Iggy Azalea, if you don’t know the name by know you better start memorizing it quick. Elijah Blake Gives 7 Tips How NOT To Act Around A Celeb, Plus Talks New EP, His First Big Check & More! Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. The song opens up with Iggy in her Nevada back-yard bungalow, stretched out on a diving board in a red vintage bikini bottom and vintage chain-mail bikini top. Fact: Baby tigers prefer pink satin sheets if you’re going to let them sleep in your bed like a puppy (which we don’t condone). Next, we see Iggy on stage in her neon-drenched place of work, surrounded by a bevy of platinum-wigged dancers. In the parking lot behind the theater, Iggy has slipped into something a bit more comfortable for a hot and steamy make-out sesh with her main man. Back in the green room, Azalea gets her rhinestone cowgirl on with a Lucite ten-gallon hat and a close-up view of her on-stage bling-dripping choker.
Case and point: This diamond-encrusted bra-top that resembles one of those Victoria’s Secret million-dollar chest-ornaments. And just like that, all bets are off as a hand-cuffed Iggy is escorted from the theater by two very serious-looking policemen. Azalea takes to the top of a car outside Cheetah club to send her suitcase full of (assumedly) dirty money up in flames and her corn silk-shiny hair hardly looks mussed OR fussed.
Dopo l’avvento di Nicki Minaj , si puo certo dire che molti parametri del rap al femminile sono cambiati.

This girl is one of my personal favorite up and coming artists and she is beginning to make a big name for herself on the main stream.
We’ve seen her riding bikes in the desert, riding elephants in India and now the Australian MC (and hottest import since the Hemsworth brothers) is straight-up ridin’ dirty in Sin City. But to her credit, the ferocious little black-and-white striped nugget does make a perfectly complimentary accessory to her high-waisted silk boyshorts and criss-cross bra combo (by What Katie Did). Lucky for Iggy, one of the perks of having your own pool is the ability to swim in it any way you like. As the centerpiece of the show, Azalea dons a nude, bezazzled, Britney-esque bodysuit and is DUH-RIPPING in a dangling diamond choker. She pairs a pink and black two-piece Shakuhachi swimsuit with a double-belted (one for her neck and waist) half-jacket from Di$count $uper$tore and transparent Manolo Blahniks. Like the woman says, she’s got that good-good–her showgirl costumes alone could likely afford a second-home mortgage payment. I don’t know about y’all, but I would be a certifiable mess if I had to light up fat stacks of cash. Iffy is not shy to flaunt what her momma gave her and it is apparent in most if not all of her videos. The vintage Moschino bling and gold rhinestone-studded Casadei pumps don’t hurt either, but when in Vegas, go big or go home–and it doesn’t get much bigger than a live tiger in your bedroom. In this instance, our girl managed to sex-up her pool-side look even more than before by replacing the metal top with some tiny, red #NSFW pasties. On second thought, I’m not sure you can describe a neck-belt as “comfortable,” but she still looks super fly.

But Azalea and her showgirl harem make them look as natural as crop-tops on a Spring 2014 runway. In the video for “Change Your Life,” the new single off her upcoming debut album, The New Classic, Iggy is the ultimate showgirl.
How she was able to match those things to her bikini bottom AND her lipstick, the world may never know.
But Iggy bids her Benjamins adieu with gansta-boudoir steez in a rhinestone-covered Di$count Univer$e crop-top, Patricia Field gloves (to keep her nails right) and a custom made leather-look skirt and thigh-high boots. No doubt her hair stays wet with steady cool-down dips in the pool, and the slicked-back style looks fresh to death. Styled by her go-to gal, Alejandra Hernandez, Iggy ups the wardrobe ante in this cinematic mini-film with a total of NINE different looks, and we’re going to walk you through each and every one of them. And apparently, the man knows his way around a Tom Ford pocket square (and sport jacket, pants and shoes). And if you’re going to get arrested, you might as well go down swingin’ and stylin’ in a two-piece Tom Ford suit.

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