Are you hiding in your shell yet wish you had enough confidence and self-belief to come out of it and move forward in life? If your lack of confidence is holding you back, whether it is in your personal or professional life, this workshop is for you.
Identify any limiting beliefs that are holding you back and learn how to effectively change them.
People in Wiltshire are being invited to attend a free four-day confidence-building workshop organised by the University of Bath. The course is being held at the Bemerton Health Neighbourhood Centre near Salisbury between 18 and 21 May and is run by the University’s Division for Lifelong Learning. Course director Liz Igoe, who is a trained counsellor and teacher, said: “It’s for anyone who feels a bit stuck in a rut, wants to find a new direction or career, or just needs to boost their confidence and self-esteem.
Current BSc computing student Matt Davis from Twerton in Bath returned to learning at the age of 28, swapping landscape gardening for IT.

He said: “I wanted to get my career up together and I’d always fancied studying for a degree.
Rachael Selley, Participation Manager at the University of Bath, explained: “The University wants to encourage people to increase their aspirations and perhaps to consider returning to learning or training. The four-day workshop takes place in the Bemerton Heath Neighbourhood Centre at 60 Pinewood Way, Salisbury, SP2 9HU, from 9.15am to 3pm each day. Further details are available from Gemma Igoe at the University of Bath on 01225 386511 or online or email. We are one of the UK's leading universities with an international reputation for quality research and teaching.
Confidence is a learnt skill, rather than something you were born with or without, so you CAN learn how to be and feel confident. Course participants will also meet inspirational role models who have made changes to their lives or careers.

I’m in my final year now at Bath College studying IT and the course has really opened up new opportunities for me. Coffee and breakfast will be provided and participants will be asked to bring a contribution for a shared lunch each day. I’ve not only expanded my knowledge of IT but gained practical experience of technical support within the workplace. You CAN learn to belief in yourself and have a more positive and proactive approach to life, you just need to be shown how.

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