These are detailed presentations, designed to take you through the syllabus using the power of PowerPoint. I worked with REC Silicon and Toby Lucich of Return Consulting a few years ago to translate some of the core ideas behind the Information Technology Infrastructure Library into visuals that could be understood more easily by laypeople. ITIL Visual AidsInformation Technology Infrastructure Library demonstrates how an IT service desk functions.
Create sub-processes from dashboard.A  Once the dashboard outlined each sub-process, Tasks involved in the individual sub-processes were defined. Simpler to follow, precise instructions: By using TaskMap, all the steps in a process are in visual format eliminating unnecessary word clutter that comes with a text based manual.
A customizable ITIL template improves efficiency: This ITIL Change Management template can be used and customized to your individual business needs.
Time is money: The task completion time shows specific task times associated with each task. Creating a standard for best practices: The primary purpose of developing ITIL Change Management best practice process maps is to create a standard for how business is done. Paper and storage savings: TaskMap eliminates the need for paper versions on repair information. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Implementing ITIL Change Management in a Global Organization Presenter: Paul Fibkins, Senior VP Global Process Owner Paul shares his practical experience Implementing ITIL Change Management Best Practices in a Global Financial Organization. An extensive collection of ITIL Key Performance Indicators (ITIL KPIs) supports the introduction of a comprehensive framework for Process Controll. ITIL Key Performance Indicators (ITIL KPIs) are used to assess if the processes of an IT organization - the ITIL processes - are running according to expectations.
Defining suitable KPIs is above all about deciding what exactly is considered a "successful process execution".
The selection of suitable ITIL KPIs will, among other things, depend on the possibilities to actually measure the indicators.
Generally, the exact definitions of the KPIs will differ depending on the nature of an organization. Those common indicators are presented on the following pages as a complete collection of KPIs for the most important ITIL processes. The suggested ITIL Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) comply with the ITIL 2011 recommendations and were enhanced with elements from COBIT [1].

Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany License unless otherwise noted. Service Strategy - value creation begins here with understanding organizational objectives and customer needs. Service Transition - introducing new and changed services into live service operation and changing an organization from one state to another while controlling risk. Service Operation - management of the day-to-day operation of service effectively and efficiently whilst ensuring value for the customer, users and the service provider.
Continual Service Improvement is creating and maintaining value for customers through better strategy, design, transition and operation of services. ConnectSphere has a track record in helping organizations to adapt the guidance in ITIL for use in various business environments and organizational strategies. ConnectSphere specializes in helping clients to deliver business and technology changes successfully by adopting ITIL service lifecycle and application lifecycle management practices. Offering competitive products and services that customers will value, buy and actually use is really important.
Included below are several of the image maps and beneath are some of the original files used as reference. I’ll give you the PDF files if you’d like to use them in your office, just write and ask!
The shear size and complexity of these documents means this step was repeated multiple times in order to get a complete understanding of the ITIL process. The high-level dashboard gives a macro view of the entire ITIL process; each Task on the dashboard was then given its own sub-process. In order to represent all the information included in the ITIL document, yet abbreviate and simplify for everyonea€™s comprehension; we created bookmarks within the source document for each task shape that might require a more in depth understanding on how to perform the task.
The creation of Task Links and exception paths might be viewed in some aspects as the most important information added to the ITIL maps. This involved created hyperlinks from each Connector to the correct Task and double-checking that each connector led to the correct Task.
Once the entire map is complete and all hyperlinks are added, it is ready for web publishing.
This means that all resources, guidelines and roles used to complete a process can be hyperlinked to the TaskMap. This allows the user to allocate the amount of time to each task as well as set a time goal to meet or beat.

Once a best practice is outlined in a TaskMap form it can be repeated effectively, thus creating useful information which can be used to further tweak and perfect processes. With the ITIL documents being 100a€™s of pages long it is easy to define the savings created in office supplies. Service OperationService operation stage of the service lifecycle, delivers and manages IT services at agreed levels to business users and customers.
He will describe their journey - from 100 fiefdoms to an ITIL federation that includes getting 10,000 IT professionals making 10,000 changes a week to row in the same direction. The KPIs and the corresponding measurement procedures are therefore an important input for system requirements. These practices can have a direct and positive impact on a service provider’s performance.
Adapting quickly to economic challenges and changes the marketplace enables business transformation and growth. Exception paths are rarely outlined well in text-based processes, yet determining what the right thing to do when something does not go according to plan is essential to prevent bottlenecks and mistakes occurring within the process. Each of these was in turn labeled to make it easy for the reader of web published versions of the maps.
By customizing the ITIL Change Management map, it becomes a dashboard for the entire process.
Process Owners and Controllers are thus in a position to evaluate the quality of their processes, which in turn is the basis for the ongoing optimization and fine-tuning of the process designs.
Many service providers deliver significantly more successful changes and releases by adopting the ITIL change management, ITIL release management and deployment processes underpinned by the service asset and configuration management practices and the ITIL CMS. By comparing reports to actual time values, it becomes easy to identify areas where bottlenecks and inefficiency are occurring so that effective solutions to resolve these issues are developed.
Roles, Task Link IDs, Guidelines, Resources, etc) these options can be turned off on the web-based version. The ITIL Change Management process map reduced the size of the process to 14 pages, thereby decreasing the complexity of knowledge and increasing the value of best practices.

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