The fact that the Earth's climate has changed over its history - sometimes with cataclysmic consequences, called mass extinctions, for many of the planet's inhabitants - is not disputed.
The Earth's position relative to the sun is also not as constant as you might like to think, we're not in a circular orbit and the tilt of the planet also changes, causing changes in how all that heat and light from the Sun hits the planet's surface. Such large eruptions are however rare, in fact, the phrase ''once in a blue moon'' probably comes from the change in the atmosphere caused by ash plumes from the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883.
The final reason why climates change - and this is where the controversy comes in - relates to human activity, or anthropogenic global warming, which is what is meant when you read a news story about climate change.
The main greenhouse gases are: water vapour, carbon dioxide (CO2),methane, water vapour, ozone, nitrous oxide and CFC-12, a chlorofluorocarbon the use of which in many countries as an aerosol propellant and refrigerant has been banned. The most common of these gases and thought to be the most significant greenhouse gas is water vapour but it's one on which human activity has little effect.
Plants, which rely on CO2 to survive and which use and store it as they photosynthesise are said to be natural carbon sinks and over history natural variations in the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are thought to have been balanced by their action. However, since around the middle of the 18th Century, human activity affecting the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has rapidly increased. In July 2010 the British Government's Meteorological Office and the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued findings that they said showed unequivocally the world was warming.
The reason why climate change has become so controversial is because people are being asked to make massive lifestyle changes in their lifestyle to help mitigate the effects of man made global warming.
The roots of world-wide action on climate change date back to the 1988 foundation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) by the World Meteorological Organisation, a department of the United Nations in 1988. Since its foundation it has reported regularly on the state of climate change, with its 1990 report inspiring the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the first international treaty that aimed to reduce global warming, which was signed at the so-called Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
One of the key moments in the growth of concern about global warming was the release in 2006 of the film, An Inconvenient Truth.
The countries that signed the treaty have met since, with much fanfare, but often to little effect.
Much of what has been agreed is also controversial, particularly so-called carbon trading arrangements which aim to set a marketplace for carbon credits sold by those who live with a small carbon footprintor contribute to carbon reduction by, for example, planting trees, to those who pollute.
Again, the possible consequences of climate change are the subject of much to-ing and fro-ing with accusations of irresponsible scare-mongering and reprehensible complacency flying between the parties. However, the IPCC has produced estimates - and the sheer complexity of climate systems and thus the difficulty of predicting how they will react using computer models makes them open to criticism - of what may happen as temperatures rise.
Unless you've already moved under a rock in preparation for climate chaos, you will have noticed that the issue of global warming is a controversial one. There has been criticism of the IPCC and its work, the so-called climategate scandal involving leaked emails from the University of East Anglia's climate studies centre and doubt has been cast on the very idea that humans could be causing warming of the globe.
One of the strongest ideas of the green movement has been 'think global act local', which empowers people to believe that their own actions can have an effect on problems that are as big as the planet.
However, once you accept the idea of climate change, then doing nothing doesn't really seem an option.
The good news is that changing your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint might not just be cheap; it might even save you money, because broadly speaking, the less you consume, the less damage you are likely to do.
Reduce your car use and try and drive more fuel efficiently, if you can, buy a car powered by alternative, greener means.
The use of enormous batteries is changing the scene as renewable energy rapidly grows to take over 15% of UK power production by 2020. The move to exploit rainforest and peatland with no motive other than profit is finally being stopped. A new theory on why we have such biodiverse islands, while some are literally desert has been long in coming, but itA’s here. When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered.
BSB offers facts + information, helping to save money, to stay healthy, to have a better life! As we have reported: 2012 + 2013 + 2014 + 2015 the US had to deal with more 'natural' 1 billion $ disasters than ever before. US-National Weather Service reports: Weather disasters have cost the Americans ~$39 billion.
China 1,388,000,000, India 1,256,800,000, USA 320,800,000, Indonesia 250,690,000, Brazil 200,830,000.
