For the people who cannot load the youtube videoNor the picturesCan you Add a Text Tutorial in the Description? In the mid-1990s, after the death of her husband and a move to a new city, Marcia was looking for new beginnings and thought that since not many people knew her, the switch to Marci would be easy. Sometimes people are happy to go by a nickname, substitute their middle name for the first name or just pretend that they have a different name entirely and hope it catches on. Name changes are taken seriously by the courts – and they have the right to deny your wish to change your name, particularly if it seems fraudulent or, frankly, ridiculous. The laws for legally changing your first name will vary depending on the state in which you live but the process is generally similar overall, involving a fee and a court date. Harriet says, “I found out which courthouse handled name changes and filled out the paperwork, paid the fee which was about $300 and waited for my court date.” Part of her process involved the court posting her name change in the newspaper for four consecutive weeks. For Elizabeth, she used the word “odd” to describe her name change process, which involved hanging her paperwork on a wall inside the courthouse. Depending on your state of residence, there may only be a brief window of time in which to make these notifications – from as few as 10 days to as many as 60 days – while other states do not have any definite deadlines.
But being required to fill out your legal name on a tax form, credit card application, doctor’s office paperwork or job application will regularly remind you of what your real name is.

Petitioning for a name like “God” or “Spiderman” won’t exactly fly, nor will the attempt to adopt an obscenity, racial slur or misleading name (e.g.
Along with notifying your employer, bank, doctors, lenders, insurance companies and credit card companies of the change, your name must also be registered with various government agencies, all of which will likely require legal proof of the change and may or may not charge a fee. There’s also an order to follow – for instance, you’ll need to notify the SSA before you try to make any changes at the DMV.
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They define you, carry memories with them – both good and bad – and sometimes represent familial bonds. Even the phone company had ironically shortened her name on caller ID by eliminating the last A. Just before she turned 50, Harriet was in a serious car accident that changed her life and confirmed that something had to be done about her name. That can be a lot to stomach for those individuals who aren’t enamored with what’s on their birth certificate.
These include the Social Security Administration (SSA), the IRS, passport office, post office and the department of motor vehicles (DMV).

For some folks, their first name holds them back, makes them feel incomplete or just unhappy.
The anecdotes featured here show that people have very individual reasons for making a name change. Once you read their stories, we’ll tell you how the steps to take to change your first name. Marci was born Marcia. People pronounced her name incorrectly, spelled it wrong and even, horror upon horrors, referred to her with the Brady Bunch refrain of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” She tried in vain to become Marcy in junior high but her peers wouldn’t have it.
If I was going to leave Nancy in the dust, I certainly wanted to step it up a notch,” she says.

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