There are many reasons why you'd want to check if an unauthorized party is using your wireless network. Alternatively, if you are on a Mac, you can find the default address by going to Network under System Preferences. Once inside your router's administrative console look for a section related to connected devices or wireless status.
This should provide a table with the IP, MAC address and other details of every device currently connected to the router. According to the program's description, it detects traffic sent across the network and can find the source within 2 meters accuracy.

The ideal way to check for connected devices will generally be to use your router's web interface.
Wireless Network Watcher, check ?Use the following network adapter,? and choose our physical Wi-Fi adapter before performing a scan.
In this tutorial i will teach you to find Ip Address of any website using Command Prompt or in short CMD.
In  my next post i will show you another easy way to find website IP Address and teach you to use this IP to find its location.
You'll need to burn a Live CD to boot your laptop with and walk around to track down unauthorized wireless clients.

Like other NirSoft software, it's a convenient little tool without any adware or nag screens. The manufacturer name is very helpful for identifying specific devices without device name ? especially Android devices. I will demostrate this tutorial with Google but you can use this method to find IP Address of any website like twitter, facebook etc.

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