Default app swap MarshmallowManufacturers love to place their own takes on browsing on our phones, and make them the default ones to open links from third-party apps with. A quiet and subtle change made to version 49 of the Chrome browser app for Android brings back the pre-Lollipop default method for closing Chrome tabs. Keep in mind that the only thing that has changed is the default method for closing the browser's tabs.
Prior to Android 5.0, tabs opened by the browser's users would be closed in the app itself by default. This change is only going to show up for those either installing the Chrome browser from the Google Play Store, or setting up a new phone. That means that barring any changes, you will be closing the browser's tabs from the Chrome app itself. If you have an older version of Chrome on your phone and simply update it, you will not get the new default position.It isn't clear why Google switched the default setting.
Tap on the Browser icon and enter the App info screen, scroll down and use the buttons "Clear cache" and "Clear data" to dispose of all the info that may be associated with this browser;3. It could be that many Android users preferred to manage their Chrome tabs inside Chrome itself, and we agree. Scroll down a bit, and tap on the "Clear defaults" button in the Launch by default section;4.

It becomes a headache to have to scroll through your active apps and Chrome tabs, all mixed together in the same place. But you might disagree which explains why Google offers different options in the first place. As they used to say in the old days when smartphones weren't even dreamed of, different strokes for different folks.
The prompt is such a common part of using an Android that many users dona€™t notice that theya€™re making decisions that will determine how their device will behave from that point forward. ADVERTISEMENTIf you tap a link to an Instagram picture, Android may ask if you want to open the image with your Chrome browser or your Instagram app. Sure, Android will ask whether you want to use this app just once or always, but many of users find themselves tapping a€?Alwaysa€? without really thinking about it.By design, the Android operating system attempts to adapt to your preferences and keep the number of redundant prompts to a minimum. Here wea€™ll explore how to gain full control over the apps your Android device uses by default.
This makes the process of setting default apps easy and intuitive.Begin a New ActivityStart an activity that you want to assign a default app to. This could range from clicking a link to a specific service to opening a certain type of file. Now you dona€™t have to select which app to use every time!Note that if you download a new app that can perform the same function, Android will provide the dialogue box again to see if you want to use your new app instead.Change Individual Default AppsLeta€™s say you want to mix things up a bit.

Just reset that appa€™s defaults and choose a new default the next time youa€™re prompted.Go to SettingsFirst, go to your Androida€™s settings. This is the app you dona€™t want to use anymore for this activity.Reset Default settingsOn the Appa€™s settings, choose Clear Defaults. From now on, Android will regard your chosen app as the default for this activity.Change Default Apps by FunctionUnlike Windows, Android doesna€™t keep a running list of all default apps in one easy-to-find location.
However, you can use an app called Default App Manager to check out what defaults have been set. From here you can reset or apply defaults to apps associated with these categories.Clear DefaultsSelect the category you want to reset, and tap the Clear Defaults option. Now all defaults associated with that category will be freed up to re-assign.Nuclear Option: Reset all Default AppsIf you cana€™t quite figure out which app default is giving you fits and the option to choose a new default isna€™t appearing no matter what you do, therea€™s still hope! However, bear in mind that going through with this procedure will also enable all disabled apps, reset any app notification options, remove any background data restrictions or permission restrictions placed on specific apps.

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