This tutorial will tell you how to install the Comment Reply Notification plugin on your blog, as well as, how to ensure that when those notifications go out, they indicate the proper FROM email address, rather than whatever the crazy default is. After opening up the wp-includes folder, scroll down until you find the file called class-phpmailer.php and click on that and then click the edit button.
Be sure to save your changes and do a comment and reply test to see if the emails you get come from the right FROM address. The Top Ten Mistakes Bloggers Make That Drive Readers Away is yours when you subscribe to our free newsletter. If you purchased Automated Email, the first thing you will need to do is install field scheduler and webservices. Once you have field scheduler and webservices installed, you can now setup the different options described below. Emails can be sent out to the customer when an order is created, when an order is closed, or when an order hits certain order statuses. In the window that opens, you can choose which option you want to trigger an outgoing email.
An email can be sent out when an order hits specific order statuses and you can choose who the email is going out to.
If you need to change the template to remove lines or include other fields such as Site Name or Address that can be done. Emails can be sent out to the customer when an issue is created, when an issue is closed, or when an issue hits certain issue statuses. Emails can also be sent when the issue changes status and you have more options on who the email is being sent to.It can be the customer, the user that took the issue or a specific email address. Your technician can accept the meeting request or rules setup in your email client to automatically accept meeting requests coming from your dispatcher.
Note: If you have Auto Publish set in dispatch, you won't have to check Publish Changes in the Labor Editor ever. With this setting, you can choose which labor items will be sent out as meeting requests by checking the Publish Changes button and you can control when the meeting requests are being sent with the Publish button in dispatch.
You can provide your customers with an email address and when they email that address, a service order can be created in SME. You can provide your customers with an email address and when they email that address, an Issue can be created in SME. If you want, you can have SME update the order or issue when a customer replies to one of the Outgoing Emails that is sent to your customer like the email in the image below.

The Notification email is intended to notify form admins of new entries as well as new comments appended to entries in the Entry Manager. If you have a long list of admins that should receive the Notification email, then it’s important to know that there’s a 255 character limit for the number of email addresses you can input in the setup. You can email the entry data directly out of the Entry Manager to the recipient of your choosing. The Confirmation email is intended to confirm with the person that has submitted the entry that the entry was received. It’s important to know that you may send one confirmation email to one email address input in the form (both standard Confirmation setup or via Rules). This is where you can decide how to notify commenters, as well as configure the email text that goes out.
In the Code Editor window (image below) you will see all the options for who will receive the email for that status.
If the customer replies to the email, the contents of the email will update the Services Requested on the service order or the Problem tab on the issue.
We’re ready for another great year of tips, tricks and form wisdom here on the blog so be ready. If you’re collecting payments, then you’ll have the option to customize a receipt email as well.
You can add multiple recipients to the Notification email if you’d like; simply separate each email address with a comma. This email is similar to the Notification email and will contain all entry data: the submitted data, IP address, date created and a permanent link to the entry in the Entry Manager. If Support is the last rule in the list, then the Support department will be the only one to receive the email.
If there is a 1 entered, then the standard email template will be used and the email will get triggered.
The Publish Changes checkbox will never show as checked because as soon as the labor is saved the email is sent and doesn't sit in a queue.
Please note that it will replace the current content on the Services Requested and Problem tabs with the email. If you’re a newbie, then today’s installment is a great tutorial on the various automated emails you can send using Wufoo.
As a workaround, consider creating a forwarding group address on your email server and curate your email list there.

Additionally, it’s not possible to customize the subject line of the Confirmation email either. Be careful with wording in your Confirmation Email not to confirm that payment has been received.
The email will also include the transaction information (Purchase Total, Date, and Transaction ID). You have three departments that customers may need to contact: Sales, Marketing, and Support. For example, if you have a checkbox field for Sales, Marketing, and Support it’s not possible to send Notification emails to each department if more than one box is selected. Finally, Form Rules trump the standard Confirmation and Notification setup in Form Settings and Notifications. Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht.
SME will match the email address the email is sent from and create the order for the contact and company for that email. The theme applied to your form will pass through to the styling of the receipt email as well. If the customer selects Sales from a drop-down or multiple choice field then you can send a custom confirmation email specific to a Sales lead. If a field is left without input or hidden with rules then it will not be included in the body of the Notification email. Furthermore, you can customize who the email is being sent from – using either your name or the name of your company, organization, school, team, etc. If you’d like to have customizing capabilities for the Confirmation email then you’ll want to set this up using a Form Rule Confirmation.
Your confirmation email should note that a receipt email will be sent once payment is processed. You’ll also be able to send the Notification email to the Sales department so they’re aware of the incoming lead. We integrate with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor so that you can get your email marketing campaign off the ground in a snap.

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