Feng Shui believes that everything is connected and that when the environment is balanced and filled with positive energy, it enhances life goals and leads to a feeling of tranquility. Buildings were once situated in what’s called “the belly of the dragon.” These ideal spots supported all aspects of human life and a positive flow of chi.
If you think of your home as a living, breathing organism, you can better understand the flow of chi through your spaces. I can teach you how to identify and balance these flows of energy, so that you feel more comfortable and supported by your environment. It may sound ridiculous to many people but according to the chi kung perspective all diseases are caused by energy blockage.
Further tests and detail examination have failed to identify a correctable cause for my patient's illness.
I have many successful cases of helping patients to recover from diseases where conventional medicine could not identify the cause or site. If the cause or site of a disease can be identified, and if a remedy is available, conventional medicine is usually more effective, or at least speedier. You would probably have read my explanation on why chi kung can succeed in overcoming such diseases when conventional medicine may not. From the Chinese medical perspective, there is only one disease, called yin-yang disharmony. Chinese medicine also names the various manifestations of the one disease, but the names are given not according to its symptoms but to its cause according to Chinese medical philosophy. This difference of perspective gives traditional Chinese medicine a big edge over conventional medicine.
Basically the therapeutic principle in conventional medicine is to define the disorder according to its cause, then prescribe the appropriate remedy. Suppose a patient suffering from what in conventional medicine would be referred to as high blood pressure, consults a traditional Chinese physician.
Now, when a disorder is defined as high blood pressure, a conventional doctor only knows the symptoms of the disorder; he has no clue to what the cause is or what a possible remedy can be. When a disorder is defined as a€?rising yang energy from the livera€?, or a€?excessive dampness in the stomacha€? or a€?insufficient heat in the gall bladdera€?, a traditional Chinese physician knows exactly what the cause of the disorder is and how to remedy it. Hence there is no such a thing as an incurable disease in traditional Chinese medical philosophy. There is, however, a big problem traditional Chinese physicians have to face, that is, their diagnosis must be accurate.
When we define a disorder as high blood pressure or a€?rising yang energy from the livera€?, for example, we operate at the levels of organs or systems. In other words, to a conventional doctor or a Chinese physician, his patient may have taken too much alcohol or has been exposed to too much anger. To a chi kung master, the excessive alcohol or anger may (or may not) have caused the high blood pressure or a€?rising yang energy from the livera€?.
It actually does not matter if the cause of the patient's disorder may not be alcohol or anger but something else.
In other words, a chi kung master has only one consideration, that is, whether the energy flow in his patients or students is harmonious.
This energy flow may be interrupted by intermediate factors like excessive alcohol, anger, virus, inadequate chemical supplies, etc and the disruption or blockage may occur at the liver, blood system, a minute cell deep inside the body, or anywhere else. How does the energy flow know the blockage is at the liver and not at the stomach, or in one particular cell or not in another?

Are there any other areas that you would consider key in keeping the essence of the Shaolin Arts alive and could you make any comments on how you became 'enlightened' to each of these areas. Also, I understand you developed the first 12 combat sequences in the 1980's when teaching in Malaysia. As Tim (Sifu Tim Franklin of UK) mentioned in a private communication with me, chi flow is the hallmark of our school. Chi flow is the essence that helps people overcome pain and illness, including so-called incurable diseases.
When I first taught chi kung to the public in the 1980s, some of my early students had visible chi flow movements after 4 to 6 months. But the realization or "enlightenment" that it was chi flow and not the techniques that gives benefits was sudden.
Like my realization of chi flow, my understanding of the difference between techniques, skills and outcomes (or results, or benefits) came about gradually.
This understanding and its application in my teaching are a key in keeping the Shaolin arts alive, for without this key, it would be difficult as well as it would take a long time for practitioners to derive benefits from their practice. I came to this understanding when comparing the Shaolin arts practiced in our school with the Shaolin arts practiced in other schools. I asked myself, a€?Why cana€™t other Shaolin kungfu practitioners use their techniques for combat, and why dona€™t other chi kung practitioners overcome illness and have good health?a€? These are benefits these arts will give and the practitioners have the right techniques.
I then realized that being relaxed and free from irrelevant thoughts were the basic conditions for entering into a chi kung state of mind. I also recalled reading a classic saying that mind was the most important aspect of chi kung. But it is shocking that most kungfu and chi kung practitioners today do not realize this important point. To keep the Shaolin arts alive, it is key to realize this point and help students overcome illness, attain good health, vitality, mental clarity and spiritual development, otherwise the Shaolin arts will be debased into mere external forms. My theoretical understanding of chi flow and of the difference between techniques and skills contribute greatly to the practical achievement of these benefits. But the theoretical understanding as well as practical achievement underwent a gradual progress of many years. One important reason contributing to our cost-effectiveness is that I teach more than a hundred classes a year. This is relatively a later realization, after my realization of chi flow being the factor that brings benefits, and of the difference between skills and techniques.
Like most concepts in Eastern philosophy, its realization follows experience, and not the other way round. This realization and application in internal force training is a key innovation in keeping the Shaolin arts alive. The process happened gradually in my early years of training, but the "enlightenment" came about quite suddenly on reflection. It was on hindsight that I realized the importance of chi flow in developing internal force. Our students have been using both the flow method and the force method since the beginning of Shaolin Wahnam, though the realization came later.
When I first learned from Uncle Righteousness, my force training was external, consisted mainly of hitting a wooden man. It was when I learned from Sifu Ho Fatt Nam that I began to develop internal force practicing One-Finger Shooting Zen.