The word "willful ignorance" was used by Science Journal to describesome politicians who deny climate science, harming people by blocking clean air + climate action. B) Ask the person to multiply the amount of people with the amount of carbon dioxide CO2 a person breathes out every day. PLEASE, if you get an answer that convinces you, that humans have NO impact on climate change, please send us the answer, so we can learn. Some scientists say that rapid climate shift, climate disruption, climate shock, climate breakdown, climate failure, are better explaining words than the word climate change.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the worst disaster Americans and all people on Earth have to deal with - the different evaporation rates, different color of ocean water in the Gulf, oil slick covering miles of sea floor, contamination of sea food. The Gulf of Mexico has influenced Earth's climate for over 1 million years, but this man-made oil catastrophe has changed Earth's climate and with it the life of millions of humans. BSB research confirms that more and more methane ice is thawing, and is bubbling up in many lakes in Canada, Alaska, Siberia. If all methane ice on Earth will become gas and goes into our sky, humans will need to invent new scales for storms, hurricanes, typhoons and flood surges. The last decade was the warmest the Earth's weather stations have seen in 130 years of record-keeping. The warm ocean temperatures are already harming threatened coral reefs, are melting Arctic sea ice and are helping hurricanes to strengthen. The Gulf of Mexico, where warm water fuels hurricanes, has temperatures dancing far about normal. The heat is most noticeable near the Arctic, where water temperatures are as much as 10 degrees above average.
Melting ice takes away the home for Polar bears - Changing climate takes away the home of the Golden cheeked warbler, so its endangered - Climate change is causing a change in wildlife + reduces the habitat of the Condor.
The outcome of Climate change is:Humans will pay higher prices for food - Not all humans can afford that. But now, scientists say, the timing is being thrown off by desert dust stirred as global warming dries larger areas and human activity increases in those regions.
This dust darkens the surface of winter snows, warming it by absorbing sunlight that the white surface would have reflected. Overall, dust levels in the mountains are about five times greater than they were prior to the mid-19th century, due in large part to increased human activity in the deserts. And climate change is likely to result in greater dust accumulation in the mountains as the US-Southwest warms and dries further. We work hard to protect all forests on Earth and the animals, plants and people that depend on them. The global community must reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases being pumped into the atmosphere.
Likewise, the interest groups that have a stake in climate and energy policy should be scrutinized so that the people understand their views and how they are working privately and publicly to shape legislation and policy. Are lawmakers delivering clear information to voters about where they stand on climate change? Are voters informed about the lobbying efforts and campaign fund raising being driven by groups interested in influencing climate legislation?
Informed people have the power to address air quality, air pollutants, burning fossil fuel, the root causes of violent weather + floods + earth quakes and limit its impact on planet Earth the only home we have!
Members of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation will receive free advice and information. Marianne + Peter Bonenberger are Germans who offer you updated Nature education to become a BSB Master Conservationist. Conservation Education (CE) is the combination of two words that have become one word to educators.
CE is the ability to give people opportunities to grow in knowledge and create changes to their life style and their environment, to have a better life, to have a safer future! Here in Room 8 in St Audoen’s we are working on a project to raise awareness of Climate Change. Google has previously come under fire for supporting the American Legislative Exchange Council, more commonly called ALEC, which skews towards the "denier" side of the climate change sciences. Everyone understands that climate change is occurring, and the people who oppose it are really hurting our children and grandchildren and making the world a much worse place.
ALEC has also taken an unfavorable stance on municipal broadband and net neutrality, which Schmidt didn't address. When it comes to connecting the dots between climate change, extreme weather and health, the lines are clear.The earth is saying something with record heat, drought, storms and fire. Carbon pollution is the main reason our planet is getting hotter, increasing the chances of weather disasters, drought and flood and hurting our health.There are solutions.
However, what has been the cause of fierce debate is whether or not human activity is currently causing a warming of the world.
