The material in this site cannot be republished either online or offline, without our permission. Start the Apache, MySQL and FTP servers by clicking on the button for each of these services in the XAMPP Contol Panel. XAMPP does not create all the tables that phpmyadmin needs so you have to do this with an SQL script that is enclosed with the package. Click on the Go button in the Format of imported file to run the script which will add all the tables you need to the phpmyadmin database.
To set a root password for phpmyadmin click on the Privileges in the XAMPP Control Panel toolbar. Click on the edit icon in the column to the right on the User Overview table for the root account on localhost. I am trying to install Joomla using XAMPP so I can develop a website before I purchase hosting.

Is there a way to turn off (stop, disable, whatever the word is) the local web host so that I can run XAMPP instead?
Thank you, I will try the symbolic link solution for XAMPP, for now I am using MAMP that allow htdocs to be anywhere. How do I move on from this point because once i type in the above, it opens up Dream weaver. I'm a software developer, blogger and family man enjoying life one cup of coffee at a time. XAMPP rolls the Apache web server, FTP server, PHP and MySQL subsystems into a single installation package. XAMPP is installed and configured diffferently on each of these platforms due to the XAMPP revision included in the package and the quirks of the underlying OS.
I used the Terminal steps you provided and downloaded a new version of TextWrangler and had no issue!

I should have asked a more specific question, I had not done enough research when I asked that first question.
I greatly appreciate any help you can offer, as well as your website which is well written and very accessible. However, I still cannot edit the config file in text and I still cannot unlock it for editing.
It gives me the option to create a duplicate which I can edit, but I am not sure if creating a duplicate will accomplish step 15 as instructed on your site.

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