Below you will find all the information you need to change your default search, home page and new tab from Yahoo to something else. When the window appears, change your homepage in the box next to Open this page and click OK.
For more providers, in the bottom left corner of your screen, click Find more search providers. Click the down arrow at the left of the search bar in the upper right-hand side of your browser. In General tab, select the engine of your choice from the list in Default search engine section. For changing your new tabs, in General tab, go to New tab open with section and selet your choice from the list. We all know that we can change Homepage URL in Internet Explorer using Internet Options window.
Internet Explorer also allows you to set a blank page or current page as Homepage using the same Internet Options window.

How to Change “Get More Gadgets Online” Link in Windows Vista and 7 Sidebar Gadget Gallery Window?
Good hint to remove or change default page, which in my case was a virus page (sweet something). You can change it by editing .REG file in Notepad and replace the URL with your desired one. Thank you so much I was annoyed because my default homepage was set to a malware that was downloaded previously and couldn't find anywhere where it tells you how to change the default setting. I found it easy to change my homepage but it bugged me that I could not remove the intruder from the default.
When you try to uninstall it, the changes are not reverted back to value that it should be. It might be very useful for administrators who want to set the button URL to their company website. Now whenever a user clicks on "Use default" button in Internet Options window, it'll set the IE homepage to your pre-defined URL.

Thanks also to the person who left a comment about creating the registry, because mine was also non-existent but from the hint I created the new registry and now it works! On Settings, select Set pages next to Open a specific page or set of pages option which locates under On startup section. On Startup pages, delete any startup page that you don’t want by highlight on the item and click X icon next to it.
Note: To completely remove a third-party extension, you could uninstall it from Windows control panel. If it doesn’t list there, you probably need to edit Windows registry or use third-party anti-malware program to scan and remove it. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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