Okay so yes I have a big chest and there are many shirts I like but they show a little too much. In the fashion industry Cleava snap on bra mock camisole is also known as the following:  partial camisole, undergarment, cleavage cover ups, modesty panel, mock camisole, detachable camisole, chemisettes, chemise, fake camisole, faux camisole, flauge cami, secret camisole, cami insert, tinny tank top, bra camisole and a dickey. Cleava is easy enough to snap on while I am fully dressed and it even has different snaps depending on the size you need. Cleava would actually be great too to go from work to going out, since you maybe want to be more conservative at work and then let the girls be free for a night out! Mom and More Disclosure: I was sent this product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
I’m a breast cancer survivor and would like to be able to wear some shirts that are too low cut to hide my scars.
I have a bigger top half, so no matter what shirt I wear, I have a lot of cleavage, something like this could be helpful!

I have some low cut sweaters that I always have to wear a shirt under but i just get too hot!
I have a few tops that have a very low v-neck and I’m always worried about showing too much.
I would like one so I could turn a shirt I might like into something I could feel comfortable in. 50% off Cami Secret Clip On: Replace Your Bulky Tank Tops and Camisoles with this Clip On Cami (3 Different Colors in a Pack). Deal HighlightsYou love wearing your stylish blouse or shirt, but it is cut too low for work. Yes I am too old to be showing off all that cleavage and definitely don’t want a nip slip! Its tough to find a cute shirt that is not low cut, so she will be able to wear them thanks to Cleva.

I hate that most shirts you see at the stores are low cut & you have to wear a shirt underneath which is so bulky! My usual solution is to layer with a white tank top under my shirts but sometimes the bulk of it just is too much. People wouldn’t get a peak at my prosthetic or skin on one side, and that would give me some peace of mind.
Avoid all the discomfort and hassle of wearing an additional layer of clothing by using Cami Secret's clip-on camisole.

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