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This information is not legal advice, and we cannot guarantee it is accurate, complete, or up-to-date. It is important for you to know that laws involved in changing your name are different in each province.
You can make an application to change your name under the Change of Name Act if you want to legally change your name. You will have to fill out an application and return it to a registry office with the required fees. You can also change your name by completing a deed poll, which is a formal declaration stating that you now want to be called by a new name. The Change of Name Act requires every Albertan to submit their fingerprints when they apply for a legal name change.
These rules apply even if the parents live in a common law relationship because they are legally unmarried. After parents divorce, the child’s name can be legally changed to a new name used by either of the parents under the Change of Name Act. It is also possible for a parent with custody to informally change the child’s name through common usage without it being a legal name change. A parent can change the name of his or her child to a new spouse’s name if the other parent has died and it is with the consent of the new spouse. Parents can apply to legally change their children's names or they can informally change their children's names through common usage. When a child is adopted by two parents, the child is given that father's last name, unless the parents choose something else. Soon, I’ll be sporting my (significantly shorter) new last name and will have barely broken a sweat doing so. Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive.
A: The first thing to do is collect the documents that prove you have legally changed your name.
The next step is to fill out an application for a Social Security card (pdf); it's the same form you used to apply for the first time.
You can buy a copy of the DMF from the National Technical Information Service, which is part of the Commerce Department. Q: I've heard that Social Security keeps track of the names of the babies born in the United States each year. A: When babies are born in this country, their parents often apply right away for Social Security numbers for their new offspring, thus allowing the agency to collect the names. Liam was followed in order by Jacob, Mason, William, Ethan, Michael, Alexander, Jayden and Daniel. Social Security administrators noticed a rise in 2013 in the popularity of two pop-culture names: Jayceon and Daleyza. Social Security has a Web page about names that lets you go much deeper into the subject and search the popularity of specific names in past years and specific states.
AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives.

Apparently, Odd Future member Frank Ocean has gotten tired of his name, Christopher Edwin Breaux and has decided to change his name. Elijah Blake Gives 7 Tips How NOT To Act Around A Celeb, Plus Talks New EP, His First Big Check & More!
You can just decide what you would like your name to be and then tell people like your family, friends, employer and co-workers that you would like them to call you by the new name.
Making a legal name change is the only way to get a new birth certificate with your new name on it. Changing your name with a deed poll is not a legal name change but it is more formal than just changing your name with common usage and it may be easier to get new identification issued under your new name if you have prepared a deed poll. Fingerprints can be obtained from your local law enforcement agency and must be presented to the registry agent with your application.
For example, if the baby’s father is John Smith and the mother is Jane Doe, the baby could be Biff Smith-Doe or Biff Doe-Smith. Both parents must agree on the last name for their children, even if the parents are separated.
Such a change of name requires the consent of both parents, the consent of the child if the child is over 12, and the consent of the step-parent if that is whose name is being used. The Court of Queen’s Bench can dispense with the need for publication if it will unduly prejudice or embarrass the person.
There are forms to fill out, materials to get replaced and potentially huge wait times at the DMV or Social Security Office, two places where you likely have to actually make a physical appearance to make the change (check yo state for specifics). Created by a husband and wife team who found the process to be overbearing, Maidenchange helps alleviate a lot of the hassle and headache. These might include, in your case, a divorce decree, and in other cases a marriage certificate, a naturalization certificate showing a new name, or a court order name change statement. Deliver the form personally or mail it to your local Social Security office with your documents.
For the smooth administration of present or future benefits, it's important that your name on the card matches your name shown on basic legal documents. The name and number on the card allow the system to keep track of your lifetime earnings and figure out your retirement and other benefits. The information is offered in several formats (including online searches) at varying costs. In 2013, the most popular boy's name was Noah, replacing Jacob, which had held the top spot since 1999. To change your name legally you must be at least 18 years old and you must be a resident of Alberta. Fees are also collected by the registry agent for the provincial government name change fee, fingerprint registry fee, and a registry agent service fee. Children do not need to provide their fingerprints when you apply to have their names changed. If the parents cannot agree, the child will be given a hyphenated name with the two names listed in alphabetical order, or, if the parents have the same name, the child will be given that name.
If the other parent objects to that name being used for the child, that parent can apply to court for an order prohibiting the child to be called anything but the child’s legal name.
If the parent wanted to change the child's surname to the surname of the child's biological father, the parent may do so if the alleged father has been declared by the court to be the father or has acknowledged paternity.

The Director may also dispense with the need for publication if the change is minor, or if the person is commonly known under the name applied for. I simply filled out a form on their site and they sent me a handy dandy package with pre-addressed and stamped envelopes, a checklist and all the forms or instructions I need to get this show on the road. The name and number also connect you into American society and institutions at large, which commonly use the number for personal identification. You don't want to risk losing it — identity thieves would find the information on it very useful.
And preschooler Daleyza Hernandez appears on the Spanish-language reality TV series Larrymania. Once people have begun to call you by that name, you can have your identification changed to your new name; you might need to make an oath stating that people now call you by your new name for some identification changes.
You can get an application form to legally change your name by going to any Alberta Registries office. Check with your local law enforcement agency and local registry office for current fee amounts.
In deciding whether to make the order, the court may consider such things as embarrassment to the child, the effect of a name change and the child’s relationship with the non-custodial parent. If the child is 12 years old or older, the child must consent to having his or her surname changed.
However, not having a car and working at home makes the process of changing my name a bit … well, hellish. It includes basic information about the deceased and at present has more than 87 million names on it. Maybe his triumph last year had something to do with advance publicity for the movie Noah, starring Russell Crowe.
She was followed in order by Emma, Olivia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Emily, Abigail, Madison and Elizabeth. Also, you can change your signature to your new name and put your new name on legal documents. For the location nearest you, check the yellow pages of the phone book under License and Registry Services.
Children who have had their names changed this way can get identification in the new name but they will need a statutory declaration (which is formal statement under oath) saying that the new name is the name that the child is known by in the community. Remember that you can not change your name if you are trying to get out of having to pay money back that you owe, or for any other fraudulent reason.
Once children are 18 years old, they can legally change their names to anything without needing consent of their parents.
In a few instances, such as applying for certain kinds of federal benefits, you'll need to show the actual card, but usually all you need is to know the number. 2 name on the 2013 boys' list was Liam, perhaps reflecting the popularity of actor Liam Neeson, who starred in such films as The Chronicles of Narnia and Clash of the Titans.

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