A kit of parts easily assembles into different configuration, allowing for easy customization, maintenance, and replacement. This grid structure allows the frame to be flexible enough to fit various the constraints of each site.
This is especially important for designs that include cantilevered components as those may be obstructive if not identified early. Back panels can either be transparent to provide more visibility, or display information such as route maps or community events.
Here are 2 unconventional easy meditation techniques that Ia€™ve tried out and which you can try out anywhere, anytime, to chill.

I felt like I was something wonderful and still and my body and my thoughts and my emotions were just a surface disturbance phenomenon a€“ while the STILL and PEACEFUL me inside remained untouched. But you can try out these simple calming techniques whenever you are idle or feel like it once in a few days, no?
It is also an important public open space that will serve the transit-oriented development that will be built in the future.
The roof can also as an illuminating device if LEDs are embedded or if the underside is reflective. As a result, many people at this active street corner can benefit from the added covered seating that is carefully designed to integrate with the surrounding urban form. These transportation and development conditions create ample demand for amenities such as public seating, fountains, food carts, and flexible open spaces. Due to the narrowness of the site, the shelter is configured to allow for leaning seats and maximum pedestrian flow (see 5.12). Bioswales installed here make the waiting environment more comfortable while filtering run-off from the street. Bollards, planters, trees, and lighting not only enhance the public space in front of the library, but they also provide physical, visual, and acoustic separation from traffic in a subtle manner. Extra seating, improved paving, low vegetation, and pedestrian scale lighting make waiting for the bus at this stop and walking through this block much more pleasant.
Upward lighting reflected off of the ceiling can provide much more even lighting with reduced shadows. The height for each add-on varies depending on which notch of the post it is latched on to.
More importantly, an open design allows for the surrounding to be lit as well, giving the bus rider more awareness of the environment (see 5.12).
This setup also allows for the stop to have ample posting area to promote community events to those passing by.
It also helps educate the public on issues of environmental protection through landscape design. Roofs shall be extended enough beyond the designated waiting area to ensure coverage given a rain shadow of 20 degrees. Fold-up seats (similar to those on buses) can allow a stop to have maximum flexibility when accommodating wheelchairs. Add-ons should be concentrated at one end of the bus stop to ensure that the remaining space has maximum flexibility in accommodating those standing. When you put it in your mouth a€“ feel your tongue touching the morsel and your saliva slowly engulfing it.
This one is ALWAYS very irritating for me initially whenever I do it because no matter how much I ask a€“ I dona€™t hear an answer in the beginning!

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