Iku Nagae, the mid-boss of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and a Ryuuguu no Tsukai that lives among the clouds. Advantages: Iku combines many unique features which make fighting her quite a different experience. Disadvantages: Iku combines being one of the slowest characters while being lightweight, and having a large hitbox. A tentative and still incomplete list of changes, and thus it will not yet be amended into the appropriate areas. 623 Veils Like Wind: B version lasts a long time, C version lasts less than B version but is way larger. 623 Angel's Strike: B version is the same as before, C version has a bit of startup and is a full-fledged grab. 214 Dragon God's Lightning Flash: Seems to be slower, less dense, more spread and less bounce. 22 Dragon God's Whiskers: C version activates as fast as B version, and still lasts a long time.
A spinning sleeve whip that propels Iku forward and ranges just slightly over one body length. Sleeve whip 45 degrees downward that has the same properties as j.6A, but has a huge blind spot in front of Iku. Charged version of 5B that shoots 9 electric orbs that span the entire height of the screen. Charged version of 5C that flies 6 body lengths at a faster speed and deals the same amount of damage. Charged version of 6C that fires 5 streams in a wider pattern for roughly the same amount of damage. Iku hops a little over 1 body length forward and releases an wind orb off of sleeve upwards.
Iku shoots an orb with lightning tailing behind it just like her 214, but at a 45? downwards angle.
Almost the same as the uncharged version, but Iku shoots two orbs instead of one and the angles are a bit different from each other. C Version: Initially goes 45 degrees upwards on the ground, and 45 degrees downwards in the air. Flavor Text: Calls thunder from above her and generates lightning, which generates a barrier of electric current and burns nearby enemies. Flavor Text: Charges surrounding static electricity into her robes and releases it straight forward. Iku shapes her scarf as a drill and punches forward, discharging sparking electricity from it.
Flavor Text: Creates a special turbulence barrier that has no attack power, but can deflect bullets.
Sends a cluster of lightning jolts that gather above and behind Iku's head before speeding towards the opponent. Flavor Text: A projectile consisting of two glowing orbs with lightning coursing between them.
Iku summons a slow and small rotating lightning beam that grows bigger while travelling forward. B Version: Sends the beam rotating clockwise if facing right (counter clockwise if facing left). C Version: Sends the beam rotating counter clockwise if facing right (clockwise if facing left). Flavor Text: Attacks with a thunderbolt that can be aimed at the enemy's position or your own. Iku strikes a pose and summons a ball of lightning overhead, that instantly spreads infinitely long tendrils of lightning at a 180 degree angle. A super version of Iku's standard 5C, but instead of exploding into 4 smaller electrical balls in a square shape, 8 electric balls will appear in a larger circle shape and rotate clockwise before disappearing. Don't be mislead by the seemingly pointless buff (since using this card for counters is probably worse than using regular Hangekis). Flavor Text: Coating the arm in a spiral of electricity, a spell that pierces the enemy with a huge discharge.

A beefed up version of the Lightning Tango with invincibility frame start-up, but Iku is vulnerable to projectiles and melee during the rest of the duration of the spellcard. A large ball of electricity is unleashed above Iku's head and slowly rises up to the top of the stage before dissipating.
Flavor Text: A technique that combines attack and defense by surrounding her in an electrical field that shocks any enemy who touches it. Iku charges herself with a jolt of lightning that radiates a short distance around her body and lasts for 5 seconds.
While this spellcard is activated, Iku treats all attacks as bullets for the purposes of grazing. Flavor Text: Five bolts of lightning trace the shape of a star, and advance in the shape of a claw. Iku generates a small ball of electricity above her head while a large cluster of small lightning jolts slowly rotate out and spread across the screen for a long time before disappearing. Able to manipulate lightning and possessing the youkai ability to read the atmosphere, Iku lives between the realm of humans and dragons, and acts as an envoy to the Dragon Palace. She has fast and deceptively long-ranged, easy to hit and combo melee attacks while airborne, and when grounded she's backed up by powerful, varied skills and spellcards. Also, even though her moveset is almost complete, each move tends to be designed for one specific purpose alone, and she lacks melee attacks that hit behind her and graze attacks. Does not show the usual winds flight animation around Iku, is much more maneuverable than regular flight, turning radius is reduced, straight speed is reduced, and prohibits flight landing cancelling into highjump. The only other character that slides farther than usual is Patchouli, and her slide doesn't go as far as Iku's.
This is particularly bad for Iku, since she is vulnerable to all combos that hit lightweight characters, but due to her large hitbox size, she's still prone to most combos that whiff on the other ones. Like much of Iku's moves, the actual hitbox extends slightly further than the tip of her shawl sprite. Always err on the side of overestimating it's range; chances are it'll smack, and if it didn't you'll be left standing right in front of the opponent.
Use this on the ground against grounded opponents that are nearby instead of the regular 5B. Extremely dense bullet that hits around one body length horizontally, and infinitely upwards. She's practiced for a very long time in order to get her shawl to behave the way she wants it to. If you're mindful of its limited attack power before it bends, this technique can even shine as a feint or in exchanges. Does not disappear until goes offscreen, or uses up all 2 hits (on hitting or being blocked). After a delay from usage, a blue electric mark shows up and lightning strikes that location. Since it fires a little faster than 5C, this can be used for punishing some aerial melee offensives.
If she presses the guard button, she can expend one card in her hand to counter the attack. During the buff's duration, pressing the card use button will expend one card and perform a counter. The actual strenght of this is canceling moves like 236BC, or even a.22BC (thundercalls) faster than a HJC could, making it possible to combo from these, with the added benefit of being able to fine-tune your hand or manipulate the weather should your opponent attack you. Iku strikes with a Drill Punch that spans more than half the entire arena and hits up to 12 times for 3416 damage. The ball will not hit anybody at standing height, but can combo in a corner right after a 5AA.
Irregardless of what state Iku is in, the opponent will take damage if she comes into contact with Iku during the duration of the spellcard. Grants the power to evade attacks while dashing or high jumping, making her very hard to catch. Your actual body is defenseless, but the electricity takes a defensive role, inhibiting enemy action. All parts of the skillcard are Type-2 and extremely dense, so if opponents try to fly directly through the spellcard, their spirit orbs will drain much faster than normal.

