In Canada you have to call up the Canada Revenue Agency and tell them yourself before your next tax return.
If you have any pets, don’t forget to call your local vet and update that information! Dont forget if your profession requires a licensure or certification to change your name on their registry, ie: RNs, CNAs, MDs, other health professionals, etc.
Agree with the previous poster on car registration and title — I neglected to this on my first trip to the DMV, so now I have to make a return trip. Also, many states require you to fill out a new voter registration form hen you change your name. Or to make it even simplier you can just keep your maiden name and not even change it (like I did) I think taking the mans last name is an outdated tradition that is stupid. I love this article, I love this blog, and all comments except yours which is completely out of whack.
Expecting a woman to go through all of this time, effort, and money to change all of those documents is ridiculous, especially when the thought of a man doing the same is barely ever considered.
Your personal opinion on others changing their personal name seems more oppressive than following a silly tradition. Don’t forget to update your frequent flyer programs so you accrue miles under the same account. A leaked memo from Forever 21 shows the fast-fashion apparel retailer plans to cut the hours of some full-time employees and reclassify them as part-time, starting Sunday. Although it's unclear exactly how many of the 30,000 or so Forever 21 employees will move to part-time, the company said in a statement on Facebook that the cuts affect "less than 1% of of all U.S.
Employees who received the memo will have their hours reduced to a maximum of 29.5 a week -- just under the 30-hour full-time designation assigned by the Affordable Care Act, which requires companies who employ 50 or more workers to provide health insurance coverage for their full-time employees or face a penalty.
Newly part-time workers who were enrolled in medical, dental, vision and voluntary plans will also see their coverage cut off on Aug.
Angry consumers have inundated Forever 21's Facebook page with comments threatening boycotts and accusing the company of punishing its own employees in retaliation for the Affordable Care Act. Others slammed Forever 21 for not doing its "fair share" to support the communities that shop at its stores by offering more full-time jobs.
The retailer denied speculation from customers and the media that the decision had anything to do with the costs of Obamacare.
TMZ is reporting that brother to Pop legend Michael Jackson, and Jackson 5 member, Jermaine Jackson has filed a request to legally change his last name. Allegedly, Kim Kardashian, Kendall's eldest sister approves of her decision to drop her last name, because they didn't want to receive any special treatment due to her "Kardashian" association.

In addition, the Bruce Jenner sex change rumors have been constantly making headlines, following photos of him leaving the well-known Beverly Hills Surgical Center for an alleged "laryngeal shave" last January.
The boys are reportedly happy with the split thinking that this would be a fresh start for their father, thus making their relationship with him better, no cameras or paparazzi. Bruce Jenner sex change was reportedly because of his ex-wife Kris Jenner, this was apparently according to his sons Brody & Brandon.
However, Bruce's "identity crisis" is being supported by his sons letting him do what he pleases.
The gossip publication National Enquirer first broke the news claiming that Kris Jenner's estranged husband is considering getting into a surgery for a sex change. The rumors sparked once more when he was spotted with a manicure nails, claiming that the former Olympian is actually on his way into becoming a woman. Khloe Kardashian and her younger Kylie Jenner recently had a dinner date with Bruce, where he told the girls that "All is great. The gossip publication also reported that Bruce Jenner is allegedly "very serious" in pursuing his dreams in becoming a woman and that he's glad that he can freely do this now, hence the split up from Kris.
Although the "Keeping Up with The Kardashians' matriarch did not specifically denies the rumor, it is a clear implication that such claim is not true. KpopStarz Is Looking For Enthusiastic Entertainment Contributors Reach Millions On The Web. The only thing I would add is that if you, like me, decide to hyphenate your last name, it does get a bit more complicated.
I was uninsured prior to our marriage, so I gave them my new insurance card, and then when they sent the claim in they neglected to change my last name on their patient files and so we got a statement that I was a non-covered person and the claim was denied! A friend of mine told me that if you apply for your new passport within 30 days of changing your name, you don’t have to pay for the new one, so do it quick!
Remember your Airline and other tickets must match your Passport or you might be going nowhere fast! I’m surprised so many ladies commented, including one who is getting married the second time, and not one person suggested the obvious alternative.
Also, don’t forget to change any pensions that you may be vested in from a past employer. Wondering if I will have time to do all of this since my wedding is in mid-october and I wont be getting back from my honeymoon until around all the holidays. To the commenters who said there is logic to a wife changing her name – that tradition comes from a time of female oppression and for some reason it still persists today, despite many other similar traditions being done away with. Keep your identity, and be a part of a progressive movement to end all of the oppressive traditions that put women one peg below their male counterparts.

Why did you click on a “how to change your name after marriage” (indicating the wish to take a partners surname) article if all you want to do is bash it? Shame on you for being yet another company to leech off of the American people," wrote another.
CEO Do Won Chang told CNN last September that the company was on track to make $4 billion in 2012.
Cook directed users to other map apps in the Apple store or websites like Google or Nokia until Apple's version is fixed.
It has recently been reported by Huffington Post that Kendall Jenner has dropped her last name while she is modeling. With all the scandals her family went through, year after year after year, the 18-year old star may have decided to drop her last name to elude the scandals, which can ruin her career in modeling.
The former Olympian's sons Brody & Brandon are reportedly quitting the "Keeping Up the Kardashians" show despite joining the show just last season. Some states in the US don’t allow you to hyphenate your name upon marriage without hiring a lawyer and actually going to court and paying for the name change (Missouri, for instance). So, if you have had your passport for more than one year when you get married you have to pay the full cost of a new one.
My hubby dislikes it and people look at me oddly when I give out my name and its different than my hubby’s.
If you are so concerned with your family having the same last name, here’s a crazy thought, have your husband change his name! This is an INFORMATION article, to be used at the readers discretion… We are all very aware oppression vs. I WANT to carry my husbands name- for reasons you obviously would argue with so I won’t waste my time. If leaving the country for your honeymoon I HIGHLY recommend doing all the nasty name change business after you return.
The way I got around it was to get my social security card first, since that has to do with the federal government, and then the local dmv had to accept the hyphenated name on my ssc and change it on my driver’s license without the added costs.
Since you’re so outspoken about your own decision, you should know your comment is the only one negative here.

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