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You're probably dealing with a health issue (like fatigue, insomnia, weight gain or a chronic illness) that greatly impacts your life in a negative way.
If you're like I used to be, you're skeptical that you'll actually make the lasting changes needed to get the health you desire. Since then, I've recognized the reasons most people (including myself) "failed" when it came to making lasting health changes. Before I get into the pitfalls and how to avoid them, I want to remind you of this: Creating lasting change is a deeply spiritual journey because it requires you to deeply connect with your heart and soul. If you're ready to change your story, here are six steps that can help you make lasting health changes in your life. Being your own health care provider won't set you up for success in the way an experienced practitioner can.
A skilled health care provider can help you focus in on the specific things that make the most impact in your health. Find someone with whom you can have regular contact with, who takes the time to really get to know you, and who is excited to partner with you to achieve your health goals.
Find a friend, acquaintance, health care provider, or coach with whom you can have regular contact.
Nobody wants a healthy lifestyle plan that is boring, painful, or in any way awkward or uncomfortable. Anything in our lives that requires the deepest parts of our beings (including changing our health) is a deeply spiritual experience. As holistic beings (mind, body, and spirit) focusing on one part (body) can only take us so far. Work with your health care provider, therapist or spiritual guru to help guide you through this process. Planning ahead, getting together your team of health care practitioners and accountability partners, and creating a fun, doable plan are some of my "no fail" tricks for achieving the level of wellness you desire. No matter what you're doing, if the energy in your life, relationship or self is stagnant and negative, things aren't likely to change. Sometimes it lingers like a thick blanket of smoke which feels all consuming and suffocating. Maybe you're constantly carrying the negative energy of your job, even after leaving for the day. Today I'm going to share with you three simple tricks to quickly and effectively change your energy so that you can begin to dramatically transform your life. One of the easiest things you can do to transform your energy is to make changes to your environment! If the energy of a past relationship still lingers in your home, causing you grief and sadness, change things up!
Even something as simple as changing the wallpaper on your computer or smartphone can immediately alter your energy.
By changing something as simple as your comforter or desktop background, you create a disconnect that allows your brain to start rewiring your emotions and dissipate the negative energy associated. By physically changing your location, you open your senses up to new experiences, smells, sights and sounds.
This is about more than just "think happy thoughts," though I highly recommend you practice positive thinking.
ALL of the most transformational changes in my life can be traced back to simple mindset shifts such as positive thinking, forgiveness, compassion, trusting in the universe, listening to my intuition first and taking personal responsibility for everything that manifests in my life. I want you to think about where you're experiencing negative energy in your life, it could be at home, work or in a relationship.
I kept seeking the answer to getting on top of life, having order and feeling peace and maybe even {wishful thinking} a bit of joy. It wasn’t until I realized that what I was seeking first was ordering my life that everything changed. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.
But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. I was absolutely amazed at how surrendering all of the issues I was facing and let them be second to seeking God, the things in my life that I desperately needed began to seem so small in light of Him.

