Secret Cold War Nuclear Bunkers tells the previously undisclosed story of the secret defense structures built by the West during the Cold War years. Finally the book examines the provision, (or more accurately, lack of provision), of shelter space for the general population, comparing the situation in the USA and the UK with some other European countries and with the Soviet Union. On 12 October 2010 the world’s attention was fixed on a remote copper mine in the Atacama desert in Chile. Second World War Secret Bunkers is a detailed photographic record of all the major underground sites developed in great secrecy by the British government and military establishment in preparation for the Second World War. Cheyenne Mountain, which was the former home of Norad and was America’s primary nuclear war readiness facility, is being refurbished as an underground bunker thanks to a $700 million contract awarded to the Raytheon corporation in late March.

The facility at Cheyenne Mountain is the premier location within CONUS to protect America’s Command and Control during a time of nuclear war, or EMP attack. Interestingly as well, the contract to refurbish Cheyenne Mountain comes just months before the largest military exercise on domestic soil is to be implemented by the National Guard and U.S.
Podborsko, Poland - November 29, 2014: Interior of main hall in Soviet nuclear weapon bunker. The book describes in fascinating detail a vast umbrella of radar stations that spanned the North American continent and the North Atlantic from the Aleutian Islands through Canada to the North Yorkshire Moors, all centered upon an enormous secret control centre buried hundreds of feet below Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. Final preparations were underway for a daring rescue to bring to an end the longest underground entrapment in human history.

Department of Defense has sent out a bevy of big contracts, including a colossal $700,000,000 deal for Raytheon Technical Services Company.
According to the Department of Defense, the award was giving due to a competitive acquisition. In the UK there were the London bunkers and the Regional War rooms built in the 1950’s to protect against the Soviet threat, and their replacement in 1958 by much more hardened, underground Regional Seats of Government in the provinces, and the unique Central Government War Headquarters at Corsham.

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