ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---Giant gray whales pass through here in late December on their yearly migration from Alaska to Baja’s warm southern waters --- and the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort is making this a great month for human tourists to visit, too.
Concluding its 88th year, Baja’s most famous oceanfront resort is offering a $99 special now through Dec.
Patty and Terry Flynn made their first trip to Rosarito Beach with Phil Friedman Outdoors this past weekend.
The Phil Friedman Outdoors Radio Show is headed down to the Rosarito Beach for Veterans Day weekend and the public is invited.
The trip will have show staff on hand to make sure you have a great time and experience so many of the great things Baja has to offer. Miss Bones stood patiently as I swung myself onto her saddle, and soon we were following Krystal Redmon and several other riders into the inland hills and valleys of Baja, several miles south of Rosarito Beach. We rode for two hours in a scenic countryside that most tourists never see, with boulder-strewn mountains, grassy meadows and sweeping ocean views, often passing groups of free-ranging horses placidly grazing in the meadows. Less than an hour’s drive from San Diego, standing sentry over 3,000 feet of craggy Pacific coast, is Baja Studios, best known for filming epic blockbuster hits like Titanic, Pearl Harbor, and Master and Commander. The gastronomic offer in Baja California is so important that it became a State Heritage yesterday, the award was presented by the World Organization of Tourism. This past September 24, there was a meeting of the Counsel of Cultural Heritage at the Baja California Institute of Culture, where they made the official petition.
Announcing a gala benefit concert for the los Angelitos Orphanage located in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.
And the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort, Baja's largest and most famous oceanfront resort, this year offers some exceptional ways to celebrate the day in the country where it all began.
ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFONIA, MEXICO - September marks the traditional end of summer - but the coastal Baja weather remains great and the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort has specials and iconic events to make it a great time for a south-of-the-border getaway. ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---With more than a week left before the traditional end of summer, therea€™s still time --- plus plenty of reasons --- to enjoy a getaway at the Rosarito Beach Hotel & Resort.
Bajaa€™s largest and most famous oceanfront resort, host to scores of stars and millions of others since 1925, is offering special rates and packages so that visitors can make this yeara€™s end of summer a memorable one. Last weekend, I took a car, a train, a trolley and a very long, meandering walk to downtown Tijuana for the sixth installment of the Baja Beerfest. With more than half of Baja California's 50 or so breweries and street food from across the state posted up in tents along main-tourism drag Avenida Revolucion, my mission was easily accomplished. The same month the article was published, my husband and I bought a house in Chula Vista, and so I understood the embarrassment over the description. California destination with beautiful beaches and delicious lobster, which can be enjoyed all year round.
From the moment you hit the road towards Rosarito Beach, in the state of Baja California, the adventure is felt just by looking at the spectacular landscapes found along the highway all the short trip about 30 miles away. Wine devotees know about Napa, Bordeaux, and Mendoza, but what about Mexico's Valle de Guadalupe? You probably haven't heard of Mexico's wine because it doesn't really travel outside the borders; the majority is consumed domestically. The Pacific Ocean revealed itself little by little as I made my way through Orange County, finally rolling into full view at the northern fringes of San Diego. The border crossing at Tijuana took no longer than your average tollbooth transaction, and soon I was cruising down the coastline again, nearing Popotla, a fishing village just south of Rosarito with a handful of thatched-roof restaurants on an outcropping over the sea.
Married, single, young, old, with kids in tow, retired or entrepreneurs a€” Baja Mexico is enticing expats with its promise of a better lifestyle. According to Jackie Alameda, president and director of the board of directors for the Baja Blues Fest, the 2013 festival is expected to surpass the success of last year’s inaugural event. SAN DIEGO a€” Opening a satellite city office in a far-flung neighborhood is not unusual in sprawling cities like this one. If you are looking for a safe, fun, and inexpensive getaway this summer then look no further than Rosarito Beach.
Whether for a night on Calle Sexta in TJ, tequila shots at Papas & Beer in Rosarito or wet T-shirt contests in Cabo, Baja has been seen as a drinking destination for decades. Over the past few years, however, a region for more cultured imbibing has been rising to prominence a€” Valle de Guadalupe, home to more than 50 well-respected boutique wineries.
