Any of these words could describe the effect the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can have on the typical stressed-out American.  TCM is rooted in a distinctive, inclusive and systematic theoretical structure and is based on the flow of energy, or chi, throughout the body. TCM is based, in part, on the Taoist belief that humankind is part of the universe and we, and the universe, are interconnected.  Chinese medicine teaches us that what happens to one part of the body has an influence on all other parts of the body. La meditation permet de focaliser l’energie vitale vers le cerveau en limitant les activites des autres parties du corps. Autant pour la recherche du Nirvana que pour la vie quotidienne, la meditation constitue une culture mentale, un entrainement de l’esprit qui necessitent un pratique soutenue et une discipline stricte. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
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Cependant, elle ne doit pas etre consideree comme une activite necessitant une appartenance ou une initiation au Bouddhisme.
Elle aide a vaincre les inhibitions interieures, a dompter les instincts animaux, a dissiper toutes sortes de crispations ou tensions physiologiques et psychiques qui sont autant d’obstacles a l’epanouissement personnel. De ce fait sa pratique permet de trouver des reponses a des questions que chacun se pose quotidiennement. Because Chinese medical philosophy and theory make up the base of TCM, many of these concepts have no true counterpart in Western medicine.  TCM is a systematic and holistic approach that links the mind, body, and spirit to identify imbalance in the body.
La meditation aide aussi a se liberer des peurs et des angoisses, qu’elles soient reelles ou imaginaires.
Elle permet egalement de developper un esprit clair et permet d’accroitre la vigueur pour aborder les activites quotidiennes.

Over time, you will begin to notice that you are less stressed and angry, that you have more energy, your mind is clearer, you are sleeping better, you have lower blood pressure, and you experience an overall feeling of peace and contentment.  That’s a pretty terrific return on a small daily investment! Wang is an expert in adopting a freehand style to portray human figures, which are concise, fresh, and creative.

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