However Iku’s hitbox is turned horizontal during the dash which makes her extra vulnerable to wide physical attacks, such as Alice’s 6A. Risky, but the counterhit stagger is good enough to land a followup 5C on most characters, allowing you to pull off various improvised combos.
The short trails behind the orb deals damage, but usually won't hit unless used at close range. Holding down the attack button breaks the straight line, and makes the projectile home on the enemy. Nice harassment spellcard to keep opponents flying or blocking while Iku can gain momentum.
Does decent damage and quite a lot of spirit damage on block, locking opponents in blockstun and making it easy for Iku to crush their Spirit Orbs even faster with Lightning Tango spam. The bolts are arranged in a pentagram and move forward much faster compared to the skillcard. Finally, instead of just one, she has three flight animations with differently shaped hitboxes: one for vertical flight, one for forward flight and one for backwards flight. Use it on opponents nearby the corner for maximum hits, and combo it after a 5AA or a j.2A. Possibly useful for catching foes above Iku by surprise and primarily for punishing opponents who airtech in corners.
Since it deals a tremendous amount of spirit damage if blocked repeatedly, this spellcard is primarily used for quickly guard crushing an opponent or forcing a Border Escape at the corner. Melee attacks with collision boxes will still prevent movement, but damage will be avoided by grazing.
When the spell is actually cast, the pentagram persists even if you get hit so it has reversal properties. Discuss song meanings here, state your opinion and share it with others, or maybe even write a review in your own words. Also, as a side effect of these flaws and her slow speed is that it's very hard to guardcrush with Iku without the use of spellcards, or advanced techniques like LandCancel strings.
The only other characters that float are Patchouli and Yuyuko, but their floating is much more maneuverable.
Rotation doesn't happen immediately, it's required to hold the button over time, however it does rotate fast enough to aim it. Additionally, you can use it after a blocked 236BC or 623BC to punish opponents for trying to retaliate or escape. Once either result has been achieved, players should always block possible escape routes and hover underneath enemies who attempt to fly over it. The card lasts for approximately 15 seconds, and is signified by white winds whirling around Iku's body. Finally, there's some difficulty in handling Iku's decks, as it's hard to judge which skill or spellcard fits better a given playstyle, and some spellcards go as far as being misleading on their apparent use. Use discretion when utilizing this card, as Iku is still vulnerable to graze attacks, reversals, and even standard and special melee moves that extend way beyond the hitbox of the opponent (e.g. A rather character-dependent card, as it's more useful against characters such as Alice and Komachi that depend on the long range of their melee attacks for zoning.
If Iku is hit while casting, new bullets won't appear, but already existing ones will stay on screen, so it is best used after a succesful 100% limit knockdown or after the oponent has used all air movement and is airborne in the corner, where this spellcard usually assures a guardcrush and at least 3000 damage. If Iku is hit before the lightning shows up, the summon fails and no lighting would strike. The C version of this move has slow startup but stays out for an incredibly long time, often forcing the opponent into situations where it is difficult to avoid. Toni Braxton) Mitchel Musso - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Lyrics (originally by The Police) Tech N9NE - Pornographic Lyrics (feat.

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