I suggest you to choose B.Ed as this course is especially for those who are much interested in teaching Field.
Actually, there was a lot of Demand for B.ed in India as there were shortage of Teacher all over the India.
After Pursuing out Bed you had to take TET(Teachers Eligibility Test) upon Clearing the Exam you will be recruited in respective Vacancy fields in Government Institutions.
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During my career, the most distressed clients I have worked with have been those who have been the victims of change.
The CareerWorx blog offers helpful career advice, information and job search tips.You're welcome to use any material from this blog provided you credit the author with a link back to the source. Career portfolios, also referred to as professional portfolios, are a valuable career development tool.
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If you want to have the best career track possible and be able to find a new job quickly when or if the time comes, avoid making these five potentially disastrous career mistakes. Just one unprofessional, disrespectful moment could ruin a career opportunity such as a promotion or new job. If you fall behind the times in knowledge and technology, and stubbornly continue down the old-trusted-ways road, your skills will eventually become out of date or completely obsolete. So often when we land that great job, the resume is the first thing to bite the dust in the back of our desk.
If time and time again you turn down opportunities to attend industry or company events, you are isolating yourself.

Completing the bare minimum requirement of work each day, not going above and beyond to help your company or a customer, or not playing nicely on a team is sending the message out to the world — people talk — that you really don’t care or are just plain lazy.
It would be one of the best career option So, In order to get a Government job in Teaching field is not an easy task where you had to work hard.
I would Suggest you to pursue MA as it helps you to get into Lecturer job in both private and Government Institutions. These clients are referred to me for career counselling by employers wanting to support their employees as they transition out of the organisation.
By developing their career competencies including interpersonal, communication and transferable work skills they become well-equipped to cope with change.
Because of their similarity, you'll find the terms boundaryless and protean careers are often used interchangeably. The very first Impact Award, introduced this year, also boasts of the biggest cash prize for a film in the world. Things happen: Companies get bought out, some go bankrupt, ownership changes, operations are moved to another country.
Instead, continue to learn everything you can about your field, and challenge yourself to take on new projects. When the time comes for a job change of any kind, it becomes a very difficult task to polish up the resume quickly, to remember all the things you have accomplished if you haven’t kept a good record.
If you aren’t networking and building a base of contacts, how do you expect anyone to know who you are? If that Attitude is Predominantly Negative, it Can Impact Everything, Including Health, Career, Family, & More. It’s common for these individuals to have been made redundant after many years, even decades, with the company.
Inspired by the Greek sea god Proteus who could change forms at will in the face of oncoming opportunities or threats, protean career theory asserts that in order to succeed, individuals need to be highly flexible and adaptable to change or what I like to call, masters of change.

A boundaryless career is typically described as one that progresses in a non-linear way and with more than one employer. In the intro of song you can catch the conversation between Badshah and other Star cast like Neha Kakkar, Pulkit, Yami, Urvashi Rautela and also with the cute comedy actress Bharti. Always treat others with respect and be professional — and stop the gossip chain — whether it is with your peers, the boss, clients, or customers.
Keep up with technology’s lightning-fast progress, and keep up with the latest best practices in your field of work.
Many people now use LinkedIn or similar sites for keeping an up-to-date record of their positions, progress, achievements, education, and awards. Be sociable, and meet as many people within your industry and company as possible — there are many people who receive job offers because of whom they know and not necessarily because of what they know. Furthermore, Negative Thinking can Have a Spiraling Effect that Attracts More Negative Thinking. These sites are easy to bring up for your boss to view when asking for a raise or promotion, and they are a great place for a company interested in you to check you out.
You can also greatly benefit from exploring the possibilities in the job market — find out what other people are doing and how much money they are making in a position similar to yours.
Remember that others will be able to view inappropriate pictures and language use and hit the button labeled Share. Keep your resume current — in an online site or a PDF — and watch the typos and grammatical issues — too many can be a deal killer.

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