One common recommendation to speed up your Internet connection is to change your default DNS (Domain Name System) server. For Windows 7, click the Start button, then type Network Connections in the Search box; press Enter.
Right-click the adapter you want to modify, select Properties from the context menu, and then click the Networking tab.
Repromote the old DC - Functional level has already been raised, so we couldn't just run it through DCPromo again. Crate a cache-only DNS server - the server was expected to be rebooted and generally unavailable for the following week, so we couldn't rely on it to be available. Create a new DC and steal the old DC's IP - some application was running on the old DC and needed its IP.
Eventually we realized something interesting - although the server couldn't authenticate to the DCs (because of the non-functional DNS), connections to the server worked fine, because Kerberos ticket validation happens locally. If you have more than one NIC, just choose the key with the value NameServer already configured.
Once logged in you will need to select Go to Advanced setup and select Apply to be taken to the main configuration screen for your router. I have been with many ISP's in the past and consider the service I have had from yourselves as second to none.
Freeola is a UK internet service provider offering the best value and extensive free services.
The Network and Sharing Center provides you with some information about your current connections.

Within the Change Adapter Settings page you will need to Right Click on your Primary Connection and select Properties.
Within your connection properties, you should see a list entitled "This connection uses the following items". Towards the bottom half of the dialog that shows you should select "Use the following DNS server addresses" and Enter your DNS servers into the boxes provided. If you then press OK, these changes should take effect immediately, you should now close all open windows returning you to your desktop or web browser. I recently purchased a new computer and had initial problems getting it set up to receive and send e-mails etc and I spoke to you on several occasions and we finally got it sorted by a joint effort. The resulting window shows all the network adapters installed on the system; you need to configure both the wired and wireless adapter if you use both connections. Replace NameServer with a comma-separated list of your DNS servers' IPs, and reboot (remotely, using shutdown -m).
This guide is designed to take you though the basic steps for changing your DNS server settings within the ZyXEL P-660HW router. At the log-in prompt enter your Log-in Password into the box provided and select Log-in.If your router was configured by Freeola, the password would have been set to 'admin'. From the tabs at the top of the screen you should select DHCP Setup.Enter the required DNS Servers into the boxes provided. As the changes have been made to the DHCP configuration, your computer will not notice the effects until you reconnect to the router. Please compare our domain name registration prices or check out our UK high speed internet access.

This guide is designed to take you though the basic steps for changing your DNS server setting within Windows 7. This will take you to the Windows Control Panel where you are given access to many of configuration options within Windows 7. In order to access and change the settings for these connections you will now need to select Change Adapter Settings from the left hand menu.
This will be Local Area Connection if your computer connects to your router using a cable, alternatively if you connect using a wireless connection to your router, this will usually be listed as Wireless Connection along with the name of your wireless adapter. For those amongst us who are not up to degree standard in computing it's great to have the back up of Freeola and the excellent staff on my side at a time of crisis with the PC. At our house, Google DNS has been the fastest for as long as I’ve been tweaking these settings.
Alternatively, if you, or your network administrator originally configured the router, you would have been asked to specify the password upon initial configuration. I would have absolutely no problem in recommending Freeola to all my friends and colleagues! If your computer does not have this information cached, then the DNS server acts as an interpreter, converting human-readable URLs into machine addresses.
Otherwise if this is the first time that the router has accessed since a factory reset, the login password should be '1234'.

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