The Dojo was originally founded by Sensei Carl Piva and is now run by a number of instructors who have all trained extensively with Sensei Carl over many years.
In Perth we conduct regular Kyokushin training at our Dojo only minutes from the Perth CBD. We welcome everyone who is interested in martial arts, karate, self defence, self confidence and personal fitness to join us in training.
Kyokushin Karate is recognised as one of the world’s largest martial arts organisations, with over ten million members worldwide.
Sosai Oyama’s influence has affected millions of martial artists from virtually every country in the world. True to the deep philosophies of Kyokushin, Sosai continued to train up to the day of his passing.
Personal Training Lessons will develop a greater feeling of self confidence and basic expertise before entering a group class. Families, friends, partners and groups can share the cost of Personal Training Lessons and enjoy these special training sessions. If you have a specific interest in weapon training these can also be taught in Personal Training sessions to individuals or groups. Enter your details to get my best tips on fast results plus free updates and my FREE Skinny Jeans Challenge!
A High-Rise Booty, A Balanced Mind, An Easy Win For You, And A SMACK-Down On Your Cravings – Woman Incredible Is Here! This is it ladies, I am simply thrilled to announce that the wait is over, the free stuff is here for the picking, and the fun is just about to begin – it’s the birth of Woman Incredible! These gals are truly some of the most incredible women who I know or know of, and I am so honoured to introduce you to them in this very first Woman Incredible blog post.
Knowledge and ideas aside, I have to tell you that the best reason to read this post is simply to let your mind explore the possibilities in store for YOU as an incredible woman. Amanda is a Fitness First level 3 personal trainer, an Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor, and a mentor to other personal trainers. Belinda Benn is an Australian Fitness Expert and Transformation Coach, as well as an International Fitness Model and Sports and Health writer.
Bonnie is a writer and researcher for Tonic Superfoods, as well as a glowing Mum-to-be (of twins!) You can read more from Bonnie at the Tonic Superfoods Blog. Esther Blum is a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist practicing in New York City and Connecticut. Francine is a Poliquin PICP and Biosignature coach, and has been referred to by Charles Poliquin as one of the finest coaches in Canada.
Justine is a Champion Sports Model and Personal Trainer from Melbourne, Australia, and she knows what it takes to get in shape!
Kaisa is a fellow Biosignature & nutrition coach as well as a Poliquin PICP personal trainer, and she lives in Finland.
Kelly is the female Director of the Shredded Strength Institute based in Perth as well as owner co-owner of . Kemi is an experienced chef and is committed to bringing raw food to anyone who wants to feel great, look great and have boundless energy. Mary is passionate about supporting people who want to lead a happier and more meaningful life, and she blogs over at Goodlife Zen – a personal favourite of mine.

