Usually my blog has a 7 theme running through it, but today I thought I would break away from this and share something different with you.
And she will avoid the hassle of changing her name on her passport, driving license, and her bank account.
I suppose there are other options – such as using both names and having a double-barrelled hyphenated surname. I must admit I didn’t even give this name thing a thought when I got married last year, but if I was to be completely honest,  I think I would have to say I do miss my name – after all I’d had it for a long time. Enter your email address below to get weekly tips and tricks to help you plan your wedding. North Dallas GazetteThe North Dallas Gazette provides information and African American community news and events. Facebook recently used their user statistics to publish a study Examining How Married Women Keep or Change Their Names On Facebook , which explores married name change trends within several age categories. Name change after marriage should be an easy to-do after brides make their decision, but the process is wrought with paperwork and laws that vary from state to state. David’s Bridal has been a long-standing leader in the wedding gown industry and is now expanding to provide everything a bride needs for her wedding, including help with her name change. Old school tradition goes that when you get married the woman changes her name to that of her spouse.
Once you have a marriage certificate it is possible to change your surname without executing a deed poll - so basically once your married you can go ahead and use your spouses surname. To change your name on your passport you must apply for a brand new passport, and submit your previous passport.
You should retain the same card number - but if you have direct debit payments make sure and check the number still matches.

You can exchange your current licence or permit for an updated one, and your new licence or permit will have the same expiry date as your original. You must apply in person to one of the NDLS centres, and you will need to bring evidence of your PPS Number, proof of address, your current driving licence or learner permit and marriage certificate. Notify your doctor, dentist and the Department of Health & Social Security to avoid any potential confusion. Update your insurance details with your new name so you can be sure everything remains valid, and that they have the correct name to send information on to.
If you've changed your name it's a good idea to update your various social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
This is a matter of personal choice but if you do decide to change to your married name at work, remember to update your emails and email signatures, business cards and notify management of your change of name for payroll. Again the choice to change your name is a totally personal one, will you be changing your name after marriage? I havent changed my name yet *hides face* Im a lawyer my professional identity is tied into it so Im trying to change it piece by piece.
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During lunch, my friend Amanda, who is getting married later this year, casually remarked that she has decided to break from tradition, and will not be taking her husband’s name after they are married. She assured us it’s not anything to do with feminism or sexism, but as she teaches young children, keeping her own name will be easier.
She also feels that carrying on the family name is important, not only to her parents, but to her ancestors and that taking your husband’s name is almost like losing your identity (try telling that to your mother-in-law).
Are you going to take your new husband’s name, or are you planning to stick with your own name?

In the same vein, Yahoo Shine just published an article on the topic: Retro Marriage Trend Makes a Comeback .
Of course you don't need to do this and the traditional name change is becoming less common but lots of people still want to, and still do (just 20% keep their name according to the New York Times!) The process isn't overly complicated but there is a few steps you need to follow and a few extra elements that you might forget. The name on your account can be changed right away and a new card can be ordered for you once your details have been updated. I love change + I loved the sound of my husbands last name…if possible I would like to change my name maybe every 20 years. And what about any children you may have together in the future – whose name will they take?
Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West are adding fuel to the media buzz as they consider changing their names after tying the knot.
To help simplify the name change we've gathered everything you need to complete going from Ms. Busy brides and helpful wedding guests can purchase these cards for $29.95, and know that they have successfully saved countless hours of hassle for the recipient. You can chose to take your husbands last name,  hyphenate your name,  use his last name as your middle name, or just keep your last maiden name.
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