1Password 4.3 brings Wi-Fi syncing option with 1Password 4 for Mac that was launched recently, ability to change the default browser to either the in-built 1Browser, or Safari, Chrome etc.
If the app hasn’t been automatically updated, you can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or use this iTunes link. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. There are so many things that Apple need to do in order to make this a radical update, and we now start to wonder what those new iOS 7 features will be and the UI changes, as the current version is starting to look a little dated. In order to do that there are several features that needs to be addressed, the first of which is allowing users to choose their own default apps.
We have already suggested the idea of making Siri much smarter, and that Apple may have already started this knowing that iOS 7 could already be in testing.
A new look is very important because the UI has remained stagnant, unlike their Mac OS, which has received several makeovers in recent years. Other requested feature changes would be to add animation settings to icons, but being able to personalize the entire theme would be one of the best features added to iOS 7.
Personally we feel that iOS 7 will be pretty much the same and we will not see a major overhaul until iOS 8. A good feature to add to an iMessage conversation would be the ability to view all media which has been sent in that chat, whether it be between 2, 3, 4 etc people, similar to how you can on whatsapp. Hopefully the next update may not cause such a battery drain for the phones, particularly as ios6 has practicall destroyed my 4S, but that may just be wishful thinking.
Let it be an optional feature that you have to click that you understand it will degrade speed and burn up battery faster, but let that be OUR CHOICE.
I really hope the UI isn’t changed just given more features to give it a more Mac like feel.
Photos app integrate with the social network so we can handle our photos and comment on our photos along with upload our photos with albums created in the photos app( currently you can upload photos but you cannot create an album to upload your photos to). Ringtones are one of the first things that people will adjust when they first get a new phone.

While you can purchase premium ringtones from the iTunes store, there is an impressive selection of options that are available on your phone for free. Step 3: Scroll down and touch the Ringtone option in the Sounds and Vibrations Patterns section of the menu. If you find the typing sound of your iphone 5 keyboard to be distracting or annoying, then you can learn how to disable the keyboard sounds on your iPhone 5.
However, us iPhone and iPad users have already lost interest in these updates because they are only minor and don’t really offer up anything new. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy with iOS overall, but it’s about time that there was a major revamp. While Android users would have you believe that Apple is flogging a dead horse when is comes to their mobile OS, we should never underestimate the Cupertino company because they have a knack of knocking it out of the park when they get it right.
One thing that interested us is the idea that Apple could take some of the good features from jailbreaking and include them to iOS 7, as this could be one way to counter jailbroken devices.
These are just a few ideas, so how about sharing some of yours in the comments section below. Currently, you can only put 12 apps in a folder, but what if I have 50 games I want to bunch together? PSN and Xbox Live allow you to message friends directly, so why doesn’t GameCenter allow messaging? Let me decide if I should be able to move the lame newstand icon to say a media folder should I so choose. Idevice and the albums stay permanent on the computer than way we don’t have to organize our photos. It has been a customizable option for nearly as long as cell phones are around, and is especially helpful in distinguishing your ringing iPhone from someone else. Note, however, that as you are selecting different ringtone options, a small sample of that tone will play. However, we can’t see Apple doing this because we know how much in control they like to be.

Check out the video below of an iOS 7 UI concept video, we’d love to know what you think.
I’d like to see that double clicking the home button brings up mission control style of view for all running apps. But if you aren’t familiar with the iPhone 5 menu, especially after the update to iOS 7, then you may be lost about how to locate the menu that allows you to make this change.
This is important to consider if you are performing the steps below in a public or quiet place. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. We should also be given a few theme options from Apple, for example, we could have a theme that makes home screen icons square instead of round. Why do i have to hand pick the names of the 10 or 12 people (every stinking time) i want to send a group email? So continue reading below to learn how to find the correct menu for changing the sound that plays when you get a new call on your iPhone 5. That way we only use the home screen for what apps we really want and can hide ones we don’t want instead of the clutter. I guess it would make the home screens of the phone with all the apps show when you invoke launch pad and than when you dismiss launch pad the only apps showing are the ones you placed in the main home screens as essential. I’d really like to see the banner notification change, if the user permits, to show the notification in the status bar. I’d like some themeing that way I can cha be the bubbles of the message app and the scheme if the phone app and skin of the keyboard. Apple should create a theme creator app in the App Store designed so we can customize our phones.

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