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It is highly recommended that you use this feature for storing your password, if an application you use support it.
Although it's good for safety, some people feel that it is anoying to enter password everytime they use certain applications.

This is a list of command line to change various theme-related settings in GNOME based desktop. GTK+ is a toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces, that is capable to be used in many platform (multi-platform).
One of this feature is a keyring manager application that stores and manage your password for your credentials. For example, everytime you open Google Chrome browser that save online password for your convenience, if you choose to use auto-login when using Ubuntu desktop, it will ask you to enter your password to unlock stored password managed by Ubuntu's build-in password manager. If you think so, here I will show you how to disable this feature so it will be automatically unlock keyring then it will never ask for your password again. Click the Ubuntu logo on near top-left of your screen to show the Dash, and search for "Password and Keys" or just "password" or "seahorse" (real name of the application). After installing the latest Seahorse, open it, then to show the login password, select "View" menu ==> check "By keyring" (see the screenshot above), then right-click "Login" password on the sidebar.

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This feature is really useful to keep your credentials safe and no one can unlock them, except you of course, even if your Ubuntu-powered machine (laptop, netbook, etc) got stolen.
Then the next steps is similar to the above: enter your current password but leave the new password blank, and click OK to confirm unencrypted keyring. Key fob features silver-toned hardware with Calvin Klein logo and a black genuine leather connecting strap.

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