Game guide for Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 will allow you to discover all secrets of car mechanic's work in the virtual garage. Have you ever wondered what’s it like to own a mechanic workshop?Now you can check that out! Twoj klient zamawia u Ciebie wymiane filtra oleju oraz wlanie nowego oleju do miski olejowej - zlecenie to jest wykonywane na poczekaniu.
It contains complete walkthrough for every mission in single-player campaign, with information about car parts designed for repair or change, precise pictures and list of challenges and tasks, that makes full image of job given to player, including financial reward for completing orders.

The guide also offers general advices about functioning of the garage and service for various vehicles. Skorzystaj z podno?nika (Car Lifter) i wejdY w tryb widoku silnika od strony podwozia (Engine - inspect). It contains description for test drives, service books and virtual garage walks where you can find important points that make jobs easier. Advices section has been enhanced with fragments mentioning repair of used parts and methods of moving to various points in the car as well.

The final part of guide is the list of all parts available in the shop including their prices and car's elements they are designed for.

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