Nicci is the inspiring businesswoman behind Melbourne success Miss Organic, and she and her team are passionate about promoting the benefits of eating organic and biodynamic WHOLE foods. Nikki Parkinson is a former journalist turned fashion and beauty blogger and personal stylist. Sosai Oyama has shown by the example of his life that one can overcome any hardship through training, and that carving a spirit of untiring fortitude through constant effort, one may indeed learn to face the demands of life with a strength unexpected. That strength of his spirit continues to this day in thousands of Kyokushin Dojo worldwide. Students may take the option to have Personal Training Lessons at anytime particularly leading up to a grading. And can I just say – you have NO idea how much cool stuff is ahead for you as a reader of this blog. These ladies have done the yard hards to create the body and life of their dreams and they have very graciously agreed to share some of the secrets to their success with you.
And I can’t help but be a teensy bit proud of what a very impressive and inspiring line-up it is! So grab some coffee, some water, a friend, or just your earphones to block out the noise for a few moments and start reading.
She is the founder of the Get Lean Program and you can check out my audio interview with her here. Make sure you check out the yummy superfoods while you’re there – my fave is raw cacao! Bridget is an accredited practicing dietitian (APD) with a special interest and passion for transforming lives. Schkinny Maninny™ was born when a health junkie, exercise addict (okay, let’s just call her Catherine Craig, but only for the purposes of the story), and general “body is a temple” kind of girl decided it was high time for actually healthy stuff should be available. With a background in the Canadian Armed Forces and as a sponsored athlete, Francine knows what it takes to get results.
She is also own of my Bikram yoga mentors, not to mention the perfect example of a ‘Woman Incredible’, having upped sticks from her Melbourne job as an accountant to open her dream yoga studio on the Perth beaches, all within a couple of months! She is someone who I have the utmost respect for just from observing the way she interacts on our practitioner forums and on Facebook.
She has over 17 years working and training with the best in the Industry and was recently noted by Charles Poliquin one of Australia’s best trainers. Thankyou Kisane for your generous giveaway to the first 100 Woman Incredible email subscribers! As if all that weren’t enough, Mary is a Isagenix Executive and trainer of “Isabody Challenge Aust and NZ”. Nicci has created a top quality, healthy food home delivery service to share this healthy experience and nutritious food with you, and I can tell you from experience that her food is so fresh you feel like it must have been picked literally moments before it was delivered to your door!
She now blogs over at Styling You, which has been live since 2008 and in 2010 it was judged top three beauty blogs in Australia at the Beauty Directory Star Awards. Not for the faint-hearted, but most definitely for anyone who is SERIOUS about getting incredible results.
From the early 1960’s to date, the Dojo of Kyokushin continues to spread to over 150 countries, thus Kyokushin remains one of the best known Martial Art styles in the world. I am just about brimming over with all the ideas and goodies I have in store for you, and I am absolutely rapt to have you as part of this new community for driven women who simply demand more!

Thankyou Belinda for your generous giveaway to the first 100 Woman Incredible email subscribers! Having been an overweight and bullied child herself, Bridget understands only too well how excess weight can impact on the quality of a person’s life. The Schkinny Nutritional Cleanse is delivered directly to your door and is a live juice cleanse that removes toxins and promotes healing simply by supplying the blood with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that your body is able to easily use.
She specialises in training women to compete in bodybuilding and body sculpting, and she is an expert at getting women lean – and fast! One of the major breakthroughs for my female clients has been to stop the multitasking and trying to find comfort in food, by eating without any distractions.
See the bottom of this post for how to score a massive 32% off your copy today OR how to get it completely free!
Kelly has worked as an International Presenter and former co-host for Aerobics Oz style and for numerous fitness videos as well as exercise consultant for Good Morning Australia, and holds an array of top-tier qualifications both nationally and internationally. I initially met Mary when she mentored me through Isagenix, and I can say that she is honestly one of the most naturally caring and giving people I’ve met. She is one of those people who really just gives and gives and gives, and is a fantastic source of knowledge for any would-be or existing blogger.
Sarah is on a mission to find ways to make life bigger, more meaningful, nicer, smarter, heartier, and as a reader of her blog I can tell you that she’s doing an especially great job of it. Thankyou Jo for your generous giveaway to the first 100 Woman Incredible email subscribers!
Thankyou Nicci for your generous giveaway to the first 100 Woman Incredible email subscribers! Thankyou Nikki for your generous giveaway to the first 100 Woman Incredible email subscribers!
Rachel and I studied together for PICP 1 and 2, and it was absolutely fantastic doing some training with her. I’m particularly loving her recent series on sugar and living in tremendous envy of her current escape to the hinterland to work on her book. Thankyou Bridget for your generous giveaway to the first 100 Woman Incredible email subscribers! This is one lady who really does love to lift, and I found myself pushing further than usual to keep up – despite the fact that she’d just had 2 months off from weights! Smell the aroma of the food, feel the texture in your mouth and while eating, imagine what the food does in your body.
Thankyou Kelly for your generous giveaway to the first 100 Woman Incredible email subscribers!
Thankyou Rach for your generous giveaway to the first 100 Woman Incredible email subscribers!
I wish we would find again the respect for food and build a nourishing, loving culture around it.

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