Once your account has been successfully created, you will directed to a page which explain the main features offered by Gmail. Now that you created a Gmail account and forwarded your email address to Gmail, you are ready to set up Gmail to correspond with your customer using your domain based email address.
Once logged in, click the “Settings” link located in the top right of your screen; then on the “Accounts” link. You will be asked to verify you have control over the email address you have just added to Gmail. You will be prompted to either enter a confirmation code or click a link provided in an email that will be sent to your Gmail account asking you to confirm you have control over the email address you have just added. Since PC based email clients vary; Google provide set up documentation depending on the client you choose. Most of the HTML email templates will allow you to edit the physical address field in your email, regardless of the address in your account settings. Remember, the above steps will only modify the address for the particular campaign you are working on. Note: Once the address in your account is updated, any new emails sent will reflect this change.

For a better browsing experience and to properly view all of the features of our website, please upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Using webmailWe’re improving Bell Mail to make it easier to use, mobile-friendly and to enhance security. Using Bell email with an Email ProgramWe highly recommend using web-based Bell email, to make the most of its many features.
Be careful not to perform this step until you are sure you can receive email to the new address you provided. Click on the “I’m ready –show me my account”;  you will then be directed to the Gmail home page.
You can create up to ten email addresses based on your domain name, and forward them to your Gmail account.  You will need to enter the Source address and a Destination Address, and click the “Create Forward” button.
You will then have the option of creating additional email addresses to be used with your Gmail account. Simply click the link provided in the email, and you will be set up to send email using your domain based email address.
However, if you copy a previous email that was sent prior to the update, you will need to follow the first set of steps above to manually update the information in the email.

Learn more about Bell email.However, you can configure Bell email to work with your email software using either POP or IMAP settings.
This process will reset your password to one automatically generated, but all of your personal settings and applications will remain the same. We recommend using your domain, in the event you use your Gmail to communicate with your clients. The Name and email address will be what your customer will see in the From line of an email. However, you will want to enter your domain based email address in the email address field. Also note you will need to confirm your desired login is available; you may check the it’s available click the “Check Availability” button once you have entered your desired login.
Once you have completed entering the Name and Email Address, click the “Next Step” button.

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