Question: I have a question regarding Muslims changing their entire name after coming into the faith of Islam. Islam does not consider it an obligation for any new convert to Islam whose mother tongue is not Arabic to change it to an Arabic name or other language. Assallamu Alaikum, I became Muslim in June 2011, and just wanted to know that even if it is not mandated to change your name, can you do this as a symbol of such a total life change? As a convert of 10+ years myself, I can tell you that part of the conversion process is the eventually recognition that you are the same person that you were before and that Islam is a natural part of life.
When I converted to Islam, I did not embrace Arabism, neither did I reject my parents, close friends nor the teachers and other adults in the community who helped raise me and make me who I am.
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Understanding the Etiquette of Wedding So, you have found a life partner and he had received the ring along with your application and now you want to preach this engagement to the world. The wedding is such a very beautiful moment for a couple and the bride must love to find the panina wedding dresses too. So as you know, along with the glory of the name change, comes the overwhelming task of changing your name on all of your important documents…. We wanted to help you tackle this, so we compiled a checklist for you so you can get started! And if you are overwhelmed and you don’t want to do it yourself, we found this fab resource via the knot!

Soon, I’ll be sporting my (significantly shorter) new last name and will have barely broken a sweat doing so. Even those that are second, third generation Muslims when their parents became Muslim they changed their last names. Rather, it is only highly recommended for one to do so when the meaning of one’s name is something offensive or overly presumptuous in sound, like one indicating that one is pure or the like. Rather, their last names were connected to tribal affiliations or titles attaching them to certain tribal or regional sectors, like Qurashi, Khazraji, Makki, etc.
I feel as though I want to share with everyone what for me is the most wonderful thing that happened to me. But I do think that there is something to converts adopting new identities as a way of breaking with our past. African-Americans, we have our own issues with names, but until we can be recognized as legitimate Muslims with names like Keith, Crystal and Michael, Islam is always going to be viewed as a foreign religion. So with all due respect, I generally advise new converts not to change their names unless they fall within the above clarifications Ustadh Abdullah gave in the original answer. Our commitment is to establishing an authoritative voice for American Muslim scholarship reflective of the historical tradition and contextualizes Islam in light of the challenges and cultural particularities of Western societies as was the case in all societies where Islam spread historically. And in each new dress, the magic creation, they try to approach the fairy tale to life, and life – to the fairy tale. There are several procedures that must be followed when proclaiming the good news especially about engagement party etiquette. Unless of course, you go from a really simple last name to a really complicated one….
Follow along as we share the latest local wedding trends and encouragement for your marriage! There are forms to fill out, materials to get replaced and potentially huge wait times at the DMV or Social Security Office, two places where you likely have to actually make a physical appearance to make the change (check yo state for specifics).

Created by a husband and wife team who found the process to be overbearing, Maidenchange helps alleviate a lot of the hassle and headache.
I understood that to change your first name is okay, but to change your last name is not permissible.
During the Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) time, he changed the names of a number of women whose names were too pious sounding, like the name Barra (ultra-pious). This, I think stems from a number of things, but something that I suspect is unique to the contemporary Western mindset.
We hope you come back often as you plan your wedding and find ways to enrich your marriage! I simply filled out a form on their site and they sent me a handy dandy package with pre-addressed and stamped envelopes, a checklist and all the forms or instructions I need to get this show on the road. I have two children whom now carry my last name now, and I am bothered that I may have made a mistake in giving them my last name. I believe that we assume that there is something anit-Islamic about our past, when that simply is not the case. However, not having a car and working at home makes the process of changing my name a bit … well, hellish. The Companions, as Ustadh Abullah said, only changed their names when they implied something pretentious or idolatrous. This same trend can be detected in the European and other traditions (although I plan to exhaust more research on the matter) such that last names that are familiar today originate in some sort of occupation, tribal affiliation, or regional ascription. So, in the end, you have not done anything inappropriate by giving your children your last name unless they are not biologically yours.

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