I nearly got a mint Bertone edition 1500 several years ago and regret not doing it when I had the chance. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License.
They appear fairly often on TradeMe and if not for a lack of garage space I’d own one now. They are not expensive to buy but running a elderly mid-engine Italian car, even a Fiat, usually means trouble and fun in equal doses! MartinOwning a home library conjures up feelings of excitement as well as promises of comfort, privacy and growth. Imagine walking in to find an almost forgotten world, where light, furnishings and scented books hold the collective key to diving into unique experiences of the mind. As soon as you enter a classic home library, you bask in the ambiance of this promise of adventure, romance and transcendence.
Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book” he might have been thinking about a dream home library like the ones you’re about to see.
And trust me, details will stick with you for a long time.Collect this ideaMeeting the standards for a luxurious foray into the world of perspectives and artistic visions, the traditional home library above is part of a remarkable home overlooking a golf course in Arizona where life unravels differently. Part of this differentiated lifestyle is the existence of a two story traditional library with hidden reading nooks around the covered limetone fireplace.
Reading in this home was definitely crowned as need.Collect this ideaFabulous home library decor can really make the difference between a boring sequence of shelves and a unique place to relax while comfortably enjoying imaginative ventures and adventures. The Ellison Bay Manor library showcases a classic design that calls to all readers and could easily be the perfect background for literary endeavors or a private book club. Travel enthusiasts and adventurers with a passion for reading would be extremely comfortable here, do you agree?Collect this ideaSome prefer the freedom and openness of a garden library, others vibrate at the thought of a private library with a soothing light color effect.
Bright and elegant, the sophisticated home library above connects the reader to a bright and warm environment to serve as reality check. Inspired by this mix of vertical bookcase lines and square ceiling geometry you can create your own reading heaven within a dedicated room of the house.Collect this ideaBespoke shelving in a modern home can be seen alongside classic furniture in a successful effort of adding high-class and sophistication to this reading and writing space.

Madrid-based multi-disciplinary designer Luis Bustamante guides his work towards creating a refined atmosphere reflecting his history as a sculptor and a painter.Collect this ideaA custom round library design speaks about space possibilities entangled with an adventurous design spirit. You can’t talk about classic library design ideas without at least mentioning a rounded staircase. After all, we might be the last generation that remembers a time when letters were the norm and romance traveled via scented papers.Collect this ideaLinked to a desire to maintain the effortless feelings of elation sending shivers down the spine at the sight of an unopened letter, a library desk or table seems appropriate to any library layout. Book nooks and warm flames, fresh flowers and cozy armchairs – what else would you add to create your dream home library?
This is not unlike the way feelings attach themselves to fictional characters in books we read and remain with us as personal memories. And since modern libraries start adopting a contemporary design, classic library design that moves you is becoming increasingly important.Collect this ideaLibraries with a masculine vibe can be seen throughout history. This Victorian Gothic library design showcases how serious knowledge was taken back in the days as opposed to our experience of fun and exciting studying. Part of a hauntingly beautiful estate near Santa Barbara, this fantastic library will have adventurous readers and travel enthusiasts dream about it over and over again.Collect this ideaA home library in a Mediterranean custom estate looks like the one above. Part of a peaceful retreat just above Mount Eden Estates in Saratoga and overlooking impeccable landscapes, this home also shelters a library where knowledge, art and family rise at the highest level.
An imposing masculine desk, armchair and library ladder provide the bare necessities in a space dedicated to reading and writing.Collect this ideaA sculptural classic library and office space can put a smile on my face any day. With a sculptural desk under a fascinating ceiling, this classy library by Taylor Craft Cabinet Door Company exudes a decadent elegance seen in the intimidating spaces inhabited by admirable people.
Flooded with natural light oriented at the book’s pages as you rest your head on the rounded pillow, the rooms seems bright and cheery.
Books on shelves, a spacious sofa escorted by a wood and glass coffee table and an envy-worthy media system, plus the office desk and armchair with lampshade – this space has it all!
That’s one way for avid readers and movie enthusiasts to make their home feel like a luxury resort!Collect this ideaThis light-flooded classic library and office example above is one I would definitely place on the masculine side of the scale.

Warm wood radiates a feeling of belonging, light is filtered through the window frames, fresh air can be enjoyed beyond the large glazed doors while books provide the right knowledge to support the evolution of a healthy body. Alongside these 10 must-have items luxury home buyers want most, I would definitely add a home library for those who understand George R.R. This is the library at the ASID Showcase Home designed by Angela Parker and it will convince you to take the custom road to having a dream home library.Collect this ideaFacing the fireplace, a cozy armchair invites you to take a seat and warm your legs with a book in your lap. Everything that brings joy to the soul, knowledge to the mind and vivacity in the body is worth investing in.
Within a naturally rural landscape, a country home library seems to be the crowning of relaxation.Collect this ideaImagined by Peter S. Balsam Interior Design Associates in warm walnut paneling, this English style library design marries new and antique furnishings in a warm synonym and inviting environment. With light creating the perfect reading atmosphere, the library seems to lack modern technology.
Imperial Design creates fine custom cabinetry for the entire home environment and the library example above is part of their portfolio. Showcasing a mix of deep, warm colors, this library provokes you to take a trip down memory lane while looking through your photo albums or share an adventure with fictional characters in a comfortable setting.Collect this ideaRe-purposing spaces in your home might get you that fabulous library you kept dreaming about.
See Pierre Paul Design‘s work on a home library that did not exist in the original footprint of the house.

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