Pros: There are eight FBS schools in Ohio, but there is only one school named The Ohio State University. Final Verdict: Coaching Penn State is a tremendous opportunity for any coach, but don’t dismiss the Paterno factor. Final Verdict: Michigan is no doubt an elite job, but as we have seen in the past few seasons — Rodriguez won a total of 15 games in three years — you have to be the right fit to win big in Ann Arbor. Cons: The Huskers won three national titles in the 1990s, but the program slipped a bit over the past decade. Final Verdict: Barry Alvarez turned Wisconsin from a Big Ten afterthought to a significant player in college football. Pros: Three key elements make Iowa an attractive job — it’s the top school in the state (sorry, Iowa State), it has a strong tradition of excellence (five Big Ten titles since 1981, two BCS bowls since ‘03) and it has great fan support (70,585 per game in ’10).
Final Verdict: It’s difficult for a school that doesn’t have a strong local recruiting base to compete for national title. New stadium makes this job more attractive, but the Gophers will always struggle against Big Ten’s elite. Your career coach will help create the jobs that fulfill your passions and priorities, maximize your talents and follow your values. You will easily show hiring managers that you will be the best match for the specific jobs you want. Hiring managers loath wading through hundreds or even thousands of “I’ll do anything” applicants, because they know the end results will most often be bad. The Wall Street Journal and The NY Times have both reported how many thousands of very good jobs are going unfilled. Whether e-mailed, posted on a job site, mailed, or hand delivered to an employer your Athletic Coach cover letter should being a personal introduction that accompanies your resume. Knowing how to write a letter is an important skill you’ll use in applying for a job, business, school, and personal relationships to communicate information. In the first part of your letter state why you are writing, how you learned of the organization or job (Athletic Coach) position, and basic information about yourself.

When you are want to send an email cover letter, you must include a Subject line (write your name and job title, for example Athletic Coach) and in the email body don’t list the employer contact information, start your email message with the salutation, write your name and contact information in your email signature, and mention your attached resume.
We considered many factors — tradition, facilities, location, money  — but in the end, we simply asked ourselves the following question: Where would we want to coach? The Buckeyes have been a consistent force on the field and in recruiting since Woody Hayes took over in the early 1950s.
Consider the case of John Cooper: In 13 seasons, Cooper went 111–43–4, winning 10 games or more five times. The facilities are top-notch, the fans are passionate, and the recruiting base is outstanding. The Nittany Lions play in the second-largest facility in the country (Beaver Stadium, capacity 107,282), and they have won two national championships in the past 30 years. The Wolverines have been a national power since the 1890s and they play in one of the largest venues in the country, 109,901-seat, newly renovated Michigan Stadium.
A coach who comes in with a new philosophy — for example, Rich Rodriguez — will have a tough time being accepted. The state of Nebraska does not produce many high-end BCS conference players each year, and the program no longer has the sex-appeal to steal elite players from the East Coast like it did in the 1970s and 80s. Badger faithful pack 80,321-seat Camp Randall Stadium each week and create one the best environments in the nation. Also, there’s the Michigan thing: No matter how much success the Spartans enjoy, they will always be the second school in the state behind Michigan.
To remain competitive, the Hawkeyes’ staff will always have to go into other teams’ home states to recruit. Football, for whatever reason, has never been much of a threat to break into the upper echelon of the league.
You will become very clear and confident about how well you will perform in your chosen ideal jobs.
They are in essence fishing when they apply, hoping to get a job they might consider adjusting to.

This part of the letter is meant to convince the employer that you would be a valuable addition to the team. The program’s success and the school’s academic reputation have allowed Michigan to be a major player in recruiting both in the Midwest and nationally. Wisconsin, more than most of the other schools ranked in the top 25 on this list, needs the right coach in place to remain successful. The facilities (weight room, practice facility, locker rooms, etc.) are strong, and the stadium recently received a $200 million upgrade. There is a lot to like about the job, but there are also reasons why the school has only won three Big Ten titles (two outright) since the early 1960s. The logic and economics of using a career coach are so fundamentally sound and productive that once understood and used right, people will be virtually guaranteed to get their ideal jobs.
You and your career coach will operate as a focused team to seek, find and obtain the best matching jobs, because YOU KNOW they will be excellent fits.
For example: If you would like to get in touch to discuss my application and to arrange an interview, you can contact me via (insert phone number or email address).
If you can change the culture in East Lansing — which every coach believes he can do — there is no reason Michigan State can’t contend for Big Ten titles on a semi-regular basis. Feel free to talk about any special workplace recognition or awards you received in the past. The Big Ten Legends Division has some good programs — Michigan, Iowa and Michigan State — but Nebraska should be in position to compete for a division title on an annual basis.

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