Millions of years ago these salt waters covered the peninsula, layering in shell that would become limestone.

On any given night, Caza Club is teeming with dolled-up sophisticates slinking into the black leather booths or drinking mango martinis at the custom-carved white cocktail bar.
Baja California’s new convention center rises at northern end of this beachside community, an oblong building with a wavy roof that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and a coastal toll road a€” but not much else.
Still, tourism promoters count on drawing visitors here from all corners of Mexico, luring them with regional attractions that include an internationally known Baja Med restaurant scene, a growing arts community, numerous domestic airport connections and proximity to shopping and tourism opportunities across the border in San Diego.
When Tijuana entered a dark period of drug cartel violence in 2007-2009, tourism to Baja California suffered. Tourism statistics from 2012 show that 28.7 million Americans visited Baja that year, and statewide hotel occupancy increased by five percent.
Although there is still work to be done to complete the structure local residents will be amazed to learn that our new center will offer 100,000 square feet. Off the beaten path, but rapidly gaining respect is Adobe Guadalupe a€“ a vineyard, winery, stables, and sprawling hacienda open to tourists. On Thursday, March 28, he will broadcast live from the Rosarito Beach Hotel in Rosarito, Baja California, from 7-8 p.m. And, for those spring breakers who are looking for peace and quiet instead of fiestas, the Bahia Asuncion region of Baja has something a bit different to offer this year - La Bocana, where you can almost hear the whales spouting and where the beaches offer the world's best place for a private party. 26 that includes a bottle of Guadalupe Valley wine plus two daily breakfasts or dinners from its Getaway menu.
But now Johnson, like an increasing number of Americans, is being lured back by a region that has transformed itself while fighting the drug war. That price also includes dinner for two for all three nights, and when you mention Phil Friedman Outdoors upon making your reservation you get upgraded to a luxury suite. You can go fishing, play golf, do a wine country tour, go horseback riding on the beach, have lobster dinners, go whale watching, take care of some early Christmas shopping, hit the spa for a massage or simply do nothing at all. Eventually, we rounded a bend to find Krystal’s husband, Randy, presiding over a table from which we were served wine and tapas, while our horses rested in the shade. The self-contained production facility covers sets distributed over 46 acres, including the largest filming tanks in the world. Its 22 wineries range from small and organic, La Casa de Dona Lupe, to one of Mexico’s most renowned, LA Cetto. My goal: to try as much Mexican cerveza artesanal as possible and make it back home in time for a gnarly case of the post-borracha Mondays. Beyond tequila, fish tacos, and all-inclusive resorts, multi-talented Mexico has acres of vines that produce a muy bien glass of vino. Baja California's wine phenomenon isn't really a new thing either, the first winery came onto the scene in 1928, and now 60+ wineries plot the wine path along dirt roads. I was driving south from Los Angeles, headed across the border and toward the wilds of the Baja Peninsula, my senses piqued.
Lawrence then invited me to leave everything I know behind for a few days and join him in exploring Baja, California (not the state!). Now, Valle de Guadalupe may be just 20 years from qualifying for fitting comparisons with Napa Valley for its wines and the amenities it offers wine tourists. According to Ana Maria Castro, manager of the Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride, the number of American tourists to the ride increased about 25% compared to last year.
A Rosarito Beach is a coastal resort city in the Mexican state of Baja California located approximately 30 miles south of San Diego.A There are several accommodation choices for your visit. Located 70 miles south of the border, this burgeoning mecca is the perfect destination, but seeing as how the journey is supposedly more important, planning the best way to get there is vital.
When the tectonic plates rose and forced the waters back they cracked the granite that lined the earth's crust into boulders, which later mixed with the illuvial soils of clay, sand, and other minerals to form the land that would so influence the vineyards. From the kitchen, chef Humberto Aviles, a Culinary Art School darling, doles out an all-local, all-organic menu that includes grilled octopus so tender, it sells out nightly. We were fortunate we did, as we then had the opportunity to be entertained by singer Maryam Malak.