These trends are much bigger and much longer term than a hot summer or a cold winter, we're thinking more of ice ages than cold snaps when we talk about climate change. As the continents have moved through the process of plate tectonics they see changes in their climate, both as a result of the influence of the changing oceans and the size of landmass. Volcanic activity too can change climate by putting large amounts of material into the Earth's atmosphere and thus reflecting heat away from the surface. It's also been theorised that asteroid strikes on the planet have a similar effect, throwing material into the sky, and some scientists believe that the end of the age of the dinosaurs may have been caused by a giant asteroid hit.

While a greenhouse warms the air by allowing in and retaining heat and not allowing in cooling air, greenhouse gases warm the planet by absorbing the Sun's heat and then reemitting it into the atmosphere.
With the exception of CFC-12, which is man-made, these gases have historically existed in the atmosphere and there have been natural fluctuations (for example volcanoes emit CO2) in their levels. As air warms it can hold more water, the increase in water vapour is said to be responsible for a possible amplification of global warming as the temperature warms. Since the industrial revolution took hold we not only burned more CO2-emitting fuels, from wood to coal to oil, but we have also massively reduced the amount of vegetation on the planet. Using 10 indicators, seven temperature measures and three ice or snow cover measures, they said that each of the last three decades has been warmer than the last and successively broken temperature records.
If action on climate change amounted to legislation to outlaw, say, wooden pencils then, while scientists may debate the rights and wrongs of the issue, you can almost be sure that our media would not be filled with the dispute. The documentary followed former US Vice President Al Gore as he tried to convince audiences about the seriousness of climate change. The most recent major meeting was at Copenhagen in 2009 and was widely criticised by environmentalists. For example, the British Government's Climate Change Act of 2008 set legally-binding targets of a 34% reduction by 2020 and at least 80% by 2050.
Broadly speaking, most are catastrophic to both human life and to many other species on the planet. Environmentalists often refer to climate sceptics as climate deniers, claimed by their opponents to be a deliberate attempt to ally them in the public mind with far right wing holocaust deniers. It's possible to join any number of groups which campaign for environmental issues and almost all of which make global warming a major part of their efforts. Try not to use products made from oil, looking for green and vegetable-based alternatives is a good idea. Plants are carbon sinks, if you have land and can plant trees then you're making a difference. Indonesia has needed to act on mining, forestry and agriculture for decades, and finally the ball is rolling.
But this is a risky business, assessing risks related to climate change, when you know that the reasons for these disaster are not fixed. 2012 + 2013 + 2014 + 2015 floods, snow storms, drought and tornadoes, twisters killing hundreds. NASA's sea-sensors show that water in the Northern Hemisphere has been considerably warmer than normal. The tongues of warm water could help melt sea ice from below and even cause thawing of ice sheets on Greenland. Throughout memory the warmth of spring has begun the mountain snow melt, bringing life-giving water to greening plants so they can blossom and renew their species.
That causes the snow to melt earlier than in the past, running off before the air has warmed enough to spur plant growth. With the change in timing of snow-melt and plant growth the composition of alpine meadows could change as some species increase in abundance, while others are lost, possibly forever..
Members of Congress and the president should go on the record and make clear their views on climate and energy policy.
That changed today, with Google's Eric Schmidt saying the company's support was a "mistake".
During the show, a caller brought up the ALEC issue, pointing specifically (again) to its negative stance on climate change and its support of those who present opposition to the issue.
Google isn't the only company to remove itself from ALEC, with Microsoft previously have taken the same action.
For starters, we can cut carbon pollution by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and increasing our use of clean, renewable energy. Gore won a Nobel peace prize as a result, but, like everything else to do with climate change the film has been the subject of much debate, particularly when schools have tried to show it to pupils. Has even become a plaintive refrain of whole western nations shrugging their shoulders as they watch the rapid and dirty industrialisation of new economic giants like China and India.
Lobbying your elected representatives as an individual or as part of a group is your right as a voter. They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. Texans will pay over 10 billion because of the drought and heat wave, crop and livestock losses will drive up prices for consumers.
That was 1.1 degree higher than the 20th century average, and beat the previous high set in 1998 by a couple hundredths of a degree.

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