Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto IV Modding' started by Dillon Francis, Sep 5, 2014 with 12 replies and 1,858 views. Well, don't have a gold membership anymore (and I'm not paying for another one since the next gen and more importanly the pc version where online is free are coming out.) so I'm sh*t outta luck with this meathod. That looks like the woman in Dead Man Walking that has the toe tag with the name of the guy you torture on it.
Can somebody swap models with michael to Prololgue Michael on ps3 and sent the gamesave to me or something ?

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I need prolouge Michael but there is a problem is there a way to do it without going online because my Console is jailbroken any help please ? Meh I'll just mod the pc version when it comes out, and with that I could import models and change the character animation. This may hint towards maybe a Hospital or Mortuary being enterable at some point considering there's a further 2 models named Corpse_02 and Corpse_03.Still I've never came across this model in-game.

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