Our students' introduction to internal force was through entering a chi kung state of mind, or entering Zen or Tao in Shaolin and Taijiquan training. Its cost-effectiveness as well as the interchangeablity of the flow method and the force method were well demonstrated in the Wuzuquan course in 2012. My sigung (sifu's sifu) was an expert in throwing coins, which were a secret weapon in the past in kungfu culture.
I tried practicing throwing secret weapons in my young days, and in fact had special coins made by a blacksmith because using real coins would be too expensive. Nei kung, an internal art and another name for high-level chi kung in the past, would greatly improve the efficiency of throwing such secret weapons. I would recommend you to attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course or regional courses in various parts of the world.
Although your immediate objective is to increase you efficiency in your already accomplished knife throwing, you will find other benefits which I am sure you will find even more rewarding when you practice high-level chi kung, like good health, vitality and longevity. Most, if not all, great works of art, science, philosophy, religion and sports were attained when the artists, scientists, philosophers, masters and sports persons were in a chi kung state of mind, though they probably had not heard of the term, which will be better known as a heightened state of consciousness.
When performing Bone Marrow Cleansing or any chi kung exercise, it is necessary to have chi flow, but it is not necessary, though recommended, to have wu-wei, which means spontaneity. It is recommended that after he has successfully directed his chi to flow at the level he desires, he lets go so that the chi flow will continue on its own at the chosen level.
If he feels that the chi flow has slackened or if he wishes to change to another level in his Bone Marrow Cleansing, he can use his mind to direct the chi again, after which he returns to wu-wei. When you began to teach internationally, in 1990, you developed the new 20 combat sequences. Stress and modern lifestyles cause the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders to tighten and constrict leading to a restriction in supply of energy, oxygen and nutrients.
The collagen and elastic fibres of the skina€™s connective tissue become locked together, restricting the mobility of the facial muscles and giving a drawn appearance. The techniques used are on the upper back, shoulder, neck, head and face where we hold tension more, especially the shoulders which reflect on the face. During the Face Lift Massage, energy blockages can be released allowing free flow around the body. The precisely pinpointed facial muscles are toned giving a more lifted appearance, reducing sagginess, softening lines and reducing wrinkles.
The bodya€™s lymphatic system is stimulated and encouraged, boosting the immune system and the improved circulation removes toxin waste. The freeing of restrictions in the connective tissue allows the fibres to slide past each other freely, giving suppleness and flexibility to the face. The freer flow of blood permits better oxygen and nutrient flow helping to increase alertness, detoxifies, improves the skina€™s complexion and soothes away stress and tension, giving a sense of deep relaxation and well-being.
Polarity Therapy concerns itself with the flow of very subtle high-frequency energy within the body, which in the East is called Prana or Chi, but which is often referred to as life-energy.
This energy flows around the body in a similar pattern to that which is found in a battery or magnet or other fluid systems, between positive neutral and negative points.

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