But it's possible to register after installation, you can skip this step now to select "Skip Registration". The next stage will be to choose the password for the root (super-user or administrator) account. However, this may particularly may not look good for the boot menu or the fact some of these are not necessary.

Be aware that editing these settings should be done with care or otherwise can result in system failing to boot. To edit an entry for instance to change the display Name or set password protection, select the entry and click Edit. For instance, I had 3 Windows Partitions and the GRUB boot loader add all these to the menu and then I do not have a floppy drive on my laptop and the means I do not need the floppy disk boot option.

We can remove these entries or edit the entries like changing names, move up or down in the order of listing or advanced editing like password protection or activating the partition when selected for boot etc in openSUSE.

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