The long growing season allows for a vast array of produce and wine grapes with exciting, complex flavors. The first visitor boom began in 2006, when the ribbon of road between Ensenada and Tecate was paved. The public is invited to purchase tickets for the program and be part of the tasting event.

If you’re planning on passing your spring break here, you have quite a selection of things you can do and places to go. Last year, when I first heard it was in production, I thought to myself, this just ain't gonna work, only a single actor in the film, directed by a guy I've never heard of who is only directing his second film (Margin Call), filmed entirely on the ocean, with virtually no dialogue. The freedom of the open road seems more unpredictable when aiming for an international border; you're not just escaping the streets that cobweb your neighborhood, you're leaving an entire country behind.
Now we are officially en route to Mexico, where we will temporarily leave our American lives for five days of adventure. On a recent evening in Rosarito Beach, I enjoyed fresh ocean breezes and a beautiful sunset while catching enough fish to feed our family of eight. One of the landmarks of Rosarito is the towering Rosarito Beach Hotel, a presence in the city since 1925.
Standing on the veranda of my hotel room on Rosarito Beach, the full moon illuminated the slate gray ocean and a phosphorescent white glow in the foaming waves as they ebbed and receded from the shore.
Standing on a small stage, dressed in an elegant gown, there is no doubt she is one of the sensational singers in Baja. There is also a 2200 square feet lobby along with 17 meeting rooms ranging in sizes to provide for a small or medium sized conference. Production is so small, and Mexico’s wine tax so high, that very few wines are exporteda€”the only way to taste them is to visit.
Admittedly, his first job in the culinary industry was less than glamorous - he made burgers for Winna€™s Drive Inn, south of San Francisco.
Some of Baja’s favorite spring break hot spots include Rosarito, Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and San Felipe. Proceeds from the event will be designated, through the Baja Blues Fest Organization, to build a new dormitory, classroom and kitchen for the children at Los Angelitos Orphanage in Baja California, Mexico. We left Los Angeles only about two hours ago and we are already at the international border- that was the quickest most painless drive Ia€™ve ever had- even in Monday morning traffic.
The colorful culture of colonial and fishing towns, low home prices, world-class surfing on the crashing waves of the Pacific, snorkeling in the crystalline fish-rich waters of the Sea of Cortez, strolling along waterfront boardwalks, or sampling cuisine ranging from tasty street tacos to world-class dininga€¦ Baja has it all. The Baja Blues Fest is returning August 23-25 at the Rosarito Beach Hotel in Rosarito, and the lineup is strong enough to get your mojo working better than ever.
Hugo Torres, the hotela€™s owner, thinks big and, a few years ago, he oversaw the construction of a sportfishing pier behind the hotel that stretches out a quarter mile into the sea. I am very happy to see all these people feeling safe too; you can see the joy in their faces.
San Diego would put in a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, he said, but only to host jointly with Tijuana.
Crossing the Mexican-American border couldna€™t have been easier; we didna€™t even have to get our passports checked and there was no line! I am very happy to see so many Americans, I was told that the participants from the U.S. Upstairs at the cozy-cool Cafe Sabina, spoonfuls of Nutella accompany espresso brewed from veracruzano beans amid a colorful collage of rescued wood. She sang again after the radio program concluded, including a beautiful rendition of Time to Say Good-bye.
In 2010, tourism began to improve through a series of tourism initiatives and the fact that much of the cartel violence moved to other parts of Mexico. As in all fast-emerging wine regions, the wines here still span a palate-challenging range of quality. However, from this modest beginning, Les Kincaid has become a renowned gastronomist and today authors, teaches, and hosts a syndicated radio program called Wines du Jour that is carried on more than 450 radio stations, every cable company in the United States, and listened to throughout the world. Many famous guests have stayed here over the years, including Marilyn Monroe, Orson Wells, and Gregory Peck to name just a few. Since that time the resort has grown to 500 rooms and offers their guests a multitude of activities, dining, entertainment and my favorite, their spa.

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