Starting with Lion, the entire set of system pointers is anti-aliased or smoothed out nicely when magnified.
In Mountain Lion, the Accessibility panel now replaces the older Universal Access Panel and is flaunting a shiny new look. For those readers who may have additional issues locating the cursor on screen, there are several utilities available from the Mac App Store that assist in locating a camouflaged cursor.
You don’t want to see this one often, but why we see it occasionally, as well as how to avoid it, are subjects for future tips. In Lion and earlier versions of OS X (recalling that the smoothed pointers first appeared in Lion), choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Universal Access. Your overall user experience will be even more rewarding when you adjust your cursors to your liking.

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There doesn’t yet appear to be support for third-party application-specific pointers, such as the aforementioned Photoshop tool pointers. With PinPoint enabled, the pointer becomes highlighted and animated in such a way that it is it is easily viewable by all. According to the latest revision of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines document, there are eighteen system pointers in OS X. With keyboard shortcuts I can easily toggle the feature because there are those times during an on-screen demo where highlighting or animating a pointer becomes more of a distraction than a benefit.
However, any system pointers utilized within a third-party application will sport the newer, sleeker look.

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