Ok now Im getting deadly serious now.  This is the time to take your success by the throat. One thing you must do and do right now is decide that you are going to FOCUS on your goals and nothing else.  Of course you don’t need to neglect your family, but you do need to comprise the time you are wasting on trivial things, when your success manifests itself then everyone in your household will have a better standard of living. Do you know that the average British person spends a whole twenty four hours a week on the sofa watching telly.  Imagine if you used this time towards work towards your goals you will get there a lot quicker. Then there is emailing, facebook , twitter etc.  Set yourself  a limit to the time you spend on these things especially is you like gaming.
Answering Blackberry messages and playing with Apps on your phone can take up hours of your week.
If you want your life to change then tell your friends that your are focusing on achieving your goals and will not be taking their calls, or be speaking too long on the phone for the next couple of months.  Good friends will respect you and understand, the ones that don’t stuff them, its not their life  ITS YOURS!! So there we have it FOCUS and DON’T GIVE UP FOCUSING until you achieve what you set out to achieve, and it you lose a few friends along the way, were they really your friends in the first place.
She is a certified Master Life Coach and is a Personal Transformation Coach and Health and Wellness Coach. If you could message me with some hints & tips about how you made your blog look like this, I would appreciate it. You will go through a lot of storms in this life, and each time you come out of them, you will be stronger. Finally, many get lost in life because they are looking for happiness outside of themselves.
People Also Read10 Golden Lessons from Steve Jobs9 Most Inspirational Quotes For Your Life From Dr. But, unfortunately, after a few weeks I'd fall off the "healthy train." I'd skip the gym, sneak unhealthy food, and cancel my much-needed doctor's appointment.
They will assure you a correct diagnosis, order routine and specialized lab work (like food sensitivity panels or salivary adrenal panels), and thoroughly understand you and how your body works (because one size doesn't fit all). How many times have been on a healthy eating plan and forgotten your sack lunch (and fast food is all there is in sight)?
Know what may get you tripped up for the week (like a late meeting or kids' pizza party) and plan for it. There's something powerful about having a "check-in buddy" who will encourage you through the baby steps, milestones and off days. I'll even ask my clients, "When you're ready to quit what do you need to hear from me?" We're all different: some of us need a good ass kicking and others just need a hug. Being open to the things that may come up (such as fears or resistance) could open up parts of us we'd rather not touch. Using tools like meditation, prayer, journaling, mindfulness, and affirmations can help you along the way. Imagine jumping out of bed every morning, ready to start your day, because you look and feel amazing in your body. Be mindful that changing your health is one of the most powerful, spiritual (and potentially difficult) journeys you'll ever go on.
We're incredibly energetic beings, literally made up of the same material as the planets, stars and universe.
Maybe your relationship is a mess and the tension, negativity or "off" feelings are clouding every other interaction and experience in your life.
Get yourself a brand new comforter, some brightly colored throw pillows you love and paint the walls. We're creatures of habit, which means we quickly become accustomed to certain things in our space.
Sure, sometimes it might mean moving to a new job or apartment, but it doesn't have to be a big to-do! Maybe instead of heading straight home, you stop off at the gym, a coffee shop or a friend's house. Again, being creatures of habit, we tend to fall into routines that keep us stuck in a cycle that feeds negative energy.
Read a book about cultivating amazing relationships, starting a business around your passion or how to be happy for no reason. Learning a new way to look at any feeling or situation will immediately transform the energy that surrounds it, and your life. Through her Mastery program, she merges the worlds of personal development and branding to help men and women build passion-based lives and businesses they love.

I went to bed at night with failure thoughts and intent to try harder the next day only to wake up to the same failure thoughts that kept me in a perpetual state of overwhelmed.
I knew I was so alone in my mountains of laundry and school papers and promises to get to the vacuuming tomorrow only to have it delayed by breaking up sibling squabbles and 3 potty training accidents and milk spills. I even prayed and read my Bible faithfully but I was missing something and I was miserable.
I began to read His Word, not just to check it off the list as the Christian thing I should do but to hear His heart and to seek His will. I promise you that if you just seek Him first, He will meet all of your other needs, give you perspective and even make miracles happen. I would take the phone away from my ear , until she had finished her well intentional advice…. Makes them feel better about their own weaknesses if they can make you give up on your dreams too….
She also holds qualifications in business and group coaching, as well as running workshops. There are many holistically-minded physicians who love working with people on a deeper level.
The more complicated and intricate the protocol, the more likely you'll not be able to complete it.
The energy that's generated in an interaction, experience or relationship can often linger. If you're feeling a lack of joy, fulfillment or inspired energy in your life, there's a good chance things have gotten stagnant.
Maybe you've felt bleh and depressed for so long, that even the rare moments of pure joy are tainted with feelings of sadness. If you drive, buy a hilarious comedian's CD or a fun and lighthearted audio book, even if you're drive is only 10 minutes.
Without realizing it, we also attach memories to, and trap energy within, colors, smells, images, sounds, lightness and darkness in our environment.
Instead of shopping at the same grocery store, mix it up and hit a different brand name or just visit another neighborhood's farmer's market.
By changing things up, you're forced to create new experiences, meet new people, see new things and, most importantly, get out of your routine! Growth forces us to release limiting beliefs and try out new ways of thinking, being and processing our world. Click here to access her free Foundations for Unshakable Joy™ video training series and learn the unexpected trick to transforming your life with one single question!
A quick Internet search (like "healthy and fun activities") will get the creative juices flowing. Even though I can buy a new pair of shoes any day, buying those sassy red heels after completing a 30-day health challenge brought me an endless supply of endorphins. But, through persistence and determination you'll reap the kind of benefits that'll give you goosebumps. Buy yourself some super comfy driving slippers (fuzzy, of course), keep a healthy after work treat in the glove box and maybe get some new colorful seat covers.
It tells how he became a world-renowned therapist, helping millions of people to give up smoking. It's becoming easier to find good practitioners (and many, like myself, do online consultations).
However, when circumstances happen in our lives that are hard or challenging, sometimes they become the thing that is right in front of our eyes. Still bigger than all of it but because that need is right in front of our eyes we cannot see Him anymore. If we choose to look beyond that thing and keep our eyes on God, that thing begins to look so small in light of Him.
Let’s write it on our hearts, print it on our walls and meditate on it long so that we